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"...Miss, if you are as old as Master Gérard, you have only one thing to worry about. That is..."

"Is that…?"

"It is, of course, a love affair"

"Eh, ok..."

Ortansia did not know how to react to this completely unexpected answer.

Lucien tilted his head curiously at Ortansia.

"Oh, you don't like it?"

"Like it or not... isn't that missing the point?"

That Gerard was having trouble with love?

Ortansia could not imagine her brother in such a situation.

"Is it possible that my older brother is troubled by love..."

"Even Sir Gerard is human. He might experience love once or twice, don't you think?"

"I wonder…"

Lucien might not fall in love, but might have his way with ten or more women. However, she didn't want him to treat Gerard the same way.

" …I had a little talk with Onii-sama before. At that time, Onii-sama… he said he had no plans to get married for a while.

Not hiding the fact that he had mentioned that he had no intention of marrying anyone, let alone for a while, Ortansia told Lucien so, as if to deny Lucien's words.

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But Lucian laughed, without holding back.

'Perhaps It’s not the kind of person he can get married to while being blessed by the gods… Maybe he is suffering from an illicit love. That isn’t something he can openly talk about, you know"

"You mean the one he can't marry? A lady who is already married? But I hate to say this... If my brother set his mind on it, I feel like he could make anyone turn their head, no matter who they are"

Even if the other party is married, if Gerard was so inclined and whispered a word of love, no one will not fall for him.

Among the aristocrats, whose basics are political marriages, there is also a tendency to treat flirtation generously as a form of entertainment.

She didn't think it would be that much of a barrier for Gérard. 

Inadvertently imagining him whispering love to a strange woman with a straight face, Ortansia felt a little embarrassed and looked down.

"Hmm... The Young lady is pure hearted, isn't she?"

"Don't tease me... Hey Lucien, do you have any idea who my brother is in love with?"

He spoke so confidently.  

Perhaps there was such a thing as a "wayward love interest" that Ortansia just doesn't know about.

 When she casted a questioning glance at him, Lucien smiled in an inedible smile.

"Well, what do you think?"

'I wonder what his reaction means... Knowing Lucian, he might just be teasing me and saying things without much thought'

It might be better not to take his playful words too seriously.

 Lucien chuckled at Ortansia's small sigh.

"Have you ever been in love?"

"Eh, no."

In her first life, and even now, Ortansia was too busy struggling to survive to fall in love. Born the daughter of a songstress who lives in a tavern, she had seen something that seemed to be a love affair more than once or twice, but somehow it felt like it was happening in a world far away from her.

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"I know I have to think about my own marriage soon. But it is said that love is not necessary for aristocratic marriages."

"That's a pity. Love is one of the most important elements of life. My lady, if you wish..."

Lucien quietly gets up from his chair.

When he crouched beside Ortansia and scooped a bunch of Ortansia's hair and kissed it lightly.

"I'll give you a lecture on what it's like to be in love," he said sweetly in her ear.

As Lucian whispered sweetly in her ear, Ortansia couldn't help but flinch.

'Really, this man...!' she thought.

I see. Like a joke, he would captivate many women. Even now, he is not really trying to seduce Ortansia, he is just teasing her.

"... I'll tell my brother, okay?"

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"Oops, please refrain from that. That would really, really separate my head from my body."

Lucien, who was stared at by Ortansia, shrugged his shoulders and took a step away.

"Okay, okay, enough talk. Let's get back to work. Please tell me what we need to do next," Ortansia said.


Respectfully bowing, Lucien returned to his seat.

Despite feeling relieved by the change of topic, Ortansia still carried some vague unease in her heart.

'...I wonder how much of that was a joke. Is it really a lie that my brother is troubled by love...?'

For some reason, she couldn't assert that Lucien was just playing around.

Maybe Gérard was in love with someone.

When she thought of that, she felt a little bit of a pang in her heart.

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