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 Once again, Ortansia herself shut up in the mansion, preparing to go to the duke's Territory. It was decided that Ortansia would leave the mansion at about the same time that her brother would be going to boarding school.

'Now that I think about it, I wonder if I will only be able to be with Oniisama like this for a little while…'

Ortansia, feeling a little sad, glanced sideways at Gerard, who was accompanying her on her walk.

'Hey, hold me more gently! What if my guts come out!'

"... It's a feisty cat. He could use a little more discipline."

Tyrol struggled to scratch Gerard with his short front legs, and Gerard held Tyrol in a way that made one fear that he might crush him.

Seeing such a beautiful scene between one person and one animal, Ortansia was very happy. Ortansia's expression relaxed at the sight.

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"Heh, I'll teach Tyrol well. So, have you finished getting ready to go to the academy yet, Brother?"

"Oh, I finished it a long time ago."

'As expected…'

 As for Ortansia, who was still busy packing with Pamela, she was so impressed.

.... He always was. He was so perfect, he didn't need anyone else's help.

Suddenly driven by this thought, Ortansia opened her mouth.

"Um, ...... brother. When you go to the academy, can I write to you ......?"

Gerard did not stop. He did not even turn to look at Ortansia. But he certainly answered Ortansia's question.

"No problem."

"Thank you Oniisama!"

Ortansia was so happy that she thanked him over and over again.

'If I send him many letters, I'm sure Oniisama will remember me too.'

She didn't want to necessarily get a reply from him, she just wants Gerard to see the letters and remember her existence, even for a little while.

"I'll write lots of letters!"

"... ah."

Gerard's reply was curt as usual, but Ortansia's heart was warm and fuzzy.

 The days passed in a hurry, and the day of Gerard's departure came in the blink of an eye.

"Oniisama, take care of yourself."

The emotional Ortansia was crying early on, but Gerard was looking as cool as ever.

"Look, Ortansia. It's Gérard's departure, let's see him off with a smile on our face."

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"Yes, Father."

Ortansia  frantically raised her face while sniffing her nose.

"Oniisama...! Please... stay healthy!"

"... ah."

"Please don't let your body get cold when you sleep!"

"... understood."

"Please brush your teeth properly after eating something sweet!"

"... Got it."

While teaching Gerard about the basics of life that her late mother used to tell her, the Duke smiled and picked Ortansia up in his arms.

"Ha, Ortansia is a solid girl. Gerard, please don't let your sweet sister be sad."

Gerard gave a small nod, then stepped closer and looked straight at Ortansia.

"You too."

"Yes, yes."

Gerard nodded and then took a step back and looked straight at Ortansia. The Duke of Verite can easily cover it up, so don't worry about it.

'What kind of advice?'

While she was shaking with fear and trembling at the oblique and terrifying advice, it was finally time for him to leave.

 Gérard got into the carriage and the door was slowly closed.

"Have a nice day, Oniisama...! Please, take care of yourself!"

The carriage slowly started to move away, and Ortansia shouted at the carriage as it moved away from her.

Eventually, the carriage disappeared out of sight. The loneliness of not being able to see Gerard for a while filled Ortansia with tears once again.

"You did a good job Ortansia, Gérard will be fine. Now, let's write a letter to that child. If it's early, It may arrive at the academy before Gerard arrives.

Ortansia nodded as her father patted her on the back. There were still many things she had forgotten to tell Gerard.

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'I have to tell my brother that washing with salt water is good for a stuffy nose, or that cabbage compresses are good for a fever!'

Seeing Ortansia burning with a sense of mission, her father let out a smile.

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