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 Tonight's masquerade ball will be held at the palace owned by thel royal family.

The forecourt leading to the palace entrance was brightly lit and already crowded with carriages and people.

The people who entered the palace, chatting and laughing happily, were all wearing masks so that their identities would not be recognised.

"We mustn't forget them either. Emily, Janet, are you ready?"


"Perfectly ready!"

The three of them put on their masks, after confirming with each other... They made up their minds and got off the carriage.

At popular masquerade balls, there are apparently those who wear outfits so extreme that they leave you speechless, but surely such bold behavior is not possible at an event hosted by the royal family.

Those who were entering into the palace were all wearing masks and dressed no differently from those at a typical ball.

Looking around, she could see knights of the royal palace guarding the area in their uniforms.

Seeing their presence, Ortansia unexpectedly felt relieved.

'Come to think of it, I wonder if my brother is here…'

When she was given permission to attend this masquerade ball, he had said that preparations were being made to ensure that not a single rat would enter here either. There was no doubt that he was involved, but she had not asked if he would be here today.

It was unlikely that he would talk about his duties just because Ortansia had asked him.

As she walked with Emily and Janet into the hall, Ortánsia couldn't stop looking for her brother.

While proceeding to the venue with Emily and Janet, Ortansia couldn't stop looking for her brother.

 As soon as she stepped into the hall, she was almost blinded by the twinkling lights.

The participants of the masquerade ball seemed to be chatting and laughing with their unknown partners, or enjoying the wallflowers.

Ortansia looked around in a circle, but she certainly couldn't tell who was who at first glance.

'I wonder if I can stretch my wings freely because I can hide my true identity'

At ordinary balls, the people you talk to and dance with are often fixed, depending on your status and position. But in such a place, you can enjoy yourself with a different feeling than usual.

'If they don't think I'm the daughter of the Duke of Verite'

She might even be able to enjoy the ball more, which she is usually so nervous about.

"Oh, that hat that lady is wearing is a new design that has just started to be popular in the neighbouring country!"

"Really? Janet knows things."

Janet fidgeted, her eyes fixed on the lady in question.

"Oh, I'd like to have a closer look.."

"Why don't you go? I've heard that masquerade balls are fun because you don't know who you're dealing with, so you can talk to whoever you want."

"That's right...! Well, I'm off then!"

Saying this, Janet happily walked over to the lady with the hat.

'I'd like to emulate that aggressiveness.'

In the meantime, an elegant tune began to be played by the orchestra.

The ball had finally begun.

Ortansia and Emily, who were left behind, looked at each other and hurriedly retreated to the wall.

"Everyone is amazing. I get nervous dancing with people I don't know."

"Yes, I think so too."

 At the centre of the hall, a man and a woman, their faces hidden by masks, held hands and danced like butterflies.

Dancing with a stranger seemed to be the real pleasure of a masquerade ball, but Ortansia still felt a little frightened.

"Nevertheless, it's crowded so it's hot... Oh, I'll go get some drinks for us."

"Thank you, Emily."

Ortansia thanked Emily for her thoughtfulness and then looked around the venue once again.

However, Ortansia's gaze wasn't focused on the elegantly dressed noblemen, but on the security knights who had boldly shown their faces.

'My brother is not here... Could it be that

 he is off duty today and taking part independently?'

Gérard must be going through a lot of hardship as heir to the Velite dukedom.

On such occasions, it wouldn't be strange to let loose a bit…

'But then again, he's that older brother, right? He probably hates masquerade balls... Or maybe not?'

Maybe her brother is among the participants. With this thought, Ortansia became restless and anxiously looked around, her eyes darting back and forth.

Then, what caught her eye was…

'Emily is being accosted!'

She saw that Emily was being accosted by a strange young man a short distance away.

She thought about going to help her if she seemed to be in trouble, but the young man was not persistent and seemed to be carefully choosing his words.

Emily, too, did not seem scared, but nodded her head in embarrassment.

'That one... shouldn't be disturbed. In the previous life, It seems that Emily had caught the attention of the Marquess's family, but I wonder if it's him?'

Whatever it was, she should remain quiet until Emily asks for help.

Ortansia, left alone as a wallflower, came to that conclusion and returned to observing her surroundings.

Then she noticed someone coming straight towards her.

'Eh, who...?'

It was a young man she didn't recognise. Ortansia thought that the person she was looking for was nearby, and she continued to be a wallflower without concern. 


The young man came up to her and bowed quietly in front of her.

And without saying a word, he held out his hand to her. 

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