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Thrift Books

Duration: Within 7 days


1. Thrift Books

When you refer a friend to sign up for ReadingRewards and they spend $30 you BOTH get a FREE book credit!


When your book-loving friend joins ReadingRewards, and makes a purchase of $30 or more, you both get a FREE book credit added to your accounts.

This offer is valid only if your friend creates a ThriftBooks account, joins ReadingRewards, and makes a ThriftBooks purchase of $30 or more on their first order using the promo code generated through your link. All free book credits are for ReadingRewards members only and will be awarded at each ReadingRewards members' eligible value ($5 for Reader, $6 for Bookworm, and $7 for Literati). Free book credits are awarded only after your friend's order has shipped. All free book credits and this promotion are subject to the standard



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