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I want to help my brother with his work. Hey, Lucien, can you give me a sneak peek?

"Well... what a beautiful brother-sister love."

As the saying goes, 'Before shooting the arrow at the enemy, shoot the horse.' Following this proverb that Annabel had taught her, Ortansia visited Lucien, the servant of Gerard, with a purpose.

Although Gerard verbally expressed that he relied on her, he was reluctant to involve Ortansia in the ducal affairs. Therefore, she decided to secretly accumulate achievements under Lucien's guidance and use it as a means to convince Gerard.

She was worried that She might be turned away at the door, but Lucien greeted Ortansia with a pleasant smile.

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"I see, the young lady wants to be of service to her brother in any way she can."

I think so too... But my brother always treats me like a child. That's why, Lucien, I secretly want to do the work and have my brother recognize that Actually, I did this."

"I see. It's a proposal that could cost me my life if Gerard-sama finds out. this.

"I don't think my brother would go that far, as expected…"

But she wasn't sure.

Ortansia was(or thought she was) much better able to guess Gérard's thoughts than in the past, but he still had a mysterious side to him that made it hard to know what he was thinking.

Even if he doesn't physically blow his head off, there is no guarantee that Lucien won't be blamed for anything.p


When she pleaded with an upward gaze inherited from her mother, Lucien chuckled with a mischievous look.

"I'm not sure I can say no to a request like that from a… young lady."

"Is that okay?"

"I'm sure you'll be able to find a way. But, don't let Gerard know that you're doing this."

Lucien gently pressed his index finger against Ortansia's mouth through a white glove. Then, with a seductive smile that would charm anyone, he whispered.

"Let's keep this a secret, just between the two of us."

"Ummm, okay"

Ortansia nodded, feeling a bit awkward.

"Well then, young lady, I'll be waiting for you anytime. However, please don't let your brother find out."

"Oh, thank you, Lucian."

It sounded as if they were meeting, and Ortansia couldn't help but break out in a disgusted sweat.

'Really, Lucian sounds like a devilish man.'

She had heard that the maids serving at the duke's mansion fought over him.

She was sure he often said and does things to everyone that make them misunderstand him in that way.

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'But the fact that my brother keeps him by his side means he's that good. I have to learn from that.'

Lucien was looking at Ortansia, who was lost in thoughts, with great interest.

Thus, Ortansia secretly began to study under Lucien in secret from Gérard.

Normally, Lucien repeatedly said and did things that misled others, and she didn't have a very good impression of him, but she had to say that he was certainly very good at his job.

 While Ortansia was painstakingly going through one document, he was finishing close to ten with a cool face.

While she was at the duke's estate, Ortansia helped Constan with his work, but she was reminded that it was only a part of the duke's enormous workload.

'Taxes on land and property, fees for the use of the bread oven and water mill oh, that's the one Constan taught me'.

If she hadn't been over there helping Constan with his work, she certainly wouldn't have been able to compete.

With her brow wrinkled, Ortansia glanced at the contents of each of the account books, which were filled to the brim with numbers.

'The salaries of those who serve the duke's family are detailed…!'

Ortansia sighed involuntarily in front of the paper that contained each servant's name, rank, job description, and working conditions.

'Huh, I feel like I'm climbing a high mountain with no top in sight…'

Ortansia groaned, and Lucien, who was going through the papers at a tremendous speed, chuckled.

Fortunately, the Duke's finances are in excellent shape. Did you know that the lapidary, of whom the Duchess is a patron, has invented a new cutting technique? It is already attracting attention in social circles, and if it catches on, it will bring more and more wealth to the Duke's financial situation."

"Ah, the necklace that Father gave me before? It sure was beautiful, wasn't it?"

"Yes. The fact that the young lady has become a billboard for the event has made her even more of a center of attention."

'You're very astute, father.'

The father used his daughter's debut on the social scene to advertise his new product, and Ortansia couldn't help but giggle.

Seeing this, Lucien chuckled.

"So there is no need for you to worry about your financial situation, my dear. The Duke will only use your request for new jewelry and dresses to make the Duke's fortune. It would be sufficient for the young lady to spend her time in her own way, without worrying about such a trivial ledger."

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"I'm not worried that the Duke's family will go bankrupt."

When Ortansia said this, Lucien put down his pen with a rare manner.

"What's wrong?Perhaps Lucien has also noticed that my brother is not feeling well?"

"Yes. I'm allowed to be at Gérard's side."

After all, his ill health is so obvious that anyone close to him would notice it.

"I wonder if his work is still difficult for him...?"

"I'm not sure. Gérard-Sama is talented and skilled in everything he does. Rather than being overwhelmed by work and getting sick, there might be something he's troubled about."


Lucien's analysis made Ortansia look up in surprise.

She looked up at him and asked, "Are you saying that my brother has something big on his mind?"

"I think it's a possibility, but I can't rule it out."

"What could be troubling Brother so much that he's physically ill... No way he's being power-harassed by the Order of the Knights or…"

Lucien laughed at Ortansia, who turned pale.

"If there was someone who could bully the son of the Duke of Vérité, especially someone like Gérard-Sama, I would definitely like to meet them."

"Huh, that's not it?"

"Miss, does Lord Gerard seem like someone who would silently endure such treatment in your eyes?"


 Certainly, it was hard to imagine Gerard being silently and unreasonably reprimanded, no matter whether he is the boss or not.

To begin with, it was hard to imagine Gerard making a mistake that would result in a reprimand.

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That mean that the possibility of power harassment is unlikely.

"So, what's troubling my brother, Lucien, do you have any idea?"

Since a while ago, Lucian has been showing some kind of suggestive attitude.

Ortansia, feeling like she was grasping at straws, asked Lucien about it.

 He then looked straight at Ortansia and smiled pleasantly.

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