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'Surely, I was in a bit too much of a hurry.'

She was trying to survive at all costs. Because of that, she had some painful experiences that she never had in her previous life. But some things were gained because of it.

"Thank you, brother."

Gérard smiled and his face relaxed with satisfaction.
She was able to shorten the distance between Gérard and her this way, despite everything that had happened.
This was probably the best thing she could have done.

'But why is my brother currently so kind to me?'
 He hated her so much in her previous life. She couldn't think of any reason.

'... Or was it because I tried to get close to him?'

In her first life, Ortansia had been so frightened that she had not even had a good conversation with Gerard. But this time, with the help of the goddess and Pamela's advice, she made an attack on Gerard as soon as she was taken in by the duke's family (by acting like a cute little girl).
That may have worked out for the best.

'Are older brothers surprisingly... kind to those who adore them? He's scary, but he's not unreasonable.'

He was stern and fearsome. But he was respected by his teachers and servants, and their father entrusted him with various tasks as the next duke. He was not a tyrant who doesn't understand what he wants. On the contrary, he may be a sweetheart to those he cared about.

'Right now, my brother is much more overprotective than my father.'

Her father left her to her own initiative to some extent, but Gerard always tried to keep her away from danger.
That made her a little heavy-handed and happy.
'I wonder if things would have ended completely differently if I'd approached my brother in my first life as well.'

Perhaps he in his previous life was also unable to gauge the distance between him and his half-sister who suddenly appeared.
There was a big chasm between Ortansia and him. That was probably why Gerard believed the voices of those around him when Ortansia was falsely accused and detained, rather than Ortansia.

'But that won't happen this time, will it?'

Now he was looking out for Ortansia. He cared.

'I have to make sure I support my brother too!'

"By the way, brother, have you recovered from the lack of sleep since then?"

When she asked that question, Gerard slightly averted his gaze.

This may be something to be guilty of.

"Brother! I hope you're not pushing yourself too hard again!"

When she brought her face closer to check his condition more closely, Gerard backed away as if surprised.


 Gerard quietly tells Ortansia, who tilts her head. "…It's okay, no problem"

"At times like this, there's usually a problem!"

Ortansia wanted to pursue the matter further, but Gerard did his best to create an aura of "I don't want you to probe into it.

'I knew he didn't trust me that much.'

Although they are much closer than in their first life together, Ortansia had yet to gain his trust.

'Am I unreliable?... Yes, from brother's point of view, I am extremely unreliable'

A gentle hand touched the depressed Ortansia's head.

"You should think only about yourself first. I'll be fine"
He stroked her head. Compared to the clumsy way he used to stroke her head in the beginning, he now does it much more naturally. Ortansia was both happy and frustrated at the same time.

'That's right. Even if I try to help Brother while I'm still half-hearted, he will be in trouble too. I have to be more firm!'

Gerard was curiously looking at Ortansia, who was so determined.

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