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I carefully examined the expressions of the five, including Oh Se-hyun.

Oh Se-hyun looked puzzled.

He didn't know much about America. He must have lived in Korea for too long.

The responses of the three men varied. From the guy who shook his head, to the guy who started thinking, to the one who looked surprised.

It was the woman who responded most immediately.

“How… how do you know about…"

She stammered while looking at me, and turned to Oh Se-hyun. I realized later that she thought she spoke English to a child who didn't even understand it.

Oh Se-hyun, who already knew the question she was asking, enquired urgently.

"Dojun, how did you know about Dell's computer?”

How do I know? Because I've used it.

Of course, my answer was totally different from my thoughts.

"Didn't I tell you? The guy who made $2,000 selling stamps at the age of 12 and made a fortune in newspaper subscriptions in high school. That's Michael Dell."


Oh Se-hyun flicked his finger as if he remembered the conversation he had with me.

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Michael Dell, born in 1965, was a man who showed that even making money was an innate talent.

His friend's father was a philatelist, and he discovered that stamp trade was done through auctions, and the commissions of the auction brokers were high.

Since then, Dell had been visiting philatelists to make a list of stamps they wanted to buy and even put up ads in magazines using the money he earned from serving at Chinese restaurants.

He became a postage stamp dealer by removing the foam of auction fees and directly connecting sellers and buyers at the age of only twelve.

When he was in high school, he delivered newspapers, but when he found out that each subscriber received an incentive, he went out to look for subscribers.

In general, if you subscribe to a newspaper, you will continue to read the same newspaper without changing it. However, when you change, you have to apply for that newspaper subscription again.

Dell noted this phenomenon.

He traveled to a court in Houston, Texas, where he obtained a list of recently married people and focused on them.

Dell received a whopping $18,000 in incentives that year.

It was more than a highschool teacher's salary, and Dell bought a BMW car with this money.

Simplified distribution process, intensive marketing.

This was consistent with the way Dell computers would operate in the future.

This fact was, of course, unknown now. Michael Dell would be known after he was rejected.

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"So you're going to spend a lot of money on him with just information about childhood?”

"I already made money at my age. There's no grandfather as rich as mine. Wouldn't a man like that make a fortune, of course?”

Oh Se-hyun, who was staring at me for a moment, said to the employees,

"Get all the information about Michael Dell's Dell Computers. Right now."

They were all professional.

When Oh Se-hyun ordered, he quickly sat in front of IBM PCAT and plugged in a 2 mega floppy disk.

If I decide, he follows, without any complaints or doubts.

I felt proud again.

It was this same I, who ended up living only as a salaryman in my past life.

Now there were as many as four soldiers who got paid by me, regardless of race and skin color.

Soon, they forgot about me and focused only on finding the data.

It was impossible to enjoy watching them or sit still for a while.

I went into the pantry on one side of the office and made coffee beans. The aroma of coffee permeated the office.

I took five cups of coffee on a tray and put it down on their desks.

“Oh, Thanks."

They patted my head and said, "That's cute of you."

They still don't realize that I'm a major shareholder and the owner of this company. Well, you'll know enough in a few years.

* * *

When I returned to the hotel, my mother and brother were nowhere to be seen. With the guide, I think they went downtown.

Feeling a little tired, I was going to lie down on the bed, but Oh Se-hyun threw a pile of documents on the bed first.

He seemed to be reviewing it one more time until the end even after sufficient discussions in the office.

I was shy. I was still a long way off.

"Uncle, are you still not sure? The people who worked earlier were all positive...”

"How do you know that? Do you understand English?"

Oh, my.

"Oh, no. It's just that the expression... Everyone was laughing…”

"Well, I've never been very sure in my life. I'm always suspicious.”

He spoke without taking his eyes off the papers.

"I'm always suspicious." It was unexpected.

"There is no 100% certainty whether it's business, project or investment. Don't trust anyone who says things like that. He's irresponsible. Work to minimize doubt and anxiety. That's the job."

Dude, I'm sure you're telling me to listen... Have you changed your mind? Does that mean you won't treat me like a child anymore?

Anyway, I found out while dealing with the first class.

I didn't learn anything.

All I know is what I learned through experience and hard work.

Content at a higher level was shared in their own world and not externally.

I just ran forward to do what they told me to do. Not knowing the real reason and purpose of what I was told to do meant that I had learned nothing. 

"Think of the scale. Put good and bad results on the scale and measure the difference. I only start when good results are nine times heavier than bad results. You set your own standards. How many times should I do it?"

That meant a 90% chance of success. It was quite high.

It was a natural attitude as an asset manager who invested with customer's money, and not his own money.

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How should I set my standards?

Oh Se-hyun began to organize the documents while he was in this dilemma.

