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"Well, it's hard to decide right now. With this amount of money, of course, you have to make a diversified investment, and there are many variables such as risk taking, average return, exit strategy, etc...”

This man was not looking at me as a child, but as an asset worth 14 billion won.

Oh Se-hyun, who belatedly realized the fact, smirked and slapped his forehead.

"Oh, this... I went too far, didn't I? I was already excited without realizing it.”

"It's all right."

"Okay, then let's do this. First of all, I need to talk to your father...”

I raised my hand to pause his speech.

"It's my money, so you don't have to discuss it with my father. And doesn't my father trust you, too? He has entrusted me to you. Isn't that right?"

"You're so smart. Come to think of it, yes."

Oh Se-hyun thought for a moment and parted his lips,

"Let's do this. I think I should get your parents' consent first. This consent form is not for discussing investment, but for you because you are a minor. It's a permission for our company to take care of your money."


"And I'll make an operation plan at the company. Let's look at it and talk again. Isn't it nice?"

"One more thing."

"What, do you need anything?”

"Please keep everything between you and me a secret from now on. No one should know."

"Didn't you say that? I keep a secret to the bone."

"Including my parents."

Oh Se-hyun looked at me with suspicious eyes and said,

"I shouldn't ask why I shouldn't tell your parents, should I? Because it's a secret?"

"I'll tell you next time."

"Huh- You've won. I was trying to persuade my friend's son, but I got a terrible customer."

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Oh Se-hyun stood up with a short sigh.

"I'll go now for today. I'll see you often from now on, so just call me uncle. But doesn't the name "uncle" seem a little far away? After all, we are going to be in a secret-sharing relationship."

"I know, uncle."

"Actually, I'm older than your father. I'm about the same age as my uncle, but he gave way because he was more affectionate. Haha."

Oh Se-hyun left my room with a pleasant laugh.

I felt it again.

It was not Unchilgisam¹, but Ungugisil².

Now, I, Jin Do-jun, am blessed with luck.

My father's choice of a friend of an investment company was obviously with money in mind, and luckily, he chose a world-class investment company.

If it was a domestic investment company or a securities company, it would have had to solve the problem much more complicatedly.

I sat in front of the desk, opened my notebook, and grabbed a pencil.

And I started making investment plans.

My laptop and the Microsoft Office wrote a very long plan.

* * *

"Yoon-ki, I want to have a talk with you."

"Okay, did the conversation go well?”

Oh Se-hyun called out Jin Yoon-ki, who was sitting in the living room with his wife.

Oh Se-hyun lit a cigarette in the garden.

"What? Why are you so serious?"

"Why didn't you tell me? 14 billion..."

"Oh, that? I was afraid you'll have a preconceived notion about useless money."

"Well, never mind. What happened?”

When Jin Yoon-ki told the story of his son's ranch, new town, and compensation, Oh Se-hyun slapped his forehead.

"He's one with heavenly fortune."

[T/N: Heavenly fortune can also be referred to as luck]

"So? What did you say? Did you talk well? Did you tell him not to be in a haste?"

"Yoon-ki, do you know Hyun Jeonghwa?"

"What? Why suddenly? Who is that?

"Oh yes. The girl who won the gold medal in track and field at the 86 Asian Games. She only ate ramen."

[T/N: 86 Asian Games: 1986 Asian Games.]

"That's Lim Chun-ae, you idiot! Hyun is a table tennis player."

Jin Yoon-ki looked pathetic, but both were well aware that what Oh Se-hyun said wasn't a big deal. 

"Anyway, there was a player who was known as a genius boxer at the Olympics last year, right? Rory Johnson."

"Roy Jones Jr.”

"Yes, that player."

Jin Yoon-ki, who was looking at Oh Se-hyun as he kept talking nonsense, sighed unconsciously.

I feel pathetic to ask such a lowly fellow for advice for my son.

"Hey! What do you want to say?"

"Maybe Dojun is Roy Jones.”


"I mean genius, dude!"

For Jin Yoon-ki, who thought his son was only mature, he couldn't understand what his friend meant.

"I may be wording it wrong, but he's definitely not an ordinary kid."

Starting with the name of a sports player, he says he is a genius and concludes that he is an extraordinary child. It just sounds like gibberish.

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"Hey! Don't you think you're just saying weird things?"

