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"Ah, dear, do you know? Shen Jingxiu smiled at me. Who said he was an arrogant iceberg? I think the rumors are wrong! Hurry up and come over, I'm doing my makeup in the bathroom, come and give me some advice!"

During the middle of the meal, Wen Yan went to the bathroom and as soon as she closed the stall door, she heard this sentence.

The Iceberg, Shen Jingxiu, could it be the same Shen Jingxiu she knew? What a coincidence that he is also in this restaurant?

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And he is on a date with a woman? But in Wen Yan's memory, there didn't seem to be any women by Shen Jingxiu's side, otherwise, the original owner and Qiao Kexin wouldn't put their schemes on him.

This is getting interesting.

Driven by her gossiping curiosity, Wen Yan immediately pricked up her ears.

Soon, another person joined the conversation outside.

They probably thought there was no one else in the restroom and began chatting without constraint.

The first woman's voice said, "Actually, I didn't expect him to agree to tonight's blind date at first, until I saw him in person just now. Dear, I'm afraid if we miss this chance, we won't have another opportunity. Do you have any ideas on how I can win him over tonight?"

"Tonight? Are you that anxious?"

"Oh, in this day and age, if you're attracted to someone, it's not strange to have a deeper conversation. Hurry up and help me think of a way, you always have the best ideas. Luckily, you're also here tonight."

"Alright, let me think... Ah! I'll pretend to accidentally spill red wine on his crotch while seemingly running into an acquaintance near him later. You know, that would be an awkward position, and he definitely wouldn't want to stay in the restaurant for long. Then, you can leave with him. It's late at night, you can say you didn't drive and ask him to give you a ride, then invite him up to your apartment to clean his pants or something. I don't need to explain what happens next, right?"

"You don't need to say that. But can you really aim well with the wine?"

"Don't underestimate me, I guarantee a direct hit!"

"Okay! I'll do as you said. Tonight, I must win him over. He is Shen's eldest son, after all!"

"Great, I'll go prepare first. You should go back to your seat."

"Yes, you go first, I'll touch up my lipstick."

After finishing their conversation, the two of them left the restroom one after the other.

When Wen Yan followed them, she saw the woman with long curly hair sitting at the table behind her.

No way? Wen Yan widened her eyes. So, the man sitting next to her was Shen Jingxiu? Could it be that he happened to hear the nonsense she had been talking about, that her allowance had been cut off by the Shen family?

This is practically creating rumors about oneself.

If he goes to complain to Shen's parents, will she really lose her allowance?

It's 200,000 yuan, who would want to lose that?

It seems like she needs to lend a hand to Shen Jingxiu.

A blind date partner who wanted to use dirty tricks to sleep with him was not a good partner. She didn't want that to happen.

Wen Yan quickly returned to her seat.

As soon as she sat down, Shen Jingxiu heard a sentence.

[But what if he is willing to be seduced by his blind date partner? If I interfere with her plan, won't that ruin his good fortune?]

Hearing her thoughts, Shen Jingxiu wondered. Does his blind date partner have a seduction plan? Did Wen Yan overhear something in the restroom?

He agreed to come out for this meal just to appease his mother's nagging.

Could it be that this lady that came with him had misunderstood him?

It seemed like he should clarify things more clearly.

"Miss Yao, thank you for taking the time to have this meal, but you and I both know, this is only arranged by our families. I have no intention for this, I hope you can understand. After it's over, you can tell your family that I didn't meet your criteria for a partner."

[Huh? So he was unwillingly dragged into this. That makes sense, he's already 27, on the verge of turning 30. Mrs. Su must be anxious for him to settle down.]

Shen Jingxiu: ........Is 27 really that old? What is she thinking all day?

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Miss Yao, who was sitting across from Shen Jingxiu, replied, "But Mr. Shen, I feel like we get along pretty well. Maybe we can give it a try."

"I don't want to waste your time, we have only exchanged three sentences since we met. It's not exactly getting along. I'm done eating, what about you?"

"Just wait! The dessert hasn't arrived yet. Since we're already here, can you accompany me to finish the dessert? This place is famous for its desserts. Maybe my mom will ask me how the desserts were when I get home. It's all about putting on a show."

‘Oh my god, Shen Jingxiu is so heartless, but Miss Yao also has some tricks up her sleeve. She was rejected so coldly, yet she still managed to say such words. I'm guessing she's just trying to buy time, her accomplice will come next. So should I help Shen Jingxiu or not? Let's flip a spoon, if the handle points at me, I'll help him.’

‘Oh well, forget it, I don't have time. Miss Yao's accomplice has already come over. Shen Jingxiu, Shen Jingxiu, you owe me a favor.’

When Wen Yan thought of this, a woman holding red wine was walking in their direction.

Before that woman could reach them, Wen Yan immediately stood up and walked over to Shen Jingxiu.

A smile covered her face. "Big brother, what a coincidence to run into you in this restaurant! Are you also here with friends?"

As she spoke, the woman holding red wine also arrived.

But because Wen Yan suddenly showed up, her plan had to be put on hold.

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Shen Jingxiu glanced at Wen Yan, smiling ambiguously. "Hmm, what a coincidence."

After a pause, he asked, "Have you been drinking?"

Actually, she hadn't because she would have to drive later.

But since Shen Jingxiu said so, there must be a reason.

So Wen Yan cooperatively nodded, and even her pair of watery eyes seemed slightly intoxicated.

"Well, I only had a few drinks, really not that much."

Shen Jingxiu chuckled. She really was quite a performer, he hadn't expected her to play the tipsy act so convincingly.

"It's late, it's not safe for you to be drunk. I'll take you home."

After saying that, Shen Jingxiu apologized to the woman with him. "I'm sorry, Miss Yao. I have to take my sister home."

The fact that Shen's family had two daughters was well-known in their social circle, but Miss Yao didn't know if the girl in front of her was the real Shen family heiress or the adopted one.

But no matter which one, she just hated that this woman showed up at the wrong time and she didn't have the position to make Shen Jingxiu stay.

Shen Jingxiu turned around and took Wen Yan's bag from her seat, leaving the restaurant with her while Qiao Ke Xin looked on in confusion.

Wen Yan quickly messaged Qiao Ke Xin.

"Wait for me, we'll leave together in a moment."

Shen Jingxiu glanced at her phone screen and spoke with an indifferent tone, "Shouldn't you cut ties with this kind of friend? I thought you had already handled it."

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