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"Dear Brother,

     How are you doing these days?

It's almost time for the new term at the academy to start, so I wonder if you are busy preparing for it. 

     As for me, I have just arrived at the Duke's Territory's Castle just a few minutes ago. Everyone welcomed me kindly and I am glad to have come here.

     I am now writing this letter while taking a relaxing break in the greenhouse. Tyrol is running around my feet energetically.

 Oh, I looked out the window and saw that it is snowing here.

Isn't it cold where you are, brother? 

Please, don't let your body get cold."


 After writing the letter to some extent, Ortansia took a deep breath.

 As she wrote in her letter to Gerard, Ortansia had secretly come to the Duke of Verité's territory. She would probably be staying for a few years.

It was not that she would not feel lonely, being away from her father and brother. But more than that, Ortansia was relieved.

'Now I won't have to deal with Prince Viktor for a while.'

Not only Viktor, but here, far from the royal capital, she can get away from the social world itself.

Looking at the leisurely outside scenery, Ortancia tightened her mind to loosen up.

'No, it's not good to just sit around. I have to do my best!'

Ortansia had been thinking about the best way to avoid the fate of being executed.

She didn't know if the current situation was the best, but at least it was better than the first time in her life.

'I was able to get along with my brother, who I couldn't even meet face to face, and my father has told me I'm his daughter. And Tyrol is by my side.'

When she smiled at Tyrol, who was running around at my feet, he tilted his head curiously.

But that doesn't mean she couldn't be on her guard.

'Now that Prince Viktor knows of my existence, the possibility of my name being mentioned as a candidate for queen may have increased.'

From now on, she will have to be wise enough to refuse as many offers for the queen as possible, and if she do become a candidate for the queen, she will be able to get around them.

'And I, as a duchess, want to be useful to my brother and father.'

Compared to her first life, Ortansia's horizons had broadened considerably.

She was able to come to the Duke of Verité's territory like this. That was why she had gradually come to understand how important her father and brother were and how much of a burden they carry.

As a member of the duke's family, she wanted to become a person who can be useful to them.


'If that's the case, I'll have to do my best in various ways!'

'I don't know what it is, but go for it! Sia!'

The Duke said he would arrange for Ortansia to get an education at the territory as well.

'Don't worry, it will work out.'

With a certain hope in her heart, Ortansia turned again to continue the letter to Gerard.

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