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 Today there was a tea party at the Viscount's house and Ortansia received an invitation. Her father was away on business, and Ortanshia was attending alone.

Although she was a little nervous, there were some people she knew, and Ortensia was leisurely enjoying the tea and sweets.

"The duchess of Verité is here, and it's so exciting to see her!"

"Lady Ortansia is really lovely, isn't she?"


"Come to think of it, Ortansia-sama and His Highness the Prince are close in age, aren’t they? Have you met him yet?”?

"No, I have not met His Highness the Prince. I have heard that he is a very intelligent man…"

She was getting used to the casual responses. For the time being, when the topic moved from Ortensia to the prince, she secretly exhaled a sigh of relief. The ladies around her were enthusiastic about gossip about the royal family.

 As she puts her fork into the cake in her hand, Ortansia notices something strange.

'What's that smell?'

A strange smell, as if something was burning, hit her nose.

She sniffed the cake and found it had the sweet, melting aroma that she loved so much. Apparently, the cake was not defective. If that was the case…

"Hey, what's that smell?"

'Oh, it wasn't my imagination'

The people around her seemed to have noticed something unusual and were looking at each other anxiously. Then, the door of the room opened vigorously without knocking, and a flustered servant rolled in. Read only at

"Oh my God, ma'am! There's a fire in the mansion."

"A fire?"

With the door open, the stench irritated her nostrils even more. Immediately, the guests at the tea party were thrown into apanic.

"A fire!"

"We have to get out of here!"

"I'm scared!"

The panicked ladies stood up at once and began to run.

Ortansia also rushed to her feet, but her small size soon knocked her off her feet and she fell to the floor.

'Oh no, I had to get out of there as soon as possible!' 

When she tried to stand up, she was kicked  and almost trampled.

'Oh no, I'm going to lose track of the exit at this rate!'

Ortansia rushed to her feet and was unexpectedly lifted up from behind.

"Excuse me, miss. I'll take you to a safe place, this way please."

Reflexively, she almost went berserk, but the voice she heard stopped her resistance instantly.

'Thank God... is it someone from this mansion? I am saved'

The man holding Ortansia in his arms moved forward without hesitation through the mansion, where smoke spread and people fled. Eventually, he arrived at what appeared to be a back door.

 Opening the door, she was finally able to take a breath of fresh air.

"Um, thank you very much"

Ortansia thanked him, but the man holding her in his arms continued on his way.

'I'm not sure where he's going. The entrance to the mansion should be that way '


Soon, she saw another man, who seemed to be a servant of the mansion, standing at the end of the path.

For some reason, he was carrying a large burlap sack in his hand. Read only at


She tried to say that it would be better to join the others, but I couldn't come up with any words.

 As if dealing with a cat or a dog, Ortansia was roughly shoved into the burlap sack.

"What are you doing? What are you doing! Please let me out!"

 She screamed desperately, but without any sign of intervention, she was lifted up like a piece of luggage.

' happening?'

The burlap sack's mouth was tightly closed, making escape impossible.

Soon, the sound of rattling wheels could be heard, and Ortansia paled.

'Was she put on a carriage? Could it be that I…?'

…I'm sure you've only just arrived at this mansion, don't take it too hard."

She remembered the words of her brother which he said some time ago.

She should have been more humble at that time and refused the invitation this time…But it's too late to regret it now.

'No way, I never thought I would be kidnapped..!'

Without a doubt, Ortansia has been kidnapped. An event she never encountered in her first life thanks to being cooped up for so long. Thanks to that, she had no idea what was going to happen or what to do.

'I never heard of such a hard mode, Goddess!'

Struggling to get out of the burlap sack, Ortansia couldn't help but lash out at the goddess for her lack of explanation.

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