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Taking Gerard's hand, Ortansia gently began to take the steps.

However, she was surprised after about three seconds.

'Oniisama is too good! What do you mean you are better than a dance teacher?'

Even with just a few seconds of light leading, Ortansia couldn't help but notice that Gerard's technique was outstanding.

'Oh! Onii-sama can really do anything.'

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She had heard so much about Gerard's excellence from the teachers at the duke's residence that it was almost deafening, but it seemed that his versatility was alive and well in this area as well.

 Rather than trying to dance well, it would be better for Ortansia to relax and let him take care of everything.

 Ortansia breathed a sigh of relief.

However, every time she repeated the turns, she became aware of the glances of the spectators around her. When she spotted a familiar face among them, Ortansia hurriedly averted her gaze and focused on her brother in front of her.

 His well-defined face was at a closer distance than she expected, and she became more agitated than ever.

'Wow, this is a facial national treasure! Onii-sama really does have a handsome face...'

Even in her first life she always thought he was a handsome person, but she was more afraid of him.

 Of course, there was no way that she could have done such a horrible thing as meeting him face to face, and Ortansia was never that aware of Gerard's good looks. But when she saw Gerard's face again at close range, she could only say that he was loved by God, she was surprised to see a beauty that no one could help but be captivated by.

 In both the literary and military arts, the family is of the highest class in this country, and on top of that, this beauty.

She was sure that any woman of marriageable age would not be able to resist her Brother.

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'There's no way Nobles haven't come to talk about engagement proposal or something like that'

Earlier when she said, "Isn't he engaged to one of these Nobles?" was a misunderstanding, but the day when he actually gets engaged to a Noble Lady is probably not far off.

As soon as she thought of that, a sudden feeling of loneliness came over her, and Ortansia lowered her gaze, unable to look at Gerard's face.

But that was a bad idea.

Because she became distracted, she inadvertently got her feet tangled and lost her balance.

'Oh no, I fell...!'

Ortansia immediately tried to reach out to her brother.

But as soon as she did so, she had a flashback of an abominable memory.

 "...You are a disgrace to the duke's family. I never once thought of you as my sister."

No matter how much she cried for help, no matter how much she reached out to him, he rejected her without reaching out.

The cold words thrown at her and the scene at that time entangled her like a chain, slowing her down.

 With nothing to do but watch the world turn upside down, as if frozen in place, she thought she had no choice.

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Suddenly, Ortansia felt a sudden jerk, and with a very natural gesture, she was pulled into a hug, and before she knew it, she was being pulled back into the dance.

 For Ortansia, it felt like an endlessly long time, but in terms of time, it only lasted a few seconds.

From the audience, they probably didn't even notice that she had almost fallen, lost in the dance moves.

"Oh, thank you."

 Her heart was still racing. When Ortansia thanked him in a low voice, Gerard stared at Ortansia and replied her very seriously.

“You should train your core a little more."

"Ha, yes."

The advice from her Brother was so earnest that Ortansia, who had been gaping, chuckled a beat later.

She felt somewhat amused, and even felt lighter.Read only on

 It was all right. Even if Ortansia wobbled, Gerard was there to support her now.

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