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Gerard's sincere words made Ortansia unintentionally drop the glass in her hand.

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'Oh, Onii-sama made a tremendous statement..!'

The beautiful night sky, the romantic garden, and the most noble prince in the kingdom in front of her.

Ortansia was greatly confused by the situation, which almost made her feel as if she were in a scene from a play.

'Oh, calm down... it's that brother of yours, and what he just said shouldn't mean much'

Ortansia turned over to hide her hot cheeks and slurped the glass of apple wine in her hand.

The one who is here now is Gerard.

He probably wouldn't have thought of whispering love to the woman he was in love with in a romantic situation, let alone his sister.

In all likelihood, Ortansia is just overthinking things.

'But that means…'

Gerard's words were simply his honest opinion.

He said that Ortansia is beautiful, just as he finds the night sky with twinkling stars, the river with flowing water, and the forest full of greenery beautiful.

'ehehe... Still, I'm glad.'

Feeling somewhat fluffy, Ortansia smiled softly.

 The first sip of apple wine also certainly helped to lift Ortansia's spirits. 


Ortansia smiled and looked up.

Gerard's eyes twinkled as if he was a little surprised at the reaction.

"I am... very happy that Onii-sama said that."

"... I see."

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"Actually, I was just a little worried. I'm not sure if I will be able to get married if everyone thinks I'm damaged. But I'm sure there will be someone like Onii-sama who will understand."

"There's no need to force yourself to get married somewhere."


Ortansia's eyes widened in surprise at the words Gerard casually uttered.

"B-but... a noble woman must marry somewhere in order to create a connection between families..."

“The Duke of Verite is not a weak house that needs to take a marriage policy now.”.

"Isn’t the reason your father welcomed me into the Duke’s household so that he could marry me somewhere!?”

"Father is a thoughtful man, so he must have thought of several measures. If one of them goes down, it won't do much harm."

Ortansia, half-heartedly and desperately tried to get through to Gerard.

"If I stay in the duke's mansion all the time, even Onii-sama might not be able to get anyone to marry him! Of course they would avoid a house with a nosy sister-law!"

"Well, it's not like I have any plans to do so, so there's no problem."


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Without thinking that it would be denied so much, Ortansia froze.

'Wait a minute. Onii-sama, that means… Onii-sama himself isn’t even thinking about getting married!?'

In Ortansia's eyes, Gerard was the heir to an excellent ducal family.

He was feared a little by the teachers and servants, but no one questioned his qualifications as the head of the family.

So Ortansia also thought that no matter how cold-blooded Gerard looks, he would be thinking about his own marriage when he reaches the right age... She never thought he wasn't thinking about it at all!

"But brother! You are the heir to the duke's family! What about your heir!"

"There is also the option of adopting a member of a branch family. I'm not that concerned about my direct lineage."


Ortansia was confused by the unusually stubborn Gerard.

"Onii-sama... do you really not have any intention of marrying someone...?"

Ortansia timidly spoke.

Then Gerard turned his back to Ortansia and whispered.

"Even if I marry someone, it will only make them unhappy… just like my mother."


Ortansia realized her gaffe and her blood ran cold.

Gerard was not just being selfish or running away from his responsibilities.

He was aware of his position and responsibilities and doesn't want to create unhappy people like... Gerard himself and his mother.

'How could I ...... have done that without thinking about my brother's feelings!'

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Ortansia was ashamed, frustrated, and pathetic. She had made a careless comment with a shallow idea and hurt Gerard.

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