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 That night, when she returned to her room and groaned... unexpectedly, Ortansia was summoned to the office by her father.

'Ugh, could he possibly be mad at me for  troubling the Knights?'

 With a pounding heart, she knocked on the door of his office and was allowed to enter by a surprisingly gentle voice.

"Excuse me..."

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When She timidly stepped into the room, her father greeted her with a smile as usual.

"Welcome, Ortansia. Have a seat."

He suggested the sofa, and Ortansia sat down.

"Do you know why I called you here?"

"Is it about... Visiting the Knights?"

"Oh, yes, that's right."

"I'm sorry, Father. I have caused you all trouble."

Her father patted her head with his large hand, as she felt downcast.

He sat down next to her and spoke gently.

"No one is blaming you. I just wanted to ask you why."

At her father's urging, Ortansia opened her mouth gingerly.

"I want to be... strong so that if I had to go through something like that again next time, I would be able to escape on my own."

Hearing Ortansia's words, her father's eyes widened.

" are right."

He did not blame Ortansia.

He simply quietly expressed his concern for Ortansia's feelings.

"I'm sorry, Ortansia. It was our fault that you were kidnapped that day. We have made sure that everyone involved in that incident has been erased so that they will never appear before you again, but it is also true that where we are is always fraught with danger."

The Duke closed his eyes and sighed, as if remembering the old days.

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"I have been in danger many times in my life. It is a miracle that I am still alive today. Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with much talent in martial arts. I understand your feelings."

He took Ortansia's small hand in his. He chuckled.

"It will probably be another hundred years or so before you can handle a sword with your tiny hands."

"Oh God, Father! I'm serious!"

"I'm sorry. But, Ortansia, it is not only the sword that protects you. why don't you try your talent?"

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After saying this, he got up and took a key from the desk in his office. It was a beautiful, jeweled key.

"This is the key to the world of the spirits who have been helping our Verité Ducal family since time immemorial."


"Enter the spirit world and ask the spirits for help. Hopefully, they will be a strong force to protect you."

The Duke gently placed the beautiful key in Ortansia's hand.

"I need to do some preparation. If you are up to it, you can come back here tomorrow night. I will guide you to the door that leads to the spirit world."

The Duke looked straight at Ortansia and chuckled. Ortansia looked alternately at his face and at the key in his hand in disbelief.

"If you are so inclined, you can come back here tomorrow night."

The next day, Ortansia was troubled.

Should she take her father's invitation and set foot in the spirit world or not?

'No, I don't really understand ...... spirits?'

Spirits are creatures that live in a different world, and are considered closer to God than to man. There have been many fairy tales since ancient times about people and spirits joining forces to accomplish great things, but for Ortansia it was too far-fetched.

'Is it safe to go to the spirit world thoughtlessly? Won't they get angry and attack me...?'

It was a given that the spirits lend their help only to those of noble birth or to special people with a noble spirit.

But Ortansia's bloodline was doubtful, and it was hard to say if she had a noble spirit.

She was honestly worried, but that won't help

'Okay, I should find out more about spirits.'

After leaving the room, Ortansia headed for the library in the duke's mansion.

She had been familiar with the library since her first life.

Being an introvert, Ortansia used to stay in her room and made friends with reading and sewing.

As soon as she stepped into the stacks, a librarian approached her.

"Oh, Miss Ortansia," the librarian said. "Are you looking for a book?"

"Yes, I'm looking for a book about spirits."

"Please wait a moment."

Soon after, the librarian returned with a number of books.

After politely thanking him, Ortansia opened a book on a nearby desk and flipped through the pages.

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'So there were people in the Duke of Verite's family who used spirits in the past.'

As time went by, the number of people who used the power of the spirits seemed to be decreasing.

However, many of the successive heads of the family had powerful spirits with them.

 If only Ortansia could have the help of spirits like them....

As she thought of this, a shadow suddenly fell on the page.

Reflexively, Ortansia looked up and was startled to see a man who had somehow arrived at her side.

"Oh, brother!"

Gerard was peering intently at her.

Ortansia, who was completely unaware of his presence, froze in surprise.

She  took one look at him, and Gerard quietly opened his mouth.

"I heard that… father recommended you to make a contract with a spirit."

"Ah, yes"

'Why did Gerard know about this? I wonder if father told him.'

She wondered silently, but Ortansia nodded for the time being.

"No need."


"There is no need to go to the spirit world."

Gerard said with a very serious face.

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