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CHAPTER 45 - First Visit To The Territory

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The story progressed in a smooth manner and now... Ortansia is being rocked in a carriage with Gérard.

She sat in the carriage with Gérard, who was sitting at the back of the carriage. 

"Brother, would you like some sweets? Everyone let me have some!"

"I'm good. You eat it."


As she munched on the sugar-covered dried fruit, Ortansia glanced at her brother in front of her. He was looking out the window with his usual unreadable expression.

As expected, he had initially refused to return to the territory. He set himself on the road to becoming a workaholic.

But then, their father's scheme was activated

He said, "Actually, I would like Ortansia to see my Territory. But I cannot leave Royal Capital for work, and I am worried about leaving my lovely daughter in someone else's hands. I don't know, Gerard. Would you be willing to show your lovely sister around our territory?"

To Ortansia he said, "I leave Gerard in your charge" and to Gerard he said, "I leave Ortansia in your charge."

It was their father's  ploy for Gerard, who would not listen to him even if he honestly told him to take a leave of absence.

Ortansia was worried that Gérard might refuse, but surprisingly, Gérard immediately accepted his father's proposal.

'Father knows brother's character very well.'

Ortansia, who had guessed her father's intention, switched her mind to "unreliable sister mode, excited and thrilled to visit the territory for the first time," and talked to Gérard excitedly

"I'm sorry that Lucien couldn't come with us, He looked like he really wanted to come with us."

"Leave him alone. I've given him enough work to keep him occupied."


Lucien, now Gérard's servant, heard that Ortansia and Gérard were visiting the estate and naturally wanted to come along. However, Gérard left Lucien behind and even gave him a mountain of work to do. The company of the siblings on their excursion was really limited to the bare minimum of servants.

"There is a lot of nature in the Duchy of Verite, I'm looking forward to it!"

Holding Tyrol, who was curled up at her feet, Ortansia thought about the scenery she had yet to see.

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"Tyrol can run around as much as he likes. That's good."

She stroked the area under his chin, and Tyrol let out a pleasant sound.

It's fine to run around. But don't try to leave the house without permission, or you'll get lost.

"Woah! I'll be careful."

'Getting lost is amazing…'

She wondered what kind of place it was.

For Ortansia, who was born in a small town, this was a world she could not even imagine.

A few days later, Ortansia and her brother arrived safely at the Duchy of Verite.

The Duchy of Verite was located in the northern part of the kingdom, in a mountainous region that felt somewhat chillier than the royal capital.

After passing through a town lined with wooden buildings and crossing a stone bridge, they arrived at a large tall gate.

Beyond the gate, however, a forest spread out, and there was still no sign of the Mansion.

The carriage continued on its way through the winding paths in the woods.

'It's pretty advanced, but is this all the Duke's property? Amazing'

After a while of passing through the woods, the view opened up, and a solid stone castle building appeared in front of them.

"Amazing ......!"

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The mansions in the Royal Capital have a rather glamorous image, but this one had an atmosphere of simplicity and sturdiness. The beautifully faded exterior walls, with its many spires soaring majestically, evoke a long history.

Overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the place, Ortansia took Gerard's hand and stepped out of the carriage.

In front of the Mansion, an array of servants were waiting for them.

"Welcome, Gerard-sama, Ortansia-sama. I am glad you have arrived safely."

Ortansia was relieved to hear the elderly family courtier smile kindly at her.

However, behind her back, she could feel the curious and reproachful glances of the rest.

'Ugh, I'm not welcome after all, am I?'

Unintentionally looking down, Gerard gently touched Ortansia's shoulder, then spoke clearly in a voice that was as cold as ice.

“I think everyone already knows, but Ortansia is my younger sister who has officially become a member of the Duke of Velite, she will be the highest ranking woman in the current Duke of Verite family. 

In the unlikely event that anyone is found guilty of misconduct, the person shall never again step on the soil of the ducal estate. Be prepared if you treat Ortansia coldly."

Gérard's words were so plainly spoken that the servants straightened their backs and bowed their heads nervously.

"Let's go."

"Ha, yes!"

Ortansia hurriedly chased behind Gerard, who started walking as if he was no longer interested.

"Thank you brother."

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"It's only natural to respect people from the main family. I haven't been back here for a while, so this will be a good opportunity to discipline the servants."

Ortansia could not help but relax her body in happiness at her brother's words of concern that were framed in such a way.

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