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 When she gently removed her hand from covering her ear, the screams had already ceased.

But this time, she heard eerie chanting voices that seemed to belong to the demon god worshippers.

 Any moment from now, they might come and drag Ortansia out of here to be brutally murdered as an offering to the demon god. Fighting such fear, Ortansia desperately prayed to the goddess.

'Please help me, Goddess…'

'Whoever you are, help me out of here'

'Please help me, anyone'

Thus locked up in a cramped prison, she was reminded, without any choice, of her first life, the last act of her first life.

She kept telling herself desperately that she would be saved because she had done nothing wrong and was falsely accused.

She prayed every day. But her prayers were not answered.

When she finally got out of jail, she was already on her way to the executioner's block.

Ortansia was sure this time too, she would probably be released from this prison when her life comes to an end .

 With this thought occupying her mind, Ortanshia buried her face in her knees and trembled.

'Help me.'


'Help me… Oniisama'

For some reason, the image that appeared in her mind was that of Gerard, who was staring coldly at her. But presently, it didn't seem the least bit frightening.

   Soon after, the fateful day arrived.

Ortansia, who had reached the limit of her mental fatigue and was on the verge of losing consciousness, came to her senses at the sound of many footsteps coming toward her. Read only at

'Please, don't come...!'

Such a wish was in vain. The footsteps came to a halt in front of Ortansia's prison cell.

'Go home, go home!' Ortansia, trembling, thought desperately as she turned her head,

 "Good day to you, daughter of Duke Verite."

"Hiccup ......!"

But the mousy voice reached her ears and she screamed.

When she nervously raised her head, she saw several people wearing robes and strange masks staring at her from beyond the lattice. The sight of these strange figures caused Ortansia to scream in horror.

'Stop, don't come! ......!'

She desperately hoped so, but the sound of the lock slowly turning and the heavy sound of the bars opening echoed mercilessly.

"Oh, don't be so frightened, Duchess Verite." A masked man looked down at the frightened Ortansia and smiled slyly.

'After all, they kidnapped me after they found out I was a Duke's daughter.'

Even though she had just been kidnapped, the disappearance of a duchess would have caused quite a commotion.

They were prepared for this and dared to target Ortansia.

 While holding back the urge to burst into tears, Ortansia desperately raised her head and glared at the man.

"Why did you kidnap me?" Ortansia asked, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

The masked man laughed, as if he was amused. Read only at

"As expected of a duke's daughter, I thought you would cry even more…but that’s fine."

The masked man chuckled and pointed to a strange pattern on the other side of the bars.

"As you, my dear lady, may have already guessed, we worship a being you call the 'Demon God."

"Eh, that's right." Ortansia clenched her fists so hard that her fingernails dug into her skin. She had to do so, or she would have cried out pitifully.

"A true lady must never let her guard down, no matter what time of day it is."

Recalling the words of Annabelle, whom she normally feared so much, for some reason she felt courageous.

 Seeing Ortanshia, who was looking up stoutly, the masked man continued happily.

"As you know, my lady, we are always in need of sacrifices to be offered to the 'demon god'. And you, Duchess Verite, you will be the supreme sacrifice we have been seeking."

"Why do you think so?"

"The "Demon Gods" seek a strong and pure human being. Since you have been given a name of refinement comparable to royalty, the "Demon God" will surely be satisfied.

'Hey, it's the Goddess' fault!'

As far as they are concerned, it seemed that Ortansia became a target because she was given strong blessings by the Goddess.

'Goddess, you said something about wanting us to stop this because the world would be in trouble! I rather think we're going down the worst possible route!'

Ortansia never thought that she would be in a dangerous predicament because of the blessings the Goddess bestowed on her. She could not help but grit her teeth at the cruelty of fate.

"Oh, surely, if we dedicate a gem like you, the 'demi-goddess' will be completely revived!"


Ortansia was stunned by what the masked man said ecstatically, forgetting her fear for a moment.

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