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In the energetic afternoon sunshine that made her yawn, Ortansia was alone, wrinkling her brow and deep in thoughts.

What occupied her mind was, of course, her brother Gerard.

'The goddess said that the demon goddess is after my brother, right? So, according to Prince Victor, the evil god-worshipping cult has resumed their activities'

She didn't think those two things were completely unrelated.

Was the evil hand of the demon god finally reaching out to Gerard?

'No, I won't let that happen!"

Shaking her head sideways, Ortansia clenched her fist tightly.

'But what should I do? I can't destroy the cult group like my brother did before.'

There is a limit to Ortansia's power alone. To completely crush the demon worship Cult, a larger and more organised force will be needed.

Prince Victor said that the Cult group had recently resumed its activities in secret again and that the social circles have become a hotbed for them to increase their allies.

 However, the fact that the Cult groups had still not been exposed despite saying so much suggests that they had not been able to catch a tail.


'The fact that the social circles are a hotbed means that there are their supporters amongst the nobility. That seems hard to get hold of.'

If the influential aristocracy is behind it, it may not have been openly investigated.


'If I get the evidence and tell my brother, we might be able to round them up…'

She heard that the Black Eagle Order, to which Gerard belongs, also undertakes the investigation and disposal of these less publicised underworld cases.

'If I can successfully get close to the central figure of the Cult…'

Ortansia gulped down a swallow at the thought that came to mind.

The horrific scene she had seen when she was kidnapped by this cult as a child reappeared in her mind.

The thought of having to go through that again was terrifying.

She wanted to stay in her warm and gentle house and be protected forever.

'But if I... don't hurry up, it might be too late…'

If she waits for the Cult group to be destroyed like before, something irreversible may happen to Gérard.


'I must protect my brother.'

In this second life, ever since she became involved with Gerard again, he has always protected Ortansia.

So this time, it's Ortansia's turn to protect him.

'Not to worry. I have the blessing of the Goddess, and Tyrol is there for me.'

Ortansia was ready to jump into danger, but she was still afraid of scary things. She noticed that her fingertips were trembling as she reached for her teacup to drink tea to calm herself down, and Ortansia giggled.

'I miss you, brother.'

Perhaps it was because she was thinking about Gérard that the thought suddenly came to her.

Fortunately, Gérard is off duty today and should be at the mansion.

 Unable to stay put, Ortansia stood up.

'It's okay if we just talk for a minute, right...?'

She told herself this and quietly left the room.

When it comes to what the off-duty Gerard was doing inside the mansion... It's highly likely that he's doing the Ducal duties.

As expected, Ortansia's prediction was correct, and when she arrived at Gerard's office, she saw Lucien smoothly exiting from inside.

"Lucien, is Onii-sama here?"

"Yes, he's in his office. However…"

Lucien tried to say something more, but suddenly smiled meaningfully and beckoned Ortansia.

"No, surely if it's the young lady, Gerard-sama will also be pleased. Please come inside."

Suspicious of his attitude, Ortansia slided into the room through the slightly ajar door.

But Lucien didn't follow, and the sound of the door gently closing behind her was heard.

"Huh?" Ortansia looked around the room, thinking.


She almost let out an unintentional cry of surprise and covered her mouth with her hand.


'Oh, I think I've never seen Onii-sama sleeping like this before.'

At this too-rare sight, Ortansia felt her own heartbeat quicken.

She was thinking about leaving the room as it was, but her curiosity got the better of her and she crept closer to Gérard.

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