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Protecting Ortansia who was already panicking, Gerard stood in front of Prince Viktor.

Viktor gulped, feeling pressurized by Gerard's sudden presence, but quickly and boldly retorted.

"Are you... From the Duke of Verite family? I'm sorry, but could you move out of the way?"

"Your Royal Highness the Prince, please refrain. Is it the way of the royal family to further drive a frightened person to the brink?"

"Me and Sia are friends! Don't get in my way!!!!!!!"

As expected of a prince who grew up being loved by everyone. It can only be said that it is daredevil to attack Gerard who was giving off such cold air.

But, of course, Gerard is not the kind of person who would flinch even with a prince.

"I see. Is that the royal way?"


The air around Gérard grew colder, and Viktor gasped as if under pressure.

Gerard was really angry. Ortansia felt that and became nervous.

'Oh no, I have to stop my brother somehow!'

Even if the opponent is a prince, that doesn't mean that Gerard won't go berserk. If that happens, the Ducal family of Verite will be in trouble!

'It's my fault... This is bad!'

Ortansia immediately clung to his back as if to hold him back.

The air was filled with a sense of immediate tension.

"Well, well, well…"

A generous voice that did not fit the atmosphere of the place rang out.

Ortansia looked up immediately, as if help came from heaven.


It was Ortansia and Gerard's father, the Duke of Verite who appeared.

 He looked at Gerard, who was glaring at Viktor, and Ortansia, who was hidden behind Gerard, and seemed to grasp the situation in an instant.

“Are you okay, Ortansia?"

When he slowly walked towards Ortansia and, immediately called out to Gerard

"Gerard, leave the rest of this to me and take Ortansia back to the mansion."

He must have thought that he should separate Gerard and Viktor for now.

He quickly instructed Gerard, and Gérard nodded his head.

"Let's go."

Gérard picked up Ortansia and she clung tightly to him.

"Wait, Sia! You remember me, don't you? Sia!"

Viktor's frantic voice could be heard from behind Gerard as he quickly walked away from the scene. But Ortansia did not reply.

She could only shake her small body, praying that her father would manage to settle the situation.

 The sound of Victor's voice frantically calling out for Ortansia and her father's voice hushing him gradually became quieter and quieter.

 Leaving the royal palace with Ortânsia in his arms, Gérard immediately instructed the carriage Driver to take the them back to the mansion.

The carriage doors were closed, and Ortansia was finally able to calm her breathing.

 The carriage started to drive away, and seeing that Ortansia had regained her composure Gérard asked her the question on his mind.

"When did you make Prince Victor's acquaintance?"

"I had signed a contract with Tyrol, and on my way back from the spirit world, I once went out on the grounds of the royal palace by mistake"

 Gérard's well-shaped brow furrowed as she explained how she and Viktor had exchanged a few words there.

"You were very frightened, then."

"I don't want to get involved with the royal family because they scare me."

The many tragic memories of her previous life come flooding back to Ortansia's mind.

Victor is not bad.

Even if she knew that, scary things were still scary.

If she gets involved with him... She might end up walking the same doomed path again.

Ortansia shuddered as she hugged herself, and Gerard stretched his arms out to her.

And then...


Ortansia screamed out in surprise as he lifted her onto his lap.


Ortansia looked up fearfully, and Gerard stared at her with emotionless eyes.

Ortansia cowered, wondering if he was going to be offended that she had not told him earlier about her encounter with Viktor.

"You don't want anything to do with that prince?"

What she heard was an unexpectedly kind-sounding sentence.


"I understand"

He said his usual "I understand" again, though Ortansia was not sure what he meant by "I understand".

However, Ortansia rested herself on her brother's chest feeling relieved.

'Strange, I was so scared before... I feel relieved when Onii-sama says he understands'

He said, "I get it." She was sure he would take some action.

"Oh, but please don't do anything that might crack the relationship between the Royal family and our Ducal family."

When she said that just in case, Gerard looked away a little awkwardly.

"I'll do my best."

"Absolutely! Oniisama!!"

'What on earth were you thinking of doing?'

A little frightened by Gerard's inner plans, Ortansia nailed her brother over and over again.

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