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The boy in front of Ortansia was looking at  her with a curious expression.


The fact that Ortansia was able to meet a human for the time being suggests that she has returned to her original world.

But where exactly was this place?

'Is this someone's private property, perhaps? The child in front of me seems  pretty good, and if it is some nobleman's mansion, it's not a good thing!'

If by any chance she had fallen into the mansion of a noble family that is in conflict with the Duke of Verité, she would be in big trouble.

The Duke of Verite is one of the four great Dukes, one of the most prestigious families in the country. But because of this, they had many enemies.

They could make it difficult for Ortansia to get out of this place because of her trespassing, or worse, they could take her hostage.

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'we have to get out of here Somehow.!'

Ortansia fearfully looked at the boy in front of her. He was wearing clothes that were instantly recognizable as first-class, even from the decorations and fabrics.

He appeared to be alone, with no attendants in sight nearby.

'He's about my age, and if I can talk my way out of this…'

Ortansia smiled, trying not to alarm the opponent for the moment.

"Hello, I'm sorry I startled you. I was out for a walk and wandered into this place. If you don't mind, could you show me the way out?"

"I'd love to, but you'll have to play with me first!" The boy had a twinkle in his eye as he said this. He smiled innocently and extended his hand toward them.

'Ugh, I'd like to get out of here as soon as possible'

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But she didn't want the boy to start making a fuss if she refused his request, and it was going to take a lot of effort for Ortansia to find a way out on her own.

'If I play with him for a bit and this boy is satisfied…'

The boy smiled happily as Ortansia took his hand.

"I have a secret place over here! I'll tell you specially!"

The boy happily pulled Ortansia's hand and started to run.

Ortansia ran along to avoid falling down, but the innocent smile of the boy in front of her made her tensed body relax.

'I see, So this is how real children behave. I'll use it as a reference.'

 It would be useful to pretend to be an "adorable seven-year-old girl" in front of the adults. With this in mind, Ortansia secretly observed the boy in front of her.

"I'm Viktor. And you are?"

I'm Sia… My name is Sia.

Thinking that it would be a problem later if her real name was revealed, Ortansia decided to use only her nickname.

"Where are you from Sia?"

"It's... far away, I guess. I got lost and  arrived at this unfamiliar place while I was taking a walk."

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"I'm sorry to hear that! I sometimes get lost too. When there are so many similar corridors, it's hard to distinguish between them."

She thought her excuse was a bit silly, but Viktor continued talking without thinking deeply about it and Ortansia sighed in relief at his lack of vigilance

"Anyway, Cia has a rare cat"

"I'm not a cat. I'm not a cat."

"That's right! He's so cute!"

When Victor saw Tyrol in Ortansia's arms, he thought he it was a cat.

Perhaps not satisfied with being treated like a cat, Tyrol started to make a fuss.

Hurriedly covering his mouth, Ortansia laughed to cover up her act.

'Oh, If they know I have a spirit with me, they would find out who I really am!'

It was better to just allow it to be mistaken for a cat. Ortansia, who had made up her mind to do so, smiled wryly while covering Tyrol's mouth as he let out a disgruntled sound.

"Look, here is my secret base!"

They made their way through the trees to a large tree with a trunk so thick that They would not be able to  enclose it even if the three of them were to hold hands.

As Victor brushed aside the tall grass that had grown up around it, the rim of the large tree was exposed.


"It's really a secret place just for me, but I'll make a special effort to tell Sia about it!"

Victor crawled into the secret place.

Ortansia followed suit, though she was concerned about soiling the hem of her dress.

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