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 However, Gérard's illness showed no signs of improvement.

Finally, Ortansia was given an important task by her father.

"Excuse me, father."

That day, Ortansia was unusually summoned by her father to visit his office. He greeted Ortansia with a cheerful smile, as he always did.

"Welcome, Ortansia. I'll have the hot milk ready for you. Would you like some sweets?"

"Father, Annabelle will be very angry with me if I eat sweets at this time of night."

"Then let's keep it a secret from Annabelle. This is a secret between you and I."

'Bad guy!'

Ortansia was taken aback by her father's smirk. But late-night snacks were so tempting.

In the end, Ortansia gave in to temptation and took her father's sweet advice and ate the sweets. Ortansia was gulping down the sweets as her father watched her with squinted eyes. Read only on

"Ortansia, the reason I called you here today is simple. I want to entrust you with an important task."

Ortansia was so surprised that she almost choked on her pastry.

 "Uhhm… you want to give me an important task?"

She never heard her father say this to her before. The event that had not occurred in her first life had happened again.

As Ortansia waited with held breath for his next words, her father, with a somewhat melancholy expression on his face, said, 

"You know, Gerard seems a little tired lately."

It seemed that he, too, had noticed something unusual about Gerard.

He smiled when he saw that Ortansia was not surprised.

"It seems you have noticed it too," he said.

"Yes, when I asked him about it, he said he was just busy and a little sleep deprived."

"Is that what Gerard told you? I'm sure I'm probably entrusting a little too much to him. He's so talented that I tend to rely on him a lot."

She wasn't sure if it was an act or if he really meant it, but her father spoke with a hint of regret in his voice.

"He is not willing to show any weakness in front of me. That's why I'm asking you to do me a favor."

"Oh, what do you want from me?'

"I'm thinking of sending Gerard to the territory for a while to rest and recuperate. He will be very busy at the academy next year, so I wanted to give him a break before that."

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"Is it to the Duchy territory of Verite?"

"Oh, there you are, Ortansia. What I'm going to ask you to do is to accompany Gerard to the territory and keep an eye on him."

"Ehhh… I'm going to watch my brother?"

What in the world is he talking about?

He chuckled at Ortanshia's outlandish comment.

"I want you to keep an eye on Gerard so he doesn't work too much and can get some rest."


Ortansia blinked at her father's intention.

'I see. I'm sure if he was just sent to the territory, brother would work without rest.'

So it seemed that Ortansia was chosen to be the watchdog.

That's how much her father trusted her. 

Her heart warmed when she thought of that. But...

"Is it okay for me to set foot in the territory of the Duke of Verite?"

In her first life, Ortansia had never visited the ducal territory.

Ortansia was the daughter of a commoner and may or may not have the blood of a Verite duke. It was obvious that she would not be welcomed in the territory.

Gérard's mother, the Duchess of Verite, died several years ago.

 However, she had heard that she and her husband, the duke, had been on bad terms since before her death, and that she had been spending all her time in the Ducal territory, away from her husband in the royal capital.

If Ortansia were to venture into a place like that, she would probably be met with a great deal of opposition.

The Duke laughed gently at Ortansia, whose expression was clouded by such thoughts.

 "You're a bright girl, Ortansia. I understand your concern. But you are now my daughter... and a member of the Duke of Verite's family. As long as it is within my territory, you are in your garden. There is no problem.”

'Really? '

Compared to her brother's overprotectiveness, her father tends to test Ortansia in any way. She had a hunch that there was something behind what he just said. Read only on

'Well, if Father says so, then I have to go.'

Whatever it was, Ortansia has been given an important role in Gerard's vacation.

This was surely a sign that the future was moving in the right direction.

Ortansia told herself this and smiled.

"I understand, Father. I will see to it that my brother enjoys his vacation to the fullest!"

"Gérard is a difficult man and there are few who can advise him, but I am sure he will listen to you if you ask him nicely."

With her father's approval, Ortansia nodded, a little uneasy.

'The Duke of Verite's territory, ah… I've only heard about it, so I'm looking forward to it a little.'

The Duke looked at Ortansia, whose eyes lit up with excitement, with narrowed eyes.

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