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CHAPTER 36 - I Can't Wait To Go Home  

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"I read about it a while ago. I read in a book that they are very powerful spirits.

"Wow…Sia is so knowledgeable!"

'That's because I am a recluse with nothing to do but reading and embroidering!'

Remembering her previous life, which was too plain, Ortansia felt lukewarm.

But in contrast, Victor's face beamed with joy.

"Tell me more stuff! What about this one over here?"


Despite her slumbering, Ortansia answered Viktor's questions.

Apparently, the illustrated manuscript  explained rare spirits and other things.

While she was explaining, she heard the voices of some adults from far away.

"…are you there?"

"There is a textbook of imperial studies. It must be around here."

"Please come out quickly."

As soon as he heard the voice, Viktor made a disgusted face, 

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"Have they found him already, ......?"

Presumably, someone from his family came looking for him.

Ortansia also looked around anxiously..

'If they find me here, I'd definitely be suspected..!'

She doesn't think they'll let her off the hook just because she was a child.

If she gets caught by the people from Viktor's house and they get to know who she was, that will be a big problem.

'What should I do?'

In her anxiousness, She hugged Tyrol tightly in her arms.

"Sia! There's a space-time rift in here!"

Tyrol exclaimed, his limbs flailing.


"I don't know where it leads, but it looks like we can go somewhere else!"

"That's okay!"

It might lead to some strange place again, but it's better than being caught here.

"Sorry, Viktor. I have to go."

"Eh, Sia?"

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"Thanks for playing with me. It was fun!"

With that, Ortánsia crawled on all fours to the back of the hollow.

"Sia, wait!"

Just as Viktor rushed to stop her, another voice was heard from the entrance.

"I found you, Prince."

'What, the Prince?!'  Ortansia was startled.

 The hand that had been extended forward scratched the sky, and Ortansia's body was thrown head first into the air.


With Tyrol in her arms, Ortansia slowly fell downwards  through the pitch-dark space.

Soon, in the pitch-blackness, she saw flashing lights like stars of various colors.


Softly, as if supported by the wind, Ortansia was able to land on the ground with the tips of her toes.

'Huh, thank God... but where am I?'

Ortansia landed in a dimly lit flowery field.

The surroundings were as dark as midnight, with only the faintest starlight and unfamiliar flowers blooming at her feet were giving off a dim light.

She looked up overhead, but she could no longer see Viktor's secret lair and also couldn't hear him.

"Tyrol, do you know which way to go?"

"Ummm... I don't know."

Tyrol landed on the ground from her arms and wandered from place to place, but eventually returned to Ortansia with a troubled look on his face.

Ortansia sighed while stroking Tyrol to suppress her anxiety.

"Let's just walk for now, shall we?"

It didn't look like things would get better if they continued to stay still

If they kept walking, they might find a door that led to somewhere else.

Believing this, Ortansia started walking.


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