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Shall I tell you the story of a pitiful woman?

This woman had a fiancé. He was a handsome man from a very prestigious family. Although he was somewhat easily swayed, the woman liked that about him.

As he was the third son, both families agreed to their engagement with the promise that he would marry into the woman's family to support them. They had been together for eight years since the woman was ten years old.

Yes, that means she dedicated the most enjoyable and beautiful time of her life to him. Ha ha, do you know how important that time is for a young lady?

Well, never mind. They were supposed to get married soon.

However, despite all this...

The man betrayed her terribly.

He slept with the woman's little sister.

Oh, that's not a word a lady would say, is it? Please ignore it as drunken nonsense. Besides, it's the younger sister who is not acting like a lady.

...Ahem, let's get back to the story.

From a young age, the younger sister had always been jealous of the woman. As a result, the woman had suffered countless times. Just thinking about it... Hmm, should we stop this story?

However, the woman had no idea that her sister had such hobby of stealing men. And when she confronted her sister, what do you think she said?

"I've always wanted to take him away from you, big sister."

"Well, then why now? Isn't that obvious?"

"Because it'll be even more satisfying to see your face in despair."

It's insane, isn't it!

I really doubted if I was related to such a person. Oh, this isn't my story, by the way.

But if that was all, the woman could still endure it. The younger sister had no inheritance rights, and the man had no territory as the third son. So, if they got married, they would become commoners and never appear in her sight again.

However, even so!

The man suggested they should get married as planned and proposed to marry her as if nothing had happened!

"I didn't mean any harm. I just went out with her because Olivia insisted, but I really do love you."

I felt like pushing him down the stairs. Of course, this is just a story about an acquaintance.

The woman's parents supported the man's family, even though the woman wanted nothing to do with him and to ban him from ever coming back. They thought that the family was more important than their daughter, apparently, and they feared that if their daughter didn't get married, their family would collapse.

Well, I can understand that the servants would also be left without a job and rendered homeless if the family collapsed, but even so, they could have been a little more considerate and reprimanded the younger sister.

The woman's younger sister must have known that this was going to happen. It was all part of her plan.

She brought the happy and ecstatic older sister crashing down to the ground, fulfilled her own desires without taking any responsibility, and reveled in superiority. It's a despicable act even the devil would cry at.

Don't you think so?

Even the most popular romance novels nowadays are not this pathetic.

In the luxurious and gorgeous dance hall of the mansion, I stood on the dark balcony with a glass of wine in my hand, trying to escape my swirling and murky emotions by attending the ball. However, the sight of other people's happy faces made me feel sick.

A man next to me approached and spoke to me as I drank alone in my misery. I couldn't see his face very well, whether it was due to the darkness outside or my drunken state, but his silver hair shone like the moon, catching my attention.

"That's right, don't you think? It's not really funny to cry, is it?"

"Oh, you were talking about an acquaintance, weren't you?"

"Yes, it was an acquaintance. I just felt sorry for her."

"Haha, let's just say that's what it was then."

I didn't know the name of the man who calmly listened to my story. It was bothersome for a noblewoman to drink alone in a corner, so why did he approach me? We didn't follow any etiquette, and we didn't even introduce ourselves.

"By the way, do you still have feelings for that man?"

"Of course not. I'd rather send him and my sister to hell."

"I see, that's good then."

"Huh? What do you mean? Don't tell me you're cheating too!"

"Absolutely not! I am single-minded. I still love only one woman."

If that was the case, then what was this situation? However, I was at my limit and just wanted someone to listen to me. So, I pretended that I didn't hear what didn't concern me.

"I loved a woman who was engaged to someone else. I decided to watch over her since she seemed happy."

"I hope your sister learns from your way of thinking."

I had no room to spare to entertain stories that didn't interest me anymore. I had listened enough and decided that it was pointless to stay here any longer.

But as I got up to leave, the man spoke up again.

"But she's suffering right now."

Maybe I drank too much. The moment I stood up, I felt dizzy, and my legs gave out from under me.

"That's why I'll stop withdrawing and go pick her up."

As my consciousness faded, I felt terrible envy for the woman the man spoke of.

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