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'Wow, what a view!'

The road in front of the castle pavilion led to the town, while behind it were the majestic mountains. Looking at the towering mountains from the balcony, Ortansia let out a sigh of admiration.

"The air feels cleaner, too."

Pamela, who accompanied them, also seemed to be impressed by the magnificent nature.

"Well, miss. Gérard-sama is going to show us around the capital right away, so let's get changed!"


Ortansia wanted to relax a little more, but her brother, who hates laziness, said he would take her out of town as soon as they arrived.

'Father told Oniisama to show me around, and my brother will try to fulfil that role. Okay, I also have to guide Oniisama towards relaxing!'

That brother of her's, even here, if she's not careful, he's bound to try to get the job done quickly.

'I'm going to activate my innocent mode that makes my brother give in to my wishes!'

"Okay, Pamela. I hope they make you look very pretty!"

Pamela's eyes lit up and she nodded repeatedly to Ortansia, who smiled at her with an adorable smile.

"Thank you for waiting, brother!"

Ortánsia ran to her brother, who was waiting for her in the entrance hall, and smiled with the utmost childlike smile.

"This is a custom-made dress from Lorelei, who was invited to the mansion by brother before! What do you think?"

When Ortansia asked with a smile, Gérard asked back without changing his expression.

"What do you mean?"

"Eh it looks... good on me, or it's cute or…"

When he responded in such a serious manner, Ortansia felt embarrassed to have been so enthusiastic in showing off her dress. Come to think of it, Gerard had given Ortansia a large number of dresses, but he had never praised any of her outfits in particular. 

'My brother is brilliant, but he lacks this kind of thing…'

At least if one is a nobleman from a good family, wouldn't he receive lessons like "when a woman appears dressed up, give her a compliment, anyway"?

'No, in Brother's case, there's probably a lot of women who would come up to him even if he didn't particularly care about them like that, and he would rather be cold towards them'

"You sound like a restless little animal."

"Oh, thank you...?"

She wasn't sure if it was a compliment, a rebuke... or even an impression of the outfit, but she thanked him anyway.

'But now I know for sure. Definitely Brother is the type of person who doesn't care what anyone wears!'

He probably doesn't care about the beauty or ugliness of his own or other people's appearance.

'So, so beautiful…'

Looking up at Gerard again, Ortansia admired his well-rounded good looks.

Glossy silvery hair, as if it had been spuned from the moonlight, and cool blue ice-coloured eyes reminiscent of the beautiful frozen ground. His overly well-groomed face looked artificial, and combined with his lack of expression, he looked like an elaborately made doll.

Perhaps it was because his own appearance is so good that he looks at the surroundings equally as nothing but potatoes.

'Hmm, that's fine. I'm going to play with  Brother like a restless little animal!'

"Let's go, big brother!"

◇               ◇        ◇

Luget, the capital of the Verite Territory.

The most popular town in the northern part of the kingdom was also full of people today.

"Wow, there are so many shops! This is amazing, Oniisama!"

Ortansia's eyes lit up at the rows of shops, while Gerard starred in the same direction as Ortansia and mumbled something to himself.

"... Should we conduct an unannounced on-site inspection?"

'Uhn, no no! I promised Father I will make brother take a rest'

She quickly grabbed Gerard's hand as he was about to start his work, and quickly glanced around her. Just in time, she saw a small boat moving along the canal that runs through the city.

Determined, Ortansia deliberately shouted.

"Ahhh! A boat! Brother, I want to get on that one!"

"All right, go with your maid."

"No, I want to ride with Oniisama!"

Clinging to her brother's arm, Ortansia repeated like a spoiled child, "no, no, no".

'Ugh, how embarrassing... Passers-by are looking at me and laughing.'

She was so embarrassed that she wanted to run away, but if she gave up here, all her hard work would be lost.

Determined to continue, Ortansia's eyes welled up and she looked up at him.

"You don't want to ride with me brother, have you started to hate Sia?"

Incidentally, this technique was taught to her by her drunken mother a long time ago.

She thought she would never have the opportunity to use it for the rest of her life, but Ortancia was thankful to her mother for being useful in unexpected circumstances.

Gerard was still looking down at Ortansia with cold eyes.

When she began to panic, thinking that she had indeed overdone it…

" I get it. Don't get too excited and fall off the boat."

What came down from above was an unexpected word of approval.

"Yay, I love you brother!"

When she hugged him in excitement, Gerard's eyes widened in surprise for a moment.

"Let's go"

Ortansia hurriedly chased after her brother, who turned his back.


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