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 Gerard was heading for the garden, which was apparently connected to the hall.

On the way, he received a glass from a waiter who was present, and Gerard proceeded steadily with Ortansia. The garden is often used as a place for secret meetings between men and women.

Ortansia, who was taught by Annabel, was thrilled to meet someone, but fortunately or unfortunately she didn't meet anyone, and the two reached the gazebo in the back of the garden.

 Inside was a luxurious sofa, and at Gerard's urging, Ortansia quietly sat down.

Gérard then offered Ortansia the glass he had just received.

"Oh, thank you very much…"

Ortansia felt awkward to refuse the glass, so she accepted nervously.

Ortansia gently sipped the glass filled with a pale gold liquid. The sweetness and the fresh aroma of the fruit tickled her nose at the same time as the shwash melts on your tongue.

"... It is delicious."

She muttered unintentionally, and Gerard replied quietly.

"It's a cider that's just a hair short of juice. I'm sure you can drink this one."

"Ehehe... it was my first time drinking."

With a chuckle, she felt the air wrapped around Gerard soften a little.

“If you plan to enter society from now on, get used to drinking.

"Ugh, I'll be careful…"

To get used to it, Ortansia took another sip of apple cider. Maybe because she drank alcohol, her heart felt a little better.

 Staring at such Ortansia, Gerard quietly opens his mouth.

"... Your complexion is getting better."


“A little while ago, it was white like a sick person… Did something happen?”


Ortnsia gripped the glass tightly.

With just that reaction, Gerard would have already found out that something happened. If she's honest, Gerard might get tired of her.


'We're both happy and sad. Right?'

She promised Gérard once. So now she can rely on him.

"... I overheard someone talking just now. The person said I was kidnapped by an evil group and that I was damaged..."


When Gerard suddenly began to emanate an aura of anger, Ortansia couldn't help but flinch and jump her shoulders."

"Who on earth would speak ill of you in such a way?"

Gerard was expressionless.

Behind him, however, she could see the  illusion of a raging blizzard.

'This... That one will definitely be erased by my brother if I tell him honestly!'

She could feel a killing intent from Gerard now, beyond anger.

"Um... I don't even know who it is! I just heard it from afar while passing by!"

"If you spot him, let me know and I'll take the appropriate action. I'll take the appropriate action."


'She was too afraid to ask him what he meant by "appropriate action".'

It seemed as if Gerard was going to find the young men and take action against them even if Ortansia remained silent.

Ortansia hurriedly waved her hands in the air as if to say it was okay.

"Not at all! I'm perfectly fine, though! It's just that I've been made to realize the reality of the situation…"

What Ortansia will be entering from now on is not a warm and friendly world.

It's a place where you always look for your opponent's weaknesses and pull each other's legs.

"But I'm fine. As the daughter of Duke Verite, I aim to be a lady who is respected by everyone!"

Gérard was looking at Ortansia, who was in high spirits, with his usual cool eyes.

Then he crouched down right next to Ortansia so that he could meet her gaze.

"Big brother...?"

His blue ice-colored eyes were so close to Ortansia's that she couldn't help but be mesmerized by their jewel-like beauty.

Gerard gently told Ortansia.

 "You're not damaged, you are... beautiful."

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