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"...Huh." Lying down on the canopied bed, Ortansia sighed heavily.

The room, which had been perfectly furnished for the new duchess, was so spacious compared to her time in the orphanage that she almost fainted.

'Really, everything is the same as the first life…'

Since she came to the Duke's house, the exact same thing has happened in her first life. The only difference is that I have gained experience as a duke's daughter once, so I didn't get scolded at the dining hall.

'...I really wonder what the hell is going on.'

Ortansia timidly touched her own neck, but of course there was no evidence that it had been severed. She let out a sigh of relief at the smooth feel of het skin.

'I was supposed to have gone up to the royal court as a candidate for queen, falsely accused and executed... and died. Was that... a very long dream? ...No, no, it can't be.'

The memories of the ten years since the duke's family took her in were too vivid to be a dream.

The pain of being alone in an unfamiliar place and the despair of being abandoned and executed publicly were clearly etched in her... mind. Read only on

'I don't know why, but I prefer to think of it as time rewinding.'

If so, then there might be some hope.

Thanks to the fact that she had the etiquette of a duchess from her last life, unlike the first time, She didn't have to be reprimanded by Annabelle.

 In other words, depending on how she treads, she might go on to a different route in the future than her past life.

Of course, Ortansia has only one goal.

'I'm not going to be falsely accused and executed! I'm going to survive this time!'

Rising stiffly, Ortansia pondered, 'hmmm…'

If she continued to dawdle, she would end up repeating the first life again. She had to find a way to survive, no matter what it takes.

'Refuse the offer of beea consort candidate? But it's unnatural for me, a duchess of my age, not to go... getting engaged to someone before that? But with whom? No. The more I think about it, the more my head is getting all tangled up'. Read only on

In her first life, Ortansia was too clumsy in everything.

She was bewildered and frightened by suddenly becoming a duchess, she couldn't ask... anyone for help, and she was easily drawn into a conspiracy.

So this time, she needed to just struggle for survival as much as possible now.

'The first thing I think I can do now is to… I have to get on good terms with my brother.'

Worst case scenario, even if she proceed to the same future as the first life and is falsely accused, if Gerard, the duke, insists on Ortansia's innocence, she wouldn't be persecuted to that extent

If the case is properly investigated, she believed that he can prove her innocence 

'For that to happen, though, I'd like to somehow build a good relationship with my brother and have him become an ally. ......'

Gerard's absolute cold gaze apears in Ortansia's mind. Read only on

She was always frozen and unable to move just by being pierced by that cold gaze…

'From the very beginning, aren't the hurdles too high...!?'

With this great challenge in front of her, Ortansia rolled around on the bed with her head in her hands.

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