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"Half? What about the rest?"

"I'll let you know when I have to use it. My grandfather will probably tell me."

"Aha, I see. There is still unrevealed information. Ha ha."

Oh Sehyun was thinking wide now, but he quickly hid his true expression in a delightful laugh.

Investment using Sunyang Group's internal information. A salty money-making strategy to acquire a lot of money in a short time. The greater the seed money, the greater the saltiness.

With sparkling eyes, Oh Se-hyun let out a prolonged exhale when he left.

It was hard to put up with this and keep waiting around.

I had no intention of making money from Chairman Jin's information.

One should be extremely careful to touch a pure sheep before becoming an adult. It was a stupid thing and it brought unnecessary vigilance.

Also, I wasn't a stockman and I hadn't seen Wall Street. Article scraps in the newspaper were the only knowledge I had about the future.

I didn't remember when and which company was a good investment destination, but there was another surest investment destination to create an undefeated myth over the next 30 years.

It was a movie.

I knew most of Hollywood's numerous films that had made huge profits.

There were Love and Soul, Scissors Hands, Home Alone, and Total Recall, which would occupy the box office next year. Although participation in the production was already late, things would be easy using father's film company.

A film investment firm that never failed.

For this alone, I would be called the Midas's hand in Hollywood.


"Thank you for your time. Director Lee."

"No. I wanted to see you, too.”

Lee Hak-jae rushed out without any delay at Oh Se-hyun's call to meet him. There was a lot he wanted to ask.

"Dojun is handling his property, and I think I should let you know about this."

"Property? Power Shares took over Dojun's property, so what are you talking about?”

"What I'm talking about is not money, but land."

"The land? The land in Bundang?"

"Yes, he wants to dispose of it."

"Why? There's no need to hurry.”

Lee Hak-jae's eyebrows wriggled. Oh Se-hyun had enough sense to know what this expression meant.

"Don't get me wrong. I didn't instigate him, he took this decision by himself. I also tried to stop him since the land price is still rising, but his decision is unbudging."

"You just follow what he says? You're not a proper fund manager. Shouldn't we lead in the right direction?"

"Manager Lee,"

Oh Se-hyun said, staring into Lee Hak-jae's eyes, which still held no doubt.

"The final decision is, of course, made by Do-jun. We just have an opinion."

"Hey! Dojun is barely…”

"He's only 12 years old. Do you really think so?"


"Wouldn't it be a bit unreasonable for a 12-year-old child? Aren't most adults smart enough to eat wraps?"

Oh Se-hyun waved his hand a little while looking at Lee Hak-jae's frown.

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"Well, I didn't come out to talk about this. If you want Dojun to change his mind, do it yourself. If Dojun decides to change his decision, of course, he will not dispose of the land."

"What do you want to say?"

"I'm going to see if Sunyang Group is willing to buy the land. What do you think?"


"In fact, isn't it a land that will attack like a swarm of bees if open to the vendors? However, since it was a gift from his grandfather, it is better to return it to Sunyang Group even if it is a little cheaper."

"Is that also Dojun's idea?"

"No, this is my idea. I don't think Chairman Jin should feel sorry for Dojun after selling it to the wrong place."

"Let's hold the matter for a while. I'll discuss it with the chairman and let you know."

Lee Hak-jae put down his teacup and asked the question he had been holding back.

"By the way, why did you go to Texas?"

"Oh, how did you know that? You're amazing."

"Why did you go? Did you buy some shares?”

"As I've already said, the information is confidential. I've invested in a few companies and all I can tell you is that it's a very good investment."

"Oh, my, useless stubbornness…”

Lee Hak-jae frowned.

"Hey, Mr. Oh. You're doing this to raise the ransom?”

"What? What do you mean?"

"Isn't the ulterior motive to hold Do-joon, who is receiving special attention from the chairman, like a hostage and then use him to sneak into our Soonyang Group when you get a chance someday?"

Oh Se-hyun, who was at a loss for words for a moment, looked blank.

"Foreign investment companies are often kicked out at one mistake, so I just think that I will hold onto Dojun tightly to have a strong insurance policy. Don't you think so?"

"Well, that's how you think. I see. That's how Sunyang Group looks at people. If you give a ransom to those who ransom you, you become a dog of the sergeant."

"You're mistaken. That's wrong."

"Should I? I think that's right."

"It's our honour that we live for twice the ransom offered. I'll give you three times as much. How much? Your price...?”

"Twenty billion."

The number that came out without hesitation, was 20 billion.

Lee Hak-jae swallowed the words that were about to burst with extreme patience.

The words he swallowed were a mad foal.

If you claimed 200 apartments in Korea as your ransom, it was only natural to be called a madman.

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"It's absurd, but let's hear the evidence. You're a money tinker, so you would have calculated the ransom accurately.”

"I'm betraying the person who left me 10 billion won, but wouldn't it be worth betraying if I get twice as much?"

Lee Hak-jae let out a short sigh.

Just with a meeting, he was treated as an abhorrent person who converted people into money, let alone pays.

"This, I didn't come out to fight… I get strangely angry when I talk to you."

"Don't you know why?"

Lee Hak-jae shrugged his shoulders without answering.

"Because I'm not compliant before Lee Hak-jae, director of Sunyang Group."

Lee Hak-jae, who had only blinked for a moment, let out a cool laugh.

"Haha. This is embarrassing. Yeah, I think that's it.”

Lee Hak-jae lifted the teacup, emptied it clean, and got up from his seat.

