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In front of the mountain of invitations piled up in front of her, Ortansia was at a loss.

After the kidnapping incident, Ortansia had not made a single social appearance.

But they were just kept out of Ortansia's sight, and the storm of invitations seemed to have not subsided as usual.

    While relaxing in the common room over a cup of tea.

"Come to think of it, I haven't received any invitations recently."

As soon as she casually mentioned this, Pamela quietly pulled out the pile of invitations.

"The Master had ordered me to never let you see them until you are ready for them…"

"I see, he has been looking out for me."

He hid it's existence so that Ortansia wouldn't remember any bad memories, but if she ever started to look forward again, he wouldn't stop her from taking steps forward.

She was happy to see such thoughtfulness from her father. But Ortansia still couldn't find the courage to return to social life.

She was reluctantly about to reach for the invitation at the top of the list when…

"What are you doing?"

Suddenly, a voice that cut through the air reached her ears, and Ortansia immediately looked up.

It was Gerard. As usual, he was looking at her with a cold, expressionless gaze.

But Ortansia was not afraid of him anymore. Read only on


Ortánsia smiled immediately. She felt that the sharp air around Gérard seemed to have softened.

'I thought he didn't like me before, but... maybe this is normal for brother'

He always had an ice-cold expression on his face, and at first glance he's so frightening that you might think, "What have I done?!" But if you calm down and observe him carefully, you will see that this was not the case.

Lately, Ortansia felt that she can now somehow perceive his joy, anger and sadness, even though he was not very expressive.

He softened a little when he saw Ortansia, but as soon as he saw the pile of invitations that Ortansia was about to reach for, he raised his eyebrows uncomfortably.

" what is this?"

"It's an invitation that was sent to me. It seems that while I was in bed, a lot of them had arrived"

As Ortansia said this with a wry smile, Gérard reached into the pile of invitations and grabbed a few. He then, without hesitation, tossed them into the blazing fire in the fireplace.


Immediately, the bundle of letters turned to ashes. In contrast to Ortansia's dismay, Gérard looked heartened and refreshed.

"Burn the letters here, no questions asked. Don't worry about who sent them or the purpose for which they were sent. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir!"

Pamela, who was ordered directly by Gerard, bowed her head again and again, trembling.

"Wait a minute, brother! What if it's an important matter or if I offend a high ranking noble…"

"You don't need to worry about it. The Duke of Verite is not so weak that they have to hang their heads over people like that. Read only on

'No, no, no, I need it for my survival!'

Gérard told a flustered Ortansia in a strong tone.

"I have already announced that you are recovering from an illness, and I have refused any invitation."


Gérard's swashbuckling attitude pushed Ortansia to nod.

"You don't have to deal with them in the future. You are still a young child. You should wait until you are older to associate with the court sparrows."

Ortansia nodded quietly as the hand squeezed her hair.

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