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"How about coffee? Isn't it nice?"

"Yes, that's awesome."

Sitting in a small café, Michael Dell seemed to have regained his composure, looking relaxed.

"Now, shall we continue what we were talking about? You don't want to exercise sovereignty, do you mean it?”

"Of course."


"Until I sell my shares again."

He showed a sensitive reaction to the word 'sell'.

"Then it means you're not interested in participating in management."

"It's fundamental to investors. When there is a satisfactory profit, you get out. Right?"

When I sent a signal looking at Oh Se-hyun, he immediately chimed in.

"Yes, that's our job."

Michael, who was thinking, looked at the two of us alternately with a sip of coffee in his mouth. Then he looked at me again and said,

"Then there must be more suggestions that you haven't said yet.”

"Do you mean the right to take over at the time of sale?"

Oh Se-hyun interrupted in a hurry. It was obvious that a more in-depth topic would come up, but he thought he couldn't leave it to me.

"Yes, James. If you want to make a profit on the stock price, you'll sell it all someday, but isn't it impossible to release those stocks to the market? If a huge stock is released, the stock price will fall."

I could not allow Oh Se-hyun to discuss these common-sense trade terms. I had to take the lead in the negotiations.

Uncle, I'm sorry!


"Mike, I'll give you the right to take over first. At the exact market price at that time."


Korean words suddenly popped out of Oh Se-hyun's mouth, as he was startled.

“Sorry, Mike. Just a second."

He bowed his head lightly and asked Michael Dell for his understanding first.

"Do-jun, this is not a matter of making such a decision. First of all, the acquisition rights are usually higher than the market trade price. In terms of management rights defense, it is common to pass it on at a price higher than the trade price.“

Michael Dell smiled strangely at Oh Se-hyun, who was eagerly explaining.

"Hmm, this… It seems to be true."


"That little boy, no… That Howard is your boss. I didn't think so, haha."

Michael Dell, who burst into laughter, put down his coffee cup.

"James, let me have a word with your boss. Howard's an unparalleled freak compared to me 12 years ago. There's no need to be anxious in advance because the details will change anyway when signing an investment contract anyway.”

It was pure curiosity.

"Howard, as James said, this is a pretty good deal for me. You didn't suggest it without knowing what it truly meant, did you?"

"Is that possible? Mike, it's a pretty good deal, as you just said. But you're not just taking this, are you? I think you should give me a good suggestion to get a balanced weight."

"If the terms just mentioned are correctly included in the investment contract, we will accept Miracle Investment's investment as much as possible. What do you think?"

"How much do you mean at most?”

"I can't answer right away. We need to check the exact number."

It was over. It was a success.

The captain of the ship heading to Treasure Island took my hand and put me on board.

The only thing left was to sail smoothly to Treasure Island.

Michael Dell, the ship's captain, was a very good captain, so I didn't even have to worry about rough waves.

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All I had to do was... No, even that didn't exist. All I had to do was enjoy the blue sea from the deck.

"At times like this, we should have a beer party, but our major shareholder is too young... Coffee, okay?"

Michael Dell lifted up the coffee cup and so did I.


An indescribable cheerful sound spread out.


On the plane returning to New York, Oh Se-hyun, who had been silent for a long time, opened his mouth.

"When did you learn English?"

"From three years ago. My grandfather provided me with an English teacher.”

"He must be a good teacher. Seeing that you are already this fluent in English in just three years.”

He nodded his head lightly. Families of conglomerates seem to wait time in these matters because they knew that early education in languages was severe.

But it was only now that the real question was revealed.

"But the conversation you had with Michael. I just can't accept it no matter how much I think about it. I tried to accept the fact that you were just a bright kid, but my head rejected this.”

I decided to be honest because it was a difficult thing to explain.

"Actually, I am from the future 30 years from now, but I was reborn. So… I have the knowledge and thoughts of a 40-year-old adult in my head."

"Don't joke around. SF novels are not my cup of tea."

[T/N: SF, also Science fiction (Sci-fi).]

The judgement of truth was up to the listener, not the speaker. He didn't believe in the truth, so I had to say what he wanted to hear.

"Isn't it fun? Hehe."

He smiled and scratched his head.

"Yes, but that makes sense. There's no question if you have the intellectual property of someone in their 40s or so who's been steadily engaged in economic activities. Ha ha."

He gave into a light laugh, but he did not look like he would end it like this.

"I think I've told you once before. That my family is ignored...”

"Yes, you said so."

"Since then, I've read all three newspapers every single day. From the front page to the end. At first, I didn't understand the content, but I endured and read it while looking at a dictionary. About a year later, I no longer needed a dictionary anymore.“

Though not with a dictionary, I did so every single day, so it was true.

"All of them?"

"Yes. I watched and watched the economic stock market price again and again. And I read all the adverts. I practiced putting the whole thing together while watching almost all the TV news and documentaries... I think it's because of that.”

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"Every single day for 3 years?"


He looked quite surprised.

I knew very well that there was nothing as difficult as doing it consistently every single day. This was because I had experienced difficulty for as long as the time I had lived.

"It's great, but...”

That was not a refreshing answer.

"Let's stop. Maybe it's even something unexplainable. Could there be a more foolish question than asking the cause of talent?"

If you asked a good-looking person why he was handsome, he would answer, "I was born handsome." It was a pointless question.

Oh Se-hyun smiled at me and asked again.

"So, what do you think of these days' newspapers?"



"Yes. 90% of the advertisements are apartment sales advertisements. It means selling apartments attracts a lot of money."

He would have thought that I would make a fuss by referring to articles on the economics side. However, Korea's true image lies in advertising.

