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 Once she attended her first tea party, invitations started arriving one after another. Invitations to tea parties, music concerts, salons, etc piled up like a mountain, and Ortansia couldn't help but look at them distantly.

'How dare they do that to a little girl!'

They must see some use in Ortansia. At least, compared to her first life, when she was nothing but a target of ridicule, she must be making some progress

'Well, okay. If I keep expanding my network this way, I may gain more allies…'

Although not very enthusiastic, Ortansia tried to attend as much as she could.

Fortunately, so far she hasn't made  any major mistakes.

 However, it was quite tiring to be in front of a large number of nobles and to be subjected to their price-gouging and probing glances.

 Today, too, after finishing the great task of attending a tea party, she wandered aimlessly through the corridors of the duke's mansion and…


 Suddenly, a voice called out from behind her, and Ortansia jumped up on the spot in shock. Read only at

'No way, this voice is ......!'

She turned around as if she had been shot, and there she saw her brother Gerard approaching her at a brisk pace!

'Geez, Onii-sama! Why is he angry...?'

Gerard's face, staring straight at her, seemed somehow sterner than usual.

Ortansia was anxious. With a conditioned reflex, she had a lovely smile on her face.

Well, Onii-sama! You came to the tea party today! I am happy to meet Onii-sama herr!"

 She had been inundated with gifts from him recently, and her conditioned reflex was to play cute when she met Gerard.

However, Ortansia's pretentiousness seemed to have struck a nerve with Gérard.

 In contrast to Ortansia's beaming smile, the air around Gerard was so cold that it looked like a blizzard was brewing.

'Scary! What is he so angry about! Is it because I'm attending a tea party? Is he mad at me for getting carried away with being a Mistress daughter?'

Gerard, who came right in front of Ortensia, looked down at her with his icy eyes.

 The adorable smile Ortansia had on her face was instantly frozen.

" Recently, it seems that you often show up at other nobles' places."."


 This time, the thunder of judgment is sure to strike, "You disgrace the duke family…"

But ...

"You've only just arrived at this Mansion, Don't ...... take it too hard."

Along with those words, a hand was placed on her head.Ortansia froze in place, and Gerard pulled his hand away.

 Even though his footsteps were no longer heard, Ortansia could not move from that spot.

'Well... what was that?'

 If one listens to the words alone, it sounded as if he was concerned about Ortansia's wellbeing…

'No, I'm sure it was a roundabout way of checking. "I hear you often visit other nobles." He meant to say, "I hear you often visit other nobles, and you have the audacity to, as a Mistress daughter".'

She was about to get really carried away. Ortansia almost made the foolish mistake of thinking that her brother was really worried about her.

"There's no way that's true. ......"

 "Shut up, you disgrace of a duke. Not once have I ever thought of you as my sister."

 The words she heard just before her death was stuck in her ears like a curse and wouldn't leave. Read only at

 He hates Ortansia, he thinks of her as an enemy. She must never forget that fact.

But Ortansia never disliked her brother Gerard, neither before her death nor now.

Indeed, he was terrifying. When he looked into her eyes with those cold eyes of his, she couldn't help but tremble.

But at the same time, Ortansia also understood the pressure he carries.

'Unlike I, who is trying to dodge, Onii-sama is facing his fate with dignity.'

Even when his father died suddenly in her first life, he never cried or swooned. He showed his dignity as a young duke to protect the duke's family. Ortansia admired his strength. She wished to be of help to him, even if only in a small way.

   The... results were disappointing though.

'I wonder if I could face Onii-sama more properly if we were strangers instead of siblings'  Ortansia sighed with such an impossible imagination.

Whatever was the case, she had received a warning from her brother.

She is showing up here and there now anyway, but perhaps she should cut back a little from now on.

'I'll attend the one I just responded to, but next time I'll be more selective in responding to the invitations…'

 Deciding to do so, Ortansia loosened her stiffened body and stepped out of the room

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