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"Huh, it's really spacious."

The next day, Ortansia was given a tour of the mansion by Constan, the Mansion's Steward. The day she first set foot in the territory's Mansion, she was surprised to find that it looked like a castle. But the Ducal Mansion is nothing compared to that. It was a huge castle. Even now, Ortansia was confident that if she were left alone, she would definitely get lost.

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"It also serves as an evacuation centre for the people of the territory in case of emergency. If it's too big, it takes a lot of manpower to maintain it, but you can think of it as creating jobs."

"I see…"

The middle-aged steward, Constan, kindly added an explanation so that Ortansia could understand.

Nodding her head, Ortansia let the information sink in

"Speaking of which, where is my brother?"

"I heard that he received a report on the current situation in the territory in the morning, and in the afternoon he will go on an inspection tour."

"Wow, he's working again! Father asked me to go on a vacation with my brother!"

"Hohoho, then tomorrow you will take the young Master out, Miss. If it's the young lady's request, then the young master will have no choice but to listen."

"Heh heh, is that so?"

While they were talking about this, they stepped into a new area.

The carpets on the floor, the artwork and furnishings in the corridors all showed that they are of the first class, refined and unified products. It was clearly different from other places she had been shown. It was clear that this was the living quarters of someone noble.

"Hey Constant, this area is…"

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She was about to ask "whose room is this?"

"What are you doing?"

A high-pitched voice shook her eardrums and startled Ortansia.

"This is close to the Duchess room! What are you doing entering here without permission?"

She looked up and saw a well-dressed lady coming towards her arrogantly. Her sharp gaze glared straight at Ortansia.

Constan stood quickly in front of Ortansia, as if to shield Ortansia from her gaze.

"Madame Gyanne, Miss Ortansia, is the Duke's daughter and an official member of the ducal family. There is no part of this Mansion that is off-limits to her."

"What the hell! You're not going to ask that child to take over the Duchess room are you?"

"No, that's not it. It's just that the young lady has a right to know where everything is in this castle."

"A daughter born through improper means has no such right!"

The woman called Madame Guyenne became increasingly rude. In contrast, Constan remained calm, but there was an aura of anger in the air.

Scared of the matter escalating, Ortansia hurriedly pulled the hem of Constan's clothes down.

"It's okay, Constan. Can you show me somewhere else?"

"But, miss…"

"I really don't mind! So, please…"

He nodded at Ortansia, who begged desperately, gentleness could be seen in his eyes when he gave in to her request.

"Okay Miss. Then let's head somewhere else."

Ortansia breathed a sigh of relief that Constan had listened.

She turned her back on Madame Guyenne and was about to leave, but Madame Guyenne laughed mockingly.

"As expected. You seem to have a flirtatious technique just like your mother. I wonder if that's how you got on… with that creepy kid?"


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Ortansia did not understand why, but Constan stopped at those words and turned back to the woman again.

"Your words are too much Madame Guyenne. I will not tolerate any more insults to the young Master or the young lady, and I will inform the Duke, once and for all."

"Hmph, have it your way! A cheating husband, a creepy son who looks like a puppet, and to top it all off, a whore's daughter! I feel so sorry for the Duchess, she's been pushed around so much…"

There, Pamela gently covered her ears, so Ortansia didn't have to listen to any more of Madame Guyenne's swearings.

But her heart was beating fast as the words she had just heard swirled around in her head.

'Creepy son…? don't tell me she means my brother?'

Ortansia can understand if they were verbally abusive about Ortansia herself. She heard the same thing many times in her first life. But that was the first time she heard someone cursing Gérard like that.

And it was the Madame, someone who was close to Gérard's mother.

'No way...'

An unpleasant hypothesis formed in Ortansia's head.

"…I don't think you're going to enjoy being with me."

Gerard's words come back to her.

She thought it was strange. From Ortansia's point of view, Gerard was not the kind of person who would be bothered by such trivial swearing. If he did care, it might be that the person who said those words might have been someone who had a great influence on Gerard.

 "A puppet-like, creepy son".

Were those words spoken by the Duchess to her son, Gérard?

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'Is that even possible...?'

Gerard's eyes, clear as glass balls, appeared in her mind

Perhaps he had swallowed a lot of sorrow behind those eyes.

Thinking of this, Ortansia was heartbroken.

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