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 That day,  I got up as usual and headed for the dining room.


 As if he was waiting, Gerard was standing against the wall of the corridor in front of the dining hall.

 Ortansia, who inadvertently let out a careless scream, was instantly captured by his gaze before she could turn and run away. As he walked towards her, Ortansia panicked.

'Ugh, I am air, I am a houseplant, I am a stain on the wall... please let him pass by without noticing me!'

 But Ortansia's prayers were in vain, and Gerard stopped in front of her. And then, said a single word. Read only on


And then he left.

 Ortansia, who was left behind, already wanted to cry.

'Where did he say to come to? Can I pretend I didn't hear him and run away?'

However, Pamela, who was waiting behind her, said, "You're wanted, miss!" and she shoved her on the shoulder with a woozy smile.

 Unfortunately, the "pretend I didn't hear him" strategy failed.

 Ortansia had no choice but to reluctantly follow Gérard.

'What is this really about? A sermon about "not getting carried away?" No, Onii-sama wouldn't do something so troublesome.'

 After all, in her first life, he had treated Ortansia completely like an invisible air. It was hard to believe that her brother would go out of his way to spend the effort to bully Ortansia, like other servants.

She didn't know what he was thinking and the fact that she didn't know is what made it so terrifying. Read only on

 Ortansia felt like a sinner advancing to the executioner's block and chased after Gerard at a trot.

 He headed not for the torture chambers in the basement…  etc., but for the brightly lit yard.

'What is going on? Am I just going to be thrown out of the gate and kicked out with a "don't ever step on the Duke's soil again" warning?'

She felt like that would be better.


Ortansia, who inadvertently bumped into her brother because she was looking down, fell on her buttocks. Read only on

'Aaahhh... what a mistake at a time like this!'

Gerard stretched out his arms toward Ortansia, who was trembling in the ground.

'Will she be beaten or strangled…' Ortansia trembled imagining the violence that was about to come 


 The sudden feeling of levitation made her scream out. But soon Ortansia's feet were on the ground.

 Gerard lifted Ortansia's torso and helped her to stand. Read The Reborn Lady is Loved by her Foster Brother: The Scariest Villain only on

"Oh, thanks... that?"

 Reflexively trying to thank him, Ortánsia shouted in surprise.

    The flowers of Shangri-La were in full bloom in the flower beds right beside where Ortansia and her brother were.

 Like a blue sky, like a clear sea - beautiful blue flowers.

'Huh? When I saw it before, it was said there were only a few of them because they are extremely rare flowers but... Why?'

 Shangri-La flowers originally bloom only in remote and unexplored highlands, and to grow them elsewhere like this required a specialist gardener who had learned advanced magical techniques.

 And there were so many of them. It seemed it would be difficult to maintain them with half-baked growing techniques. Read only on

As she craned her neck, a gardener working nearby called out to her.

"Oh, miss! How would you like it? The Shangri-La that the young lady desires, such a sight of so many flowers all at once is rarely seen, even in the royal palaces of other countries! Well, as expected of the Duke of Verite."

"If you let them wither... you know it."

"Of course, young master! I've brought in a specialist Gardener, as you ordered."

 The gardener, who had been glared at by Gérard, turned pale and excused himself for the painstaking care he had taken of the Shangri-La's flowers.

 Seeing this, Ortansia tilted her head again.

'Huh, the way he just said it, it sounds like... Onii-sama went through a lot of trouble to get so many Shangri-La flowers and ordered them to be grown but... Why?'

 Shangri-la is a rare flower. It is said that even just one plant is worth several months of a commoner's salary.

'Why bother with such an expensive flower? It doesn't seem like Onii-sama has the heart to love flowers in any way…'

 Rather, Gerard seemed to be the type of person who would be the first to dismiss this kind of investment in flowers that would please people's eyes as a waste. Read only on

Suspicious Ortansia was surprised when Gerard suddenly turned around and asked

"Do you like it ?"


After she responded enthusiastically, a thought popped into Ortansia's head that she never thought would occur to her.

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  1. Her mental age is a teen, she's lived a repressed life, had a highly traumatic death but she glosses over that trauma like it's nothing. Is this the resilience of youth? Or lazy writing?

    1. She's actually still traumatic over the whole event, but she probably is a type of person who's a sibling con and highly demands love from a sibling and that's why it looks as though she just glossed over the whole event, plus by nature she isn't a scheming person. Just an innocent girl


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