Thirty years from now, when economic polarization would be a hot topic, advertisements in newspapers and broadcasts would be swept by loans and insurance.

Loan advertisements were rampant due to a lack of money, and insurance advertisements were launched because of anxiety over old age.

Presently, apartments had devoured everything in Korea.

"By the way, uncle. Do you know what's more interesting?"

"What is it?"

Oh Se-hyun's face, whose smile had already disappeared, showed a lot of anticipation.

"The stock prices of construction companies cannot keep up with the number of advertisements."

"Do you know what that means?”

"I think… I think they're stealing everything as slush funds."

"What? slush funds? Do you know what slush funds mean?”

"Uncle! Do you think I don't even know that? The word that came up the most at last year's hearing was slush funds. You're ignoring me too much."

Insight simply meant to reach a conclusion based on scattered elements.

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Insight was solidified only when wisdom was accumulated through the acquisition of knowledge. In a way, it took physical time, but skipping this could only be seen as innate.

Oh Se-hyun looked at me as if he were looking at a strange creature, and I responded to that gaze.

"My grandfather met with the president of Sunyang Construction very often. I've often heard the two talking... It was mainly about money. Especially foreign banks. That's when I found out that construction companies collect the money they earn as slush funds."

A child who has seen and heard the reality of the slush fund firsthand.

Oh Se-hyun's suspicious eyes did not fade, but he did not say anymore.

But I don't think he'll take his hawk's eyes off me to figure out who I really am.

* * *

Upon arriving in New York, Oh Se-hyun unpacked our luggage at the hotel and rushed back to the company.

"From now on, I would be a little busy until the investment agreement. Let's keep the conditions as agreed and raise the investment as much as possible. By the way, I think I'm going to invest all $15 million, but what should I do with the remaining funds?”

"Please discuss with the employees and let me know a good place to invest. Why don't we look at that and decide?”

"Let's do it."

Report and decide. Now that was natural.

Oh Se-hyun met my mother and asked for her understanding.

"Mrs. Jesu, we had some work to do, so it was not possible to accompany you. Are you all right?"

"Oh, yes. There's no problem. The guide took care of everything."

In my family, only my mother seemed to be very good at suppressing her curiosity. I just asked in a passing tone,

"How was Texas? Is the weather nice?"

"It's been a fickle day, but the weather has been nice for the past two days. I can say I'm lucky."

"What about the investment you talked about?"

"Oh, well... I just watched uncle work, and I was a little tired of it.”

"Okay. Then from now on, let's go see good things and eat delicious things with mom. It's good, right?"

"Yes, but what about brother?"

"Go to his room. It's a sight to behold.

The hotel room was a special one consisting of a living room and three bedrooms, and when I knocked on Sang-jun's door, it was really spectacular.

Dozens of CDs and LP records were stacked on the bed, and even CD players were placed on the table.

In 1986, a domestic compact disc was first released by SKC (Sunkyung Chemical Co., Ltd.), which was technically affiliated with Philips, and the first CD album composed of songs was released in November of that year, but it was not yet a product that could easily be seen.

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Sang-jun seemed to have aimed for this trip to sweep all the unreleased albums in Korea.

Although he was from a chaebol family, his spending was worth sticking out one's tongue. A child bought a CD player worth well over a few months of work for an office worker.

They didn't know how precious money was because they were from a rich family. If one didn't know the worth of money, one would surely become a scoundrel tycoon who is criticized by society.

If this guy got pointed at, the fireballs could bounce at me, so I needed to do some mental alterations.

Sang-joon was immersed in music with headphones on, oblivious to the fact that I came in or went out again.

After that, I went around New York with my mother for three days.

The 5th Avenue ran through the heart of New York, and was one of the world's shopping mecca, along with Oxford Street in London, the Champs-Elysees in Paris, and the Viamonde Napoleon Street in Milan.

My mother did quite a lot of shopping in those places and showed no hesitation in paying a large sum for her expenses.

It was said that they received enough living expenses, but it was not enough to buy a lot of these luxury goods without hesitation.

They must have sold Ilsan land. In that case, how much was earned?

* * *

"You came back to Korea today?"


"Did you find out about their activities in the U.S.?"

"When I confirmed with the New York office, it was all about sightseeing and shopping. Oh Se-hyun and Do-jun took a day off, but I couldn't figure that out.“

"Did those two have a day off?”

Chairman Jin's eyebrows wriggled at the report by the head of the department, Lee Hak-jae.

"If Do-joon had only gone with his family, I would have considered it a trip, but the guy named Oh Se-hyun also went with him. This was not tourism, but a business trip."

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It was clear that he went to find out where to invest in the United States through an asset management company called Power Shares.

Lee Hak-jae seemed to know why Chairman Jin frowned.

When money circulated in the United States, it became uncontrollable. It was Chairman Jin who could not stand watching things that were out of control.

"I'll find out more."

"Exactly. And quickly."


Lee Hak-jae began to look at Jin again. This was because he was about to make a more troubling report.

"Well, Chairman."

"Why? Why are you so cautious?”

He put down the report he was holding, as if he felt something unusual in Lee Hak-jae's expression.

"It's Yoongi."

"What's wrong with him?"

"They're setting up a film production company."

"What? Movie?"

"Yes, they're almost in the final stages. They'll probably start making it next year. Producing two films simultaneously…”

"No way... Is it Dojun's money?"

Chairman Jin's voice was getting higher and higher.

[T/N: Guys, please take note that 'u' and 'oo' are used interchangeably in characters' names. This is because I feel that some names sound more interesting with 'u' and some with 'oo', like Yoongi. Please let me know if you're not satisfied with this and would rather want it to be consistent. Thank you!] 

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