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CHAPTER 33 - I Made A Cute Friend!

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 The first to react to these words was a snow leopard cub.

"Don't worry, Sai!"

The snow leopard pounced on her, and Ortansia hurriedly hugged it.

The cub came up to her and licked her cheek.

" I'll protect you and your precious one too!"

"Are you sure you're okay with being so cavalier? What if I'm the bad guy?"

The decision was so quick that Ortansia forgot about the present situation and became worried about the snow leopard cub. What if Ortansia was a bad guy, a poacher, for example?

If he carelessly follows her, he might end up turning into fur before he realises it!

But the snow leopard's parents chuckle at Ortansia's concern.

"The wicked cannot come here. We have entrusted the keys to a trusted person for generations, and only those who have his permission can even set foot in here."

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Ortansia wondered if she should tell the truth.

"I... really don't know if I'm related to the Duke of Verite!"

The reason they accepted Ortansia so far was because they thought she was from the Duke de Verité family.

But if they find out that's not the case, they may turn their hand away and give her the cold shoulder.

'No. Even if they do, it's a lot better than continuing to lie.'

Looking at Ortansia, who was shaking slightly, the snow leopard's parents narrowed their eyes and spoke softly.

"We entrusted the key to someone we trust, and he sent you here. That alone is certainly worthy of trust."

The snow leopard's parent, quietly got up, approached Ortansia, and gently rubbed her cheek against the cub in Ortansia's arms.

"Please take good care of this child, Tyrol. He is mischievous, but he is kind at heart. I am sure he will be a good friend to you."

Once again, Ortansia locked gazes with the snow leopard called Tyrol.

Tyrol rubbed his nose against Ortansia's cheek to reassure her.

"Hmm, good to see you. Tyrol."

"I got you, Sia!"

The little bird that had brought Ortansia here slowly flew up, watching the two play with each other.

"If you stay here, you'll be in the human world in a hundred years or so!"

"What? That's bad!"

"I'll make a way for you to get home, just don't stop on the way home."

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The little bird flied in circles. Then, inside the circle, a door appeared just as it did when she came.

But the other side of the door was shrouded in a deep fog, and they didn't  know where it led.

"If you keep going straight, you can get back to where you came from. But be careful not to accidentally stray from the path."

"Okay, thank you for everything."

Ortansia bowed her head, and the little bird puffed its wings in satisfaction.

"Hmph, you are unusually honest for someone from the Verite family. You should live a little smarter."


Bowing to the little bird and snow leopard cub parent, Ortansia stepped inside the door with Tyrol in her arms.

"Wow, I can't see anything."

They fearlessly made their way step by step through the fog, unable to see a single inch ahead of them.

If they keep going at this rate, they should reach the Duke de Verite house, but how far do they have to walk...?

"Oh, there's something over there!"

"Tyrol, wait!"

But at that moment, Tyrol suddenly slipped out of Ortansia's arms and ran off.

It had been less than five minutes since the snow leopard's parent had entrusted Tyrol to her, If he were to go missing here, the spirits would be furious. It would tarnish the name of the Verite family, which had probably been close to them for generations.

Ortansia turned pale instantly and hurried after Tyrol.

Ortansia ran frantically, chasing after Tyrol's tail, which appeared and disappeared in the fog.

She no longer knew which direction she had come from or even which way she was going.

She was more afraid of losing Tyrol than anything else.

However, Tyrol suddenly disappeared after letting out a scream.



Ortansia rushed forward, but somehow the ground she was supposed to step on had vanished.

Naturally, Ortansia's body was pulled by gravity downwards, upsidedown.

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"Geez! What's going on!!!?"

Ortansia fell through the deep fog. And then, suddenly, the surrounding seemed to lighten up…


Feeling the impact on her buttocks, Ortansia screamed like a crushed cat.

It felt like she had fallen a long distance, but fortunately her body was not crushed and wounded.

 After confirming that she was alive, Ortansia looked around in panic.


Fortunately, Tyrol was lying on his back right beside Ortansia.

When she picked him up, Tyrol snuggled up against Ortansia with a gurgling sound in his throat.

"My head is spinning"

"Mine too. But I'm glad you're safe"

She hugged Tyrol's fluffy body and finally felt calm.

When she looked around again, Ortansia was at a loss.

"Where is this?"

Ortansia and Tyrol had fallen into a place they were completely unfamiliar with.

It looked like a forest… but if one looked closely, one could see what appeared to be some kind of building beyond the trees.

'If I go there, I wonder if I'll find out something about where we are…'

Ortansia thought and immediately stood up with Tyrol in her arms.

"Who's there?"

 Suddenly, Ortansia heard a voice behind her, making her cower.

When she turned to look behind her, she was surprised to see that it was...

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

A well-dressed boy about Ortansia's age was staring at her with rounded eyes.

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