"Dojun, stay here with your mother for a while.”

"Where are you going?"

"I think I should go to Texas."

"Are you going to meet him in person?”

"I should. The performance is good, but the scale is small. Even if you try to throw a money bomb, this company will not be able to handle it.”

I tried to throw all $15 million, but it was impossible.

Last year, Dell Computer already received $30 million in investment. Of course, these details were not something I remember

This was what I heard when people discussed data at work.

By any chance, were we a step late?

Should we turn to Microsoft's stock, which only rose 50 times higher?

When this thought crossed my mind, I hit my head.

I couldn't believe I was still so weak!

I was ashamed enough to shudder at the weakness of not even trying, just finding another path as soon as the possibility went away.

"I'll go, too.”


"It's someone I like… I want to meet him in person.”

"Hmm… let's do that. When I buy a 1,000 won snack, I buy it after seeing it myself. After seeing him in person, I wonder what you'll think."

Oh booked a ticket to Texas and a hotel at once, then contacted the company to arrange a meeting with Dell Computers.

"Uncle, did you make an appointment? Already?"

Obviously, nothing was confirmed on the phone. But Oh Se-hyun was already packing his things.

"I can't give up just because they refuse. If you don't meet me, I'll have to go into the company. There's nothing to lose, right?”

At times like this, he looked like a typical Korean bulldozer.

After all, he had to change considering the time, place, and situation.

Humans could have an infinite number of appearances.


The home of the Dallas Cowboys, the symbol of American football and the number 1 most valuable sports club in the world by Forbes magazine.

A land 25 percent wider than French territory.

It was Texas.

We arrived at Bergstrom International Airport in Austin, Texas, and found a rental car office.

Oh Se-hyun called the company from the rental car office to confirm the meeting appointment and got into the car without saying anything.

I thought I would go to the headquarters or hotel of Dell Computers, but the car veered in a different direction.

"Uncle, where are you going now?”

"Mt. Bonnell."


"If you look down from Covert Park, the summit here, you can see all of Austin at a glance. Looking down at Lake Austin, the  scenery is breathtaking. You can't miss it. Especially today, the weather is good, so I'm lucky."

The weather in Texas is famous for its capriciousness. On some days, the hot sun shines all day, but it rains again in a few days, and clears up several times in a day.

"Have you been there?"

"No, just now at the airport. It was listed in the tourist brochure"

It was unclear whether he was a shrewd person who actively utilized his spare time or he was trying to calm down due to the reckoned failure of his meeting appointment.

I, too, sat back on the seat and began to enjoy the scenery of Austin.

I wasn't worried if I would be able to meet him or not.

I trusted Oh Se-hyun. I was sure we would meet.

If the meeting failed, I would stay here in Texas and ask Oh Se-hyun and Miracle Investment staff to make sure the meeting is held.

Now I was not a servant, I was a master. We needed to switch from the farmhand's thinking to the owner's thinking.

But I also knew what I had to do. In order to be a confident owner, the body must also be strong.

"Heh, heh… Sa, uncle. How many stairs are there?”

"Well, it's my first time, too… Huck! Huck!"

Starting with the parking lot halfway up the mountain, the two of us were exhausted as we climbed and climbed the endless steep limestone stairs.

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It wasn't so bad because I could get rid of my nervousness for a while.

* * *

The two of us, exhausted, unpacked at Hyatt Regency and lay down on the bed, waiting for the phone call.



"The chances of investing in Dell Computers are low."

"Because you've already received 30 million dollars in investment?"

Investment was for the cold and hungry. Investing in a person who was already warm and full was no different from forcing him another bowl of porridge.

"As expected, you understand well. If it was last year, the guy named Dell would have waited for us nervously around this time.  investment is all about finding the right time. A time to enter, a time to exit."

"We're late now.”

"That's right."

Oh Se-hyun's expression as he lay on his arm pillow was very stiff.

Just then, the telephone rang.

Oh Se-hyun jumped up and picked up the receiver.

Judging by his words — Yes, U-hum, Good, All Right — it seemed the appointment was made.


Oh Se-hyun was reconfirming, his eyes suddenly getting bigger.

What? Is it on?

Oh Se-hyun shrugged after putting down the phone.

"Never mind. I'll meet you."

I clapped my hands without realizing it.

"By the way… this, haha."


"I can't make time for it, but they want to talk over lunch tomorrow"

"That's great."

"It is... I'm eating a hamburger. They want it to be at Wendy's"

Oh Se-hyun tilted his head as he looked at me. I had a dumbfounded look on my face.

"Why? Don't you like hamburgers?”

There were also old kids like me who didn't like hamburgers. But, I couldn't erase my blank expression because business meetings were always framed at a decent restaurant.

[T/N: He was surprised because the meeting was planned in a casual restaurant.]

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