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"So, I'd like you to come with me secretly,, can you do that?

"Oh, of course! I'm the spirit that protects Sia!"

When she relayed Gerard's message to Tyrol, he responded with a slight stutter but puffed out his chest as he spoke. However, his bushy tail fluttered anxiously from side to side as if expressing his unease.

'Is this... okay?'

"Um, then can you transform yourself so that it doesn't look unnatural at the masquerade ball?"

"Leave it to me!"

Tyrol suddenly straightened his tail and seemed to concentrate intensely. Then his body blurred for a moment.

"Look, Sia! It's perfect"

A lively voice echoed from the big ball of fur in front of her.

"... yes," 

Ortansia didn't know what to say and could only give a vague reply for the time being.

Now in front of Ortansia, was a round ball of hair that was big enough to hold in both hands. The speckled pattern of petal-like spots mixed in with the rest of the hair definitely matched the pattern of Tyrol's lovely fur.

It seemed that Tyrol had mimicked this hairball, but... 

'This is something I can't take with me, right...?'

As expected, it would be conspicuous to go to a masquerade ball with such a big furball.

Ortansia tried rolling the ball, but it was rounder than she had imagined, causing the ball to roll away.

"I'm dizzy."

As soon as he hit the table leg and stopped, the ball of fur unravelled and a wide-eyed Tyrol appeared from inside.

Ortansia picked up Tyrol and patted his tummy.


"Hmmm, so Tyrol will be training with me, then."

In participating in the masquerade ball, Ortansia also intends to do her best to ensure that no one realises that she is the daughter of the Duke of Verite.

…with a slightly unconventional method.

 However, it was the same with Tyrol's transformation that it didn't quite work out as intended.

As amateurs, they definitely needed rigorous training.

"Let's do our best, Tyrol."

"Got it!" Tyrol replied energetically.

Tyrol was looking around in circles, but when Ortansia called out to him, he wagged his tail energetically.

 The day of the masquerade is finally here.


 Finally the day of the masquerade ball arrived.

Janet and Emily, who came to the Duke of Verite's mansion to go to the venue together, widened their eyes at the sight of Ortansia's appearance.

"Ehhh,,are you Lady Ortánsia...?"

"Wow, she looks like a different person!"

The two were surprised by their reactions, and Ortansia was happy to see them.

"Ehehe, thank you!"

Unlike usual, Ortansia wore a less ornate and subdued dress. Of course, she was also equipped with a stylish mask that covered the upper half of her face, an essential item for a masquerade ball.

And above all, today's Ortansia had completely changed the colour of her hair and eyes.

'One of the blessings the Goddess gave me, 'Illusion' - I'm glad I've learned to use it!'

"Illusion" is one of the special blessings that can make the user's appearance seem like an illusion and transform it into a different form.


The current Ortansia's golden hair had changed to a dark brown, and her purple eyes had become green, looking beautifully transformed. When she first started training, she made a number of mistakes such as creating a patchy appearance or quickly breaking the illusion, but now it seemed to be working well.

"Wow, this is so beautifully colored... Lady Ortansia, what kind of dye did you use? Is it a new technique?"

" ehehe, it's a secret." Ortansia replied with a smile.

 Janet seemed to have sensed a new business opportunity and immediately reacted, but Ortansia ambiguously smiled and dodged the question.

"The fur around your neck is also lovely. It's shiny and looks alive..."

"R-really?! Thank you!" Altansia replied, feeling a little embarrassed.

At Emily's pure praise, the fuzzy fur that Ortansia had wrapped around her neck waved for a moment.

Ortansia hurriedly and deceptively pretended to reposition it and gently patted the fur.

'Good luck, Tyrol!'

The glossy, high-quality fur wrapped around Ortansia's neck, which looked as if it's alive, was actually the disguise of the spirit Tyrol.

After undergoing special training from a round ball of fur, Tyrol was able to transform into a long, slender ball of fur that Ortansia could wear around her neck.

After a lot of training, he managed to transform herself from that round ball of fur into a long, thin ball of fur that Ortansia can wrap around her neck.

'Since I'm disguised like this, nobody can tell it's me, and even if something were to happen, Tyrol is with me… It's okay, right, Onii-sama?'


Despite just attending the masquerade ball, Ortansia was nervous as if she were going to a place of death.

'Don't worry, it will go well.'

She told herself that, and smiled at both of them.

"Come on, let's go to the masquerade ball!"

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