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"Nice to meet you, Lady Ortansia, I will be in charge of your aristocratic education, my name is Annabelle."

"..Nice to meet you."

'...Everything was happening exactly the same as in the first life.'

 As soon as she stepped into the Duke's mansion, she was introduced to a woman named Annabelle who would be in charge of her education.

'Actually, it's not "nice to meet you"...'

 In fact, even in her first life, Annabelle was a Ortansia's educator. Annabelle stares at her with a look of contempt behind her glittering glasses.

 She was a venerable lady under the umbrella of the Duke of Verite, and she hated undisciplined daughters like Ortansia.

'In my first life, how many times did I shed tears when I was bullied so hard…'

 She almost let out a sigh when Annabel preached the things to be aware of when spending time in this mansion and the rules of being a duke's daughter.

"Well, Annabelle... Ortansia must be tired, so let's have a meal first."

Thanks to her father's intervention, she was released from Annabel's sermon and sent to the diningp table. Read only on

'Huh... still nostalgic'

 To be honest, she didn't have many good memories in this mansion.

 However, after going up to the royal palace as a consort candidate, Ortansia had a strange desire to return to this mansion.

'I never thought that I would be reborn after dying…'

"Miss Ortansia, please come here."

She was seated and the food was brought to her immediately.

As she recited the prayer and proceeded to eat without a second thought, she noticed her father looking at her as if he was surprised.

No, not only that...

'Yes, they're all looking at me, but why...!'

 Looking closer, she noticed that it wasn't just her father, but Annabelle and the other servants were also looking at her with a frown on their faces

'...Uhm, did I do something wrong?!'

As I was trembling in my heart, my father asked me a few questions.

 "I'm surprised, Ortansia, your dining etiquette is perfect. Where did you learn it?"

'…It was!'

 At this point in her first life, having just been taken in by the duke's family, Ortansia, of course, knew nothing of aristocratic dining etiquette. She made an embarrassing mistake at the first meal after arriving at the ducal residence, and Annabelle and the other servants were very sarcastic, saying that she was like a wild monkey with no discipline. Read only on

While being ridiculed by Annabelle, she managed to master etiquette through bloody hardships, but...

'Wait, how can you deceive me?!'

 She couldn't honestly say, "Apparently, I was killed in the future and came back to the past."

"Ah, that..."

 As she let her gaze wander around, her gaze met with her brother Gerard, who was sitting far away from her. Read only on

'Hey, I'm scared! Anyway, I have to make some excuses...! Help me, Mother!'

As soon as she asked her mother in heaven for help, she suddenly had an idea.

Maybe this would get her through.

She looked up, kept Gerard out of sight as much as possible, took a deep breath and lied with an imposing attitude.

"Actually… My mother taught me this."

'Okay, it's not... funny, it shouldn't be!'

Ortansia's mother was a woman with many lovers, and She seemed to be on friendly terms with several men of nobility besides Duke Verite. So it should not be surprising that she had learned the etiquette of dining with the nobility from her mother.


 As she waited with a pounding heart for a response, her father smiled gently.

"Well Bernadette… Maybe she foresaw what would happen in the future." Saying this, her father went into sentimental mode. Read only on

 Seeing this, Ortansia let out a sigh of relief in her heart.

 She thought about checking on... Gerard, but was too scared to turn that way.

'...Okay! Looks like I made it through!'

 After that, she was asked to speak a few more times, but Ortansia managed to get a few words back, even though she was slurred.

 Unlike in her first life, Ortansia was not blamed for her mistakes, and she was able to successfully finish her first meal at the duke's house.

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