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"Yes, yes!"

Yes, Miss! Keep it up!"

"Thank you, Sir Terrier. I'll do my best!"

 That day, Ortansia was having fun at the training ground of the private knight order owned by the Duke of Verite.

While she was strolling about, wondering about various things, she was invited by Sir Terrier, the vice-commander of the order.

"What is troubling you, my lady? It is said that a sound mind resides in a sound body. Come and exercise your body with us!"

Ortansia, who had been worrying about the demonic god, the danger looming over her brother and father, the social world, Prince Victor, and Ortansia's own future, followed Sir Terrier's advice and started swinging like this.

'Ugh, it feels so good to move the body after all! Maybe I'll accompany Tyrol for a walk later!'

Ortansia held a light wooden sword, but it was hard work to swing it over and over again.

"Speak louder!"


"Come on, let's go for the Muscle together!"

"C'mon! Miss, be careful!"

Pamela's screams were heard from a distance, and Ortansia turned to see what was going on and saw Pamela running toward her, her face scrunched up.

"Sir Terrier! What are you doing to my Lady?"

"With all due respect, Pamela, if you train your muscles like this, your worries will disappear. How about it? Would you like to join us, Miss Pamela?"

"No, thank you! If the young lady becomes muscular and strong, even Gerard-sama will fall down and blow a bubble!"

"But Pamela, Onii-sama also said that I need to work on your core."

"I'm sure this is not what he meant!"

Pamela cried and pleaded with Ortansia, and with the lesson time approaching soon, Ortansia waved her hand to Sir Terrier and left the training hall.

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"Please come again anytime. I'll make sure your muscles grow into greatness, young lady!"

"Thank you, I look forward to seeing you again!"


"Ha-ha-ha, it's okay Pamela. It was a nice change of pace."

 As Sir Terrier said, the physical exercise cleared her head and made her feel more positive.

'Yes, I know. it's not good to keep feeling down. You have to have a strong mindset so that you can say that you will be okay no matter what happens.'

"The next lesson is music, right? I'm going to practice a little, will you listen to me too?"

"Yes, of course! I like your performance very much."

"Thank you."

There were many people who support Ortansia now.

Because of them, she is able to do her best. That was why Ortansia wants to protect those who are important to her.

'I don't know if it's a demonic god or what, but I won't let it do what it wants!'

Ortansia clenched her fists, Renewing her determination

 ◇ ◇◇◇

'Okay, there are no strange people around Onii-sama!'

According to the goddess, the demon god is stalking Gerard.

So Ortansia was secretly monitoring Gerard's surroundings.

    Currently, Ortansia was secretly checking on Gerard's work from behind the door of his office.

"Come in if you need anything."


 After taking a breath, Gerard called out to her in a normal manner.

Apparently, the only one who thought she had not been found out was Ortansia, and Gerard had deliberately ignored Ortansia's presence, even though he was aware of it.

 Perhaps after finishing work, it might have occurred to him to confirm the reason for his sister's strange behavior for the time being.

 "Well... I wanted to talk to Onii-sama for a while"

When she said that timidly, Gerard nodded without changing his expression.

"I understand."

Having received official permission from Gerard, Ortansia sat down on the sofa in the office. Gerard also left his desk and took a seat in front of Ortansia.

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“Oniisama, are there any strange things happening around you lately?”

"It's just that you're sneaking around and snooping around."

"Ugh... I'm fine! I'm checking to see if Onii-sama isn't overworking again!"

Ortansia, who had hastily tried to cover up, suddenly noticed Gerard's expression.

Although he always had a cold, expressionless face, it was difficult to discern from the complexion of his originally fair skin... but he seemed somewhat lackluster compared to usual.

"Big brother, are you eating properly? Are you getting enough sleep at night?" 

"It's not something you should be concerned about."

'He didn't deny it! That means he is not doing so well.'

Ortansia recalled the time shortly before she first set foot in the duke's territory.

At that time, their father, who was concerned about Gerard's condition, had asked her to take him away from his work.

Gérard may be suffering from the same ailment now as he was then.

"Brother, if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know! Even I learned a lot from Constan! You can count on me!"

After Ortansia spoke proudly, Gerard widened his eyes in surprise and then gave a wry smile.

"Oh, I'm counting on you."

'It's true, you know? Brother. Oh, just in time for tea time! Pamela, can you help me get ready?"

"Of course, miss."

"Oh, and by the way..."

When she whispered to ask for a relaxing herbal tea, Pamela happily started preparing.

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'I'm sure Onii-sama is busy with not only the duke's work right now, but also the work of the knighthood, so I hope he can relax a little bit.'

Ortansia half-forcibly dragged Gerard into tea time, wanting to at least give him a break during this time.

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