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"Oniisama, how is the work of the knights?”

Ortansia utters this as if it were small talk as she slowly enjoys her tea.

Gerard asked back in a very serious tone of voice, 

"What do you mean?"

"Well… fun or hard"

"Not fun, but not hard either."

After thinking a little, Gerard replied.

Ortansia smiled satisfactorily, happy that he answered her question somehow.

'Onii-sama belongs to one of the court knights - The Order of the Black Eagle, right?'

 There were several groups of court knights, and the White Eagle Order was said to be the most flamboyant of them all.

It is often involved in guarding royalty and dignitaries, and is a very popular division that people often see.

 The Black Eagles, on the other hand, are an elite unit that is the twin of the White Eagles but many of their activities were shrouded in mystery.

'There are many dangerous missions that don't get much publicity. I'm sure Onii-sama will be fine, but I'm still worried about him.'

Since he became a member of the Order, Gerard, like his father, has been absent from the mansion for several days at a time. Ortansia trusts Gerard's abilities, but she was still worried about things that worry her. 

She wanted him to rest both physically and mentally at least when he is at the mansion, and she wanted to help him to rest properly.

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"Oh, how about animal therapy? It will heal you! Hey, Tyrol."

She picked up Tyrol, who was sleeping slightly at her feet, and tried to put him on Gerard's lap, but…

"I don't want to! He's the type of guy who would strangle you with the wrong amount of force!"

"No, he's not! My brother is very gentle!"

For some reason, Tyrol vehemently refused to be embraced by Gerard. He was so furious.

She had no choice but to put Tyrol on her lap, from which he glared at Gerard while snarling warily

"I'm sorry, Brother. Tyrol doesn't seem to be used to you yet"

'You selfish cat."

"I'm not a cat!"

'I want the two of them to get along, though... To get Tyrol to get used to Oniisama, little by little.'

"I apologize for sitting next to you, big brother"

She moved from the seat directly in front of Gérard to sit next to Gerard while still holding Tyrol on her lap.

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"See, there's nothing to be afraid of~"

Ortansia smiled while stroking Tyrol.

"I'm thinking that if I get him used to you little by little like this, Tyrol will one day let down his guard against Onii-sama."

"I see."

Gerard murmured and lifted his arm slightly.

'Is he going to pet Tyrol...?' Ortansia wondered with anticipation, but...


Gerard was patting her head instead of Tyrol, with a "pon pon" sound.

Not Tyrol, but Ortansia's head.

"Um, big brother…"


"Why don't you pet Tyrol's head instead of mine?"

She asked with trepidation, and Gerard was silent for a moment as if he was thinking about it, then…

'No, I'm fine this way."

He immediately resumed patting Ortansia's head, as if nothing had happened.

'Is this okay ......!?'

Confused by the unfamiliar situation, Ortansia stroked Tyrol with a single-minded effort to calm herself.

A strange scene unfolded as Gerard stroked Ortansia's head and Ortansia stroked Tyrol.

'Brother, is this fun?'

Ortansia glanced back at Gerard and he paused his hand and opened his mouth to confirm.

"...Do you dislike it?"

"Not at all! I don't dislike it!!"

Ortaniia answered reflexively, and then turned her head down in embarrassment.

Gerard, perhaps satisfied with Ortansia's answer, resumed patting her head again.

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'Ugh, I'm a little embarrassed, but if Onii-sama is happy, is this okay? I don't know if he's really happy about it.'

Gérard had previously described "like a restless little animal".

If interpreted with maximum favor, petting Ortansia might have the same effect as animal therapy.

'Well, okay.'

Of course, Ortansia was not averse to having her head stroked by Gerard.

Compared to his awkward gestures when they first met, Gerard's touch when patting her head had become much more skillful.

Perhaps this means that the distance between the two of them had also shortened.

With a somewhat ticklish feeling, Ortansia accepted her brother's affectionate touch with a dreamy expression.

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