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CHAPTER 69 - I'm Counting On You, Onii-sama

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 With the elegant music played by the court orchestra, the girls making their debut in the social world and their partners entered the grand ballroom.

 As soon as they stepped into the hall, they were almost dazzled by the lights shining like the midday sun.

 Still, Ortansia looked firmly ahead and took one step at a time.

Glancing toward the back of the hall to the seats reserved for Royalty, she saw Prince Victor, grown as she remembered him from her first life.

 As soon as she did, her heart made a sickening thumping sound, and Ortansia hurriedly looked away.

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'Don't worry, Onii-sama is next to me today. If I get upset over something like this, I'm going to make even more weird mistakes. Calm mind.'

Ortansia managed to look straight ahead and tried to keep her composure.

But was it because Gerard was next to her, or were they intrigued by the appearance of the enigmatic duchess who had once retired from the public stage?

In any case, the stares were coming from all directions, and Ortansia found herself sweating profusely.

'It's been a while since I've had this feeling'

This is what social gatherings are like.

 In her first life, Ortansia had been unable to adjust to this atmosphere and had continued to run away from it.

 In her second life, she made the most of her first failure and made an early effort to fit in, only to be kidnapped by a cult of evil god worshipers.

 Still undeterred, she tried to return to the social scene, but she met Prince Victor, the man who caused her execution in her first life, and she ended up going into hiding for a long time.

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'I don't know what the right thing to do is. But I do know that if I stayed in hiding like that and didn't save my brother and father, I would definitely regret it.'

That is why Ortansia came back.

'Don't worry, I've changed.'

Ortansia told herself this and smiled, despite the many curious stares she received. She was no longer the pathetic, clueless, recluse person she used to be.

She must successfully navigate the social circle, avoid execution, and protect her Brother and Father.!

'To do so, I must first make a success of this social debut'

Even if she makes a mistake, she couldn't afford to appear so outlandish in such a public setting.

Scolding her legs, which seemed to tremble with tension, she advanced to the middle of the venue, and Ortansia finally faced Gerard.

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She couldn't even imagine him falling awkwardly.

 Wondering what he thought of Ortansia's attitude as he glanced at her,

Gerard brought his face closer and whispered so as not to be heard by the surrounding Nobles.


"Are you nervous?"


When I let out a small scream, he widened his eyes slightly in surprise.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine"

Gerard furrowed his brows when I told a blatant lie while trembling.

'Oh, did I make him angry…?'

Gerard gently pulled Orrtansia's hand, which was trembling.

He whispered in her ear as he lightly embraced Ortansia, who was on the verge of falling forward, 

He then whispered in her ear,

 "... don't worry about what's going on around you. I'll take care of everything."

Ortansia gulped in surprise at these words.

'He is worried about me.'

She was relieved to find out that he was apparently not angry, and at the same time, she felt a surge of joy deep inside her.

"Okay! I'm counting on you, brother."

When she thanked him in a low voice and smiled, she felt the air surrounding Gerard soften.

'I'm getting to know you a lot better now, aren't I? If there was a big brother test, I'd probably be able to get the first grade'

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While she was thinking about this, the orchestra finally started to play a tune.

The first dance of the Ladies, who were stepping into the social circle, had begun.

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