"All right. Take care of Dojun just like now. Keep your loyalty. Maybe your ransom of 20 billion won could jump dozens of times."

As Oh Se-hyun's eyes sparkled, Lee Hak-jae smiled.

"You're a quick-witted person, so I'm sure you know what I mean. Let's have a drink of soju next time."

Oh Se-hyun, who was left alone, revealed a calm smile as he watched Lee Hak-jae's back getting farther.

"We'll see if that smile would be present even when the balance in my bank account is hundreds of times your ransom."


"Father! Are you sending a child who is just graduating to Germany?”

"Grandpa, I still want to study a little more."

Since the beginning of the new year in 1990, Chairman Jin's eldest grandson had broken into a cold sweat.

"Are you going to study something you haven't done before? My eldest son, you know how to make this grandpa laugh, huh?"

Jin Young-joon, whose face turned red in an instant, closed his mouth and bowed his head.

"Father, Youngjun has grown up now. Taking business management class steadily…”

Vice Chairman Jin Young-ki tried to make excuses for his son, but he closed his mouth at Chairman Jin's sharp eyes staring at him.

"Management class? Is there any better class than this? The whole of Europe will be shaken up. When you make an urgent decision amid that change, you open your eyes automatically. Don't you think so?"

When Chairman Jin looked around the group's key figures sitting in the study and asked for consent, they naturally nodded.

"I'm ready, so I'm leaving next week. I'll go now."

When Jin Young-joon tried to leave the library with a bitter look on his face, Chairman Jin sent a warning after him.

"I've been stuck in my house for a week. If you make an accident while wandering around with girls, the African branch, not Germany, will be your home."

Jin Young-joon turned blue, bowed his head, and went out.

Chairman Jin turned his eyes again toward the group's personnel.

"It's a new year, but if only I could turn back the hand of the clock, I would have done that. I'm sad that 89 years are over… What about you guys?"

Chairman Jin looked around the audience and stopped at someone's face. The rest of the people were relieved when they found out that they were not the target, but Cho Dae-ho, president of Sunyang Motors, who caught Chairman Jin's eye, was thrilled.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Mr. Chairman."

He stood up and bowed his head, but Chairman Jin waved his hand.

"Sit down. You're not guilty of murder.”

When President Cho Dae-ho sat back on the chair, Chairman Jin continued with his hands clasped.

"If I have the name of a Soonyang affiliate, I can only fall asleep if I'm first place no matter what. By the way, Cho Dae-ho..."

"Yes, sir."

"What did I say when I started Sunyang Motor Company? Let's just get second place. Do you remember?"

"Of course, Mr. Chairman."

"What was our ranking last year?"

When President Cho Dae-ho hesitated and could not answer, Chairman Jin banged the long table.

"Are you suddenly imitating a mute? Aren't you going to say it?!"

"Four, all four."

President Cho jumped up again and took a standing position.

"Are you sleeping? Can you imagine a hopeful future now that it's the new year?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Chairman."

Cho couldn't move with his back bent.

Jin turned to Lee Hak-jae, who was sitting closest to him.

"Director Lee."

"Yes, Mr. Chairman."

"Which affiliate has the smallest number of employees?"

President Cho Dae-ho's body trembled at this remark.

This was the moment when his fate changed.

"It's a pure packaging factory.

"Packaging? When did you make that?"

"Oh, it's a subsidiary of Sunyang Products. Originally, it was outsourced, but the volume increased a little, so we absorbed it."

"Absorption? Then isn't the current president from Sunyang?"


"Then I'll cut him… How many employees are there?"

"There are six hundred people."

600 employees, Pyeongtaek.

These words passed through President Cho Dae-ho's head. It sounded good to be called the president, but he was less powerful than the general manager of Sunyang Motor Company.

As the president of a packaging factory, he had to work with the person in charge of Sunyang Products.

It was no different from writing a resignation letter.

"Cho Daeho."

"Yes, sir."

"You're going to work at the packaging factory from tomorrow. Experience that and reflect on yourself."

The word "reflect" sounded like the gospel. 

Is he trying to give me a chance to make a comeback? Or is it a false hope?

Chairman Jin shouted with a cruel look on his face as President Cho tried to sit back on the chair.

"What? Why are you sitting down? How dare the head of a packaging factory...?”

President Cho Dae-ho hurriedly left the study in a cold sweat. Being kicked out of the study meant that the possibility of returning was zero.

"Vice president."

"Yes, Mr. Chairman."

Jin Young-ki was surprised by his father's call. I didn't expect this spark to fly on me!

"Take care of the cars. I give you two years until next year. Make it second place in two years. The numbers are just right.”

"Sir, Chairman. I already oversee several affiliates, so I can't afford it… Please reconsider."

"Oh, yes. Our vice chairman is in charge of various affiliates, so he is busy.”

The way he spoke was unusual. Jin Young-ki was a useless rebellion, but regret poured in.

"How many are you managing?"

"There are nineteen."

"Really? Then let's do this."

The heads of affiliates gathered in the study did not dare to look at Chairman Jin's face, but their ears were wide open.

What if the vice chairman reduces the number of subsidiaries managed by him?

What if their companies were included in that?

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There would be many opportunities to skip the vice chairman and meet Chairman Jin alone immediately. This was another opportunity. An opportunity to solidify one's position.

However, they gave up their expectations after hearing Chairman Jin's words. It didn't give anyone another chance and only embarrassed the vice chairman.

"Do you want to take care of 20? Or do you want to take care of one thing?"

Of course, there was no one who didn't know that the "one" being referred to was the car company.

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