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"Um, Gerard-sama."


That day, one of the teachers employed by the Duke of Verite, Patrice, was gradually becoming covered in cold sweat.

The man in front of him was Gerard Verite, the heir apparent of the Ducal family.

Ever since he was a child, he had been a difficult person. Even though Patrice knew he was a child, he always felt tense whenever he stood in front of him.

He was ashamed to admit his fear of Gérard in the beginning. But Gerard never punished others without reason. His attitude towards learning was serious and diligent. He was a brilliant man, worthy of being the heir to one of the four great ducal families.

He was now Patrice's prized student. But now, for the first time in a long time, Patrice was anxious in front of him.

    Sitting on a luxurious sofa, Gérard was looking down at his textbooks with the same cool expression as usual.

But beside him, a young girl, Ortansia, the duchess who had recently been taken in by the family, was leaning against him, breathing softly and peacefully. Read The Reborn Lady Is Loved By Her Brother: The Scariest Villain only on


It was a scene that was far too unsuitable.

If this was a brother and sister who had a close relationship, it would be heartwarming, but as far as Patrice knows, there should have been almost no interaction between Gerard and Ortansia.

On the contrary, Gérard had a reputation for being as cold as ice!

Even if it was his own sister, He couldn't believe Gérard spoiled her like this!

He wondered if Ortansia's kidnap caused some changes in Gerard's heart.

He could continue to pretend he doesn't care about anything and move on with the class. But he accidentally let his mouth loose.

"Um, the young lady should be brought to her room."

No problem. Continue with the class."


The moment he interrupted him, Gérard glared at him, and Patrice instantly cowered in fear.

The class proceeded awkwardly, even as he was stiffened up. Even in such a tense atmosphere, Ortansia was sleeping peacefully and soundly.

"Uhmm... Huh?"

After waking up from such a comfortable sleep, Ortansia suddenly felt uncomfortable

The room was very dark. Strange, because it was supposed to be daytime.

"You're awake."


Suddenly a voice sounded beside her, and Ortensia jumped up involuntarily.

“uhh… brother!?”

Gerard was staring at Ortansia, who was also staring at him, without changing his expression as usual.

'Uhh… I should have been talking to my brother in the garden... no way!'

Ortansia paled when she realized what had happened. She was wandering around the mansion when she happened to meet Gerard, and stood next to him as he was prepping for his next class, and while they were chatting, she fell asleep unconsciously. It was still early afternoon before Ortansia fell asleep, but now the sun was already setting. Read only on

'Oh no, I... I fell asleep and bothered my brother!'

"I-I'm so sorry…"

She shrank back and apologized, and Gerard's hand stretched out to her.

She was startled and shivered reflexively, but when his hand was gently placed on her head, she lost all strength.

"I don't mind."

"But if it interferes with Onii-sama's studies…"

"If it's a class, I had no problems, there was no problem where you were sleeping."

'Ugh, sorry teacher'

She was sure that the teacher must have been terribly surprised when he saw Ortansia sleeping next to Gerard. As she was apologizing to him in her mind, Gérard clumsily stroked Ortansia's head again.

" I guess you haven't had much sleep at night yet. Get sleep when you can."

Ortansia's heart grew warmer at these words of concern


The hand that stroked her head was clumsy. But it was clear that he was concerned about Ortansia's well-being.

In this second life, things were slowly starting to change.

She didn't know if it was for better or for worse. But she could say for sure…

'At least I and my brother are closer than before'

Feeling the touch of his palm on her head, Ortansia breathed out a sigh of relief.

'But I have to be stronger too.'

Ortansia's primary goal was to survive anyway. Gerard happened to save her this time, but he may not always be there to run to her in times of crisis. Sometimes she might get caught up in unexpected dangers, like a kidnapping. So she must be able to protect herself.

'Okay, let's go for it!'

She looked back at Gérard with that determination, and he blinked curiously.

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