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"Ortansia, please stand by Gerard and guide him to the right path. His hidden power is mighty, and depending on how you use it, it could be the sword that destroys the world. Only you can save him." Three days had passed since Ortansia heard the goddess's words at her baptismal ceremony.

 According to the goddess, if Ortansia doesn't prevent Gerard from falling into darkness, this world will be in danger.

'No, no, no, it's really impossible. Goddess, no matter how I think about it, you definitely picked the wrong person'

 Ortansia sighed heavily as she hugged the fluffy cushion on her bed. Read only on

The fact that Ortansia had obtained a baptismal name and blessing as powerful as royalty caused a bit of a commotion at the Duke of Verite's mansion.

The Duke of Verite's residence had been in a bit of an uproar since she arrived, The disdainful gazes like "A dirty whore's child!" decreased, but instead, they look at her like they were looking at a mysterious and rare animal.

 Gérard, on the other hand, wasn't proud or interacted with Ortansia because of it. He still ignored Ortansia as usual.

 Tired of the situation, Ortansia became a recluse after only three days in the mansion, and when she was not busy with her work, she was in her room. She knew that if she continued like this, she would repeat the mistakes of her past life, but she couldn't seem to find a way out of it.

'Goddess, if you want me to do something so hard, why don't you give me some more hints!'

 Ortanshia was spending her time idly, when suddenly there was a knock on the door of her room, and she stood up with a start. She hurriedly sat down on the sofa and picked up a nearby book, giving off the air of "I was reading gracefully."

 When she was ready, she steadied her breathing and called out to the other side of the door. Read only on

"Who is it?"

"Lady Ortansia, this is Pamela, your servant. May I come in?"

"Please, come in."

After giving her permission, the young maid hurriedly stepped into the room.

 Ortansia frowned at the sight of the young maid.

'Oh, this person…'

It was a young woman who looked like a country girl.

Ortansia knew her. Read only on

'Pamela. I see. She was already working at the mansion at that time…'

When she saw Pamela, her heart was filled with nostalgia as she prepared for tea time.saying, "I'll make you a cup of tea"

 In her past life, Pamela was a maid working in the duke's mansion as well.

Most of the servants treated Ortansia like a nuisance, saying, "A mistress's daughter is useless..." but Pamela was different.

"I have a sister about the same age as you!" She always said. She used to adore Ortansia.

 Ortansia also trusted Pamela. Although she was a bit gullible at times, she could tell that she had a good heart. Read only on

 Annabelle, her teacher, had taught her that in aristocratic society it was necessary to distinguish between honest intentions and pretense, and Ortansia liked the presence of an innocent person like her.

'But because she's too straightforward… Pamela'

Her naivety might offend some people. Or perhaps she was defending Ortansia in  disputes between servants, so they bore a grudge  against her because of Ortansia.

Not long after Ortansia arrived at the mansion, Pamela was accused of stealing the mansion's furnishings. Read only on

"No, I didn't steal anything!" Pamela insisted, but no one believed her.

Pamela would never do such a thing. Ortansia believed so, but she could not say anything. She was afraid of protecting Pamela and becoming more and more disliked by the other servants.

 In the end, the duke, who did not want the scandal to become known by the public, dismissed Pamela and left the duke's mansion, although she was not handed over to the security forces.

 The loss of her only ally made Ortansia even more lonely.

'If she had defended Pamela at that time, something might have changed.' Read only on

 After Pamela was gone, Ortansia regretted it over and over again.

Even now, she still believes that Pamela would never have done such a thing.

She was probably framed by the other servants who didn't like Pamela anyway.

'Hey… But that means I know what will happen in the near future, right?'

When Pamela would be framed and kicked out of the Duke's mansion, Ortansia remembered well.

'And maybe... I can prevent Pamela from being kicked out!'

She missed Pamela.

 Before, a helpless Ortansia could do nothing, but at least now it's different. Read only on

'I know the future, and I should be able to change it. After all, that's the request of the  Goddess!'

Besides, now she had  powers from the special blessing given to her by the Goddess.

'I'll clear your name. It's going to be a good practice to change the future!'

Pamela, who knew nothing about the situation, tilted her head curiously at Ortansia, who gazed at her with a sparkling and motivated gaze.

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