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"Oh, I have not introduced you. He's a new servant in our household."

The servant in question curtsied gracefully at her father's words.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Ortansia. My name is Lucian, and I am the newest member of the Duke's household."

When he bowed, his hair, which was tied at the back of his neck, slid down his shoulders.

He had shiny black hair and a well-defined face that was unintentionally striking. He had a pair of elegant gold-coloured glasses and indigo-coloured, intelligent eyes that flickered from behind them.

'Wow, he looks like a magical man!'

That was the first impression Ortansia had of him. 

The maids waiting in the corner of the room were also pouring their somewhat enthusiastic gazes on him.

'I hope he doesn't get into trouble…'

Suppressing such worries in her heart, Ortansia smiled at him.

"Nice to meet you, Lucian."

"Lucien was mainly supposed to be Gerard's assistant, but if you have any trouble, you can rely on him."

As if in response to her father's words, Lucien gave Ortansia a sweet smile.

"If you need anything at all, my lady."

"Umm, Okay... thank you."

"Whenever you wish, my dear lady, I will be at your service." Read only on 

Ortansia was astonished at Lucian, who had such a mischievous expression.

'This is definitely a guy who says the same thing to every girl he meets!'

In an instant, Lucian was at the top of Ortansia's 'untrustworthy' list.

Ortansia smiled in disgust, but Lucian continued.

'But then again, Miss Ortansia is a lovely young lady who is truly a treasure of the Verite family. In a few years, I'm sure many lords will be courting her."

"Hold off, Lucian."

Lucien's flattery, which seemed to go on forever, was cut short by Gérard's cold air.

He stared at Lucien with his usual cold eyes. But Lucien was not intimidated, and curtsied in a playful manner.

"Oops, I beg your pardon. It seems that the Sister-con Gérard-sama is displeased at the mention of the young lady's marriage."

'I'm surprised my brother didn't kill this man.'

Lucien's pace was so fast that Ortansia was not sure whether to be amazed or impressed. Ortansia looked up at Gerard, who was wearing a grim aura, and took a quick bite of her meal. Read only on 

'Huh, delicious as ever... As expected of one of the powerful Dukes in the country'

At that time, Ortansia suddenly remembered something terrible.

'Come to think of it, just before I fell from Victor's place, I heard the word "prince"...'

The moment she realised this, Ortansia turned completely pale.

'That's right, why didn't I realise it!'

She had even been to the royal castle once as a potential fiancée, but to her surprise, Ortansia had completely forgotten the name of her country's dauphin! Perhaps it was because the calm "Dauphin Viktor" of her youth, whom she met in her first life, and the mischievous childlike "Viktor" were so far apart.

But the more she thought about it, the more she realized that the name, the external features… everything matched.

TL: Dauphin means Crown Prince but you can also Google search the word

In this context, it means Crown Prince and I will be using the words Dauphin and Crown Prince interchangeably, so please take note.

'Then, that Viktor I met... Could it be when Crown Prince Victor was still a child?!'

She choked unexpectedly , and her father called out to her with concern, Ortansia shook her head shakily to mean  "It's all right". Read only on 

'No, that's ridiculous... Why did I go  to the royal castle of all places!'

It was not that she had anything against Viktor himself, but it was his queen-selection ceremony that originally led to Ortansia's execution.

Speaking of Ortansia, she is definitely not someone you want to get close to in the top class.

'Okay, I'll never go near him again…'

Those around her twisted their heads in wonder as Ortansia made a hundred different expressions with a spoon in her hand.

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