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 She doesn't resemble her father or brother… In other words, he's trying to say, in a roundabout way, that he can't recognize Ortansia as a member of the ducal family.

'...who knows, I guess?'

 In fact, Ortansia was not even sure if she was of her father's blood. She was born a lowly tavern girl. She lived in a downtown orphanage until the duke's family took her in.

As a knight, he would not be able to offer his loyalty to a person with an unknown origin.

'I should never have come here.'

She felt like her legs were going to tremble.

Seeing Ortansia like that, Sir Terrier grinned.

"Really, they don't look alike. I never thought that... that raccoon father would give birth to such a beautiful girl!"

'.... Huh?'

The words were unexpected, and Ortansia looked up with trepidation.

And she was astonished. Sir Terrier, who was supposed to be looking down at her with a cold gaze, had a lazy smile on his face for some reason!

"Ah, really cute...! What kind of good deeds did that raccoon father do in his previous life to be blessed with such a cute daughter?"

"... Deputy Commander, Miss Ortansia is in a quandary."

"Oops, sorry. I can't help but be reminded of my daughter when she was little. Now she says, 'Dad, you stink! Don't rub it on my clothes!'... " 

The other knight warned him, and Sir Terrier smiled, somewhat melancholy, to reassure Ortansia.

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"I am sorry for being so distraught, my lady. That old raccoon… Excuse me, you don't look like His Excellency the Duke in a good way, so I was surprised that a miracle had occurred."

The way he said it so openly made Ortansia giggle.

"Hmm, you are close to my father, aren't you?"

"Yes, we have been through many life and death situations together. He is better at guile... than brute force, and I am, as you can see, a man who only has brute force. It's a win-win situation."

'Good. He seems to be a better man than I thought.'

The gentle demeanor of Sir Terrier made Ortansia feel relieved.

She assumed that she would be despised as the child of a dirty Mistress, but she never thought that she would be treated like this.

"Um, actually... I came to see you today because I wanted to learn swordsmanship."

When she said this, Sir Terrier widened his eyes in surprise.

"Swords? When you say sword, you mean ...... this one we have?"

"Yes, that's it!"

Sir Terrier pointed to the sword on his waist, and Ortansia nodded many times.

He seemed to get the intention, but for some reason he raised his eyebrows in a frown.

"I see, But first, I must make the young lady aware of reality."

With a small exhale, Sir Terrier unsheathed the sword he wore at his waist. And when he put the sheath on the ground, he gently smiled at Ortansia.

"Well then, my lady, first of all you must hold this sword."

"...? Okay"

Unsure, Ortansia held the sword. After confirming this, Sir Terrier released his hand. But as soon as he does…



The sword tilted and fell towards Ortansia.

She tried to support it in a hurry, but Ortansia's strength was not enough to support it.

'The sword is falling over.'


As soon as Ortansia's body was about to tilt, Sir Terrier lightly supported the sword and Ortansia.

"Do you understand, my lady? As you can see, to handle a sword as a knight, you must first build up your strength... and muscles. If you wish, I can train you thoroughly."

'Ugh, I didn't realize swords were so heavy, how many years would it take me to train thoroughly...?'

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Ortansia lamented her ineffectiveness.  She could continue to study under him and become a knight, but it will take years to acquire… Competence.

'If I take it easy, I'll be executed again.!'

"Thank you very much for your kindness. I will think about it a little more..."

Sir Terrier expression relaxed as he lowed his head.

"Everyone has their own own strengths and weaknesses, young lady. Please come back whenever you feel like it. We will be very happy to help you. And of course, we'll help you get your lady all worked up…"

"Sir Terrier! The young lady doesn't deserve to be muscled up!

"Ha ha, sorry, sorry."

Ortansia left the place while soothing the indignant Pamela.

 It seems that the strategy needs to be reworked.

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