Jin Yoon-ki shouted, but Oh Se-hyun only continued his words,

Hyun-jung... No, Lim Chun-ae is an effort type, but Roy Jones was born with it. Honestly, I don't know exactly what it is, but he was born with something in his hands.”

Only then did Jin Yoon-ki's frowned face unwrinkle.

"Dojun has a special talent. The identity of the talent is still unknown."

Yoon-ki finally understood what Oh Se-hyun wanted to say.

"So you're saying all did was go to Dojun's room and check his unidentified talent, right?”

"Let's wait and think about what you want. I've got to go.”


Oh Se-hyun hurriedly disappeared, hearing Jin Yoon-ki calling. Jin Yoon-ki, who was left alone in the garden, looked ridiculous, but a word kept lingering in his head.


What was that talent?


"Look at this and stamp it."

"What's this?"

Oh Se-hyun, who reappeared after a week, presented a document to Jin Yoon-ki.

"It means that you, the parent, agree to Dojun's money being managed by our company."


"Why are you so surprised? Do you think I'll steal Dojun's money?"

"That's not it. I thought he would just keep the deposit."

"Don't worry, I'm only going to invest in places that are more profitable than 10% annual interest rates. I will avoid high-risk products so that there is no loss of principal.”

Jin Yoon-ki, still displeased, couldn't take his eyes off the consent form.

"Yoon-ki, I know how you feel,"

Oh Se-hyun began to speak in a gentle voice.

"But there are quite a few kids like Dojun. Children who save money one by one without spending their parents' pocket money; children who happily watch the piggy bank explode.

"They know the fun of saving money. Not all of these children will be rich, but at least they live well without being hungry. His preference to collect rather than spend is revealed from an early age.

"Of course, Dojun is more special. So it's better for me to take it. I might get more and more wealthy just by looking at the money for no reason."

"Yeah. Please take care of the money and observe the child."

"Hey! Am I Dojun's father?" What observation?"

"You punk, you told me. Unique talent. Observe it."

Jin Yoon-ki shouted with a smile and stamped the seal on the consent form.


"This is a parental consent form. And this is a confidentiality agreement."

I listened to the agreement before I agreed.

The promise to keep a secret was enough, but he even made a document. Meticulous and shrewd.

I had to keep this a secret, as well as him who will be in charge of my money. 

He was the representative of Power Shares in Korea. This was because if I wanted to invest my money, I would have no choice but to show the future profitable investment destination analyzed by Power Shares, and the contents were not to be shared anywhere.

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It was funny to ask a student to keep a secret even though he could not grasp the contents, but he accepted it as thorough.

"By the way, Dojun. Do you even understand the content?”

Oops, did I concentrate too much?

When I took my eyes off the document, I saw Oh Se-hyun's smiling face. His eyes were as though he was looking at a very strange and cute pet dog.

"I'm just watching. Hehe."

As he scratched his head while putting down the documents, Oh Se-hyun took out another bunch of documents.

"This is an asset management statement, but you wouldn't understand even if you saw it, so what's the point?"

"Just explain it to me in a simple way."

"So 60 percent is bank deposits. I will leave it to you on the condition that it guarantees more than 10% interest rate. The bank will also give you more benefits if the amount is large. The rest are stocks, bonds and project financing…”

"Since it is a real estate construction boom, the yield cannot be compared with bank interest. It's a good choice."

However, his expression became rather awkward. It was difficult to explain.

"It's okay, you don't have to explain.”

"Okay, I'll take care of it."

"More than that, please take a look at this."

"What's this?"

When I handed him a week's carefully written notes, he began to scour it.

I was a little nervous, too. How would he react?

Every time he turned over the note page, his face hardened.

Looking at the last page and closing the book, he said,

"You have... a lot of secrets."

T/N: [1] is a ratio of luck VS one's own talent.

운 = luck 

기 = talent

운7기3 (unchilgisam) 

= 70% luck + 30% talent

운9기1 (ungugiil) 

= 90% luck + 10% talent

It basically means that the success of many things do not depend only on your own talent and efforts, but also heavily on luck.

In the case of 'ungugiil' It's a fancy way to say someone got lucky. Or super lucky. Hehe.

So here, Do-jun felt that he was just so lucky that he required making use of little or no talent at all.

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