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 When the cold words directed at her brother, the dull shining blade of the guillotine, resurfaced in her mind, Ortansia quickly tried to run away, but…

"Wait! I won't come any closer… I just want you to listen to me, Sia!"

The earnest voice that reached her ears stopped Ortansia in her tracks.

When she glanced at him, Victor was staring at her with a slightly troubled face.

His eyes were so earnest that Ortansia felt like her chest was tightening.

 ...I must not get involved with Prince Victor.

That was the first thing she decided when she came back the day she was taken in by the Duke.

Because of Prince Victor's choice of queen, Ortansia was framed and lost her life.

But… was that decision really the right one? By starting her life over a second time, Ortansia was able to see that there were aspects to the different people around her that she had never known before.

As Ortansia changed, her relationships with them also changed.

In particular, it is no exaggeration to say that her brother Gerard, who used to frighten her, was now the most important person in Ortansia's life.

'Then maybe she should also face... Prince Victor properly.'

In her first life, he did not maliciously send Ortansia to her execution.

In this second life, when she first met him, he was an innocent boy.

'... surely he would understand if I talk to him'

Ortánsia made up her mind and turned to Victor.

Viktor's face relaxed in relief when Ortancia was ready to listen to him.

He did not try to get any closer to Ortansia, as he had said he would not get any closer.


"First of all, let me apologize. For approaching you in such a deceptive manner."

Viktor said this in a calm manner and bowed deeply.

Ortansia, on the contrary, got flustered by having a person in the position of the crown prince bow his head.

"You mustn't do this, Your Highness! You cannot bow to me…"

"Let me do this just now. I have always wanted to apologize to you."

His voice was filled with pleading.

Hearing this, Ortansia was unable to say anything.

"When you visited the palace, I didn't expect to see you again... so I approached you forcefully, not realising that you were frightened. Without knowing anything about your situation... I am truly, truly sorry."

His heartfelt words filled Ortansia's chest with guilt.

From Viktor's point of view, it was only natural for him to approach her in a friendly manner, since the playmate who had suddenly disappeared had reappeared.

He had no way of knowing what happened to Ortansia in her first life.

"There is no need for His Royal Highness the Prince to apologize."

Ortánsia said quietly.

At these words, Viktor looked up, looking surprised.

"I am at fault for being excessive and embarrassing His Highness the Prince."

"May I ask why you avoid me so much?"


"I am the daughter of a Mistress. Until I was taken in by the duke's family, I lived as a commoner. Besides... I was once kidnapped by a group of pagans. If I were to get close to His Highness the Prince, there would be people who would not take it well. That would not be good for His Highness the Prince or for me."

Unable to tell the truth, but choosing her words carefully, Ortánsia told Victor what was on her mind.

Viktor listened firmly to Ortansia's words and smiled a little sadly.

"Thank you for telling me... It was good to hear your thoughts."

Viktor understood. He understood Ortansia's position and situation.

The fact that this was the case made Ortansia's heart burn.

'After all, he was a man who understood when she spoke.'

When Ortansia breathed a sigh of relief, Viktor quietly opened his mouth.

"The first day I met you, the day we played together... I had so much fun. That fur you're wearing around your neck, it's Tyrol, isn't it?"

Viktor laughed mischievously as he said this.

At that moment, Tyrol, who had been desperately pretending to be a fur, flinched in response..

"How did you know! And that it was me, even though I'm in disguise."

While somehow calming Tyrol, who was nervous and bristling, Ortansia timidly asked back.

Then Victor laughed.

"Because that fur pattern is Tyrol itself! And... no matter how much you disguise yourself, I can still recognize you and Tyrol. Don't worry, everyone else didn't seem to notice."

For a moment, Ortansia was nervous, thinking that her disguise was too obvious, but it seemed that Victor was the only one who noticed Ortansia's true identity.

'Prince Viktor is also royalty, and I'm sure he has a blessing as strong as mine and my brother's.'

Thinking of this, Ortansia felt a little bit of familiarity and smiled.

See her like that Viktor spoke quietly.

"Sia, I'm glad to see you again... and to talk to you like this. You may not like it, but I still consider you a friend."

Ortansia nodded quietly at Viktor's words.

Although she could not openly approach him now, she was glad for his feelings.

Someday, if she is break free from her constraints... Ortansia might be able to proudly call him her friend.

"I'm sorry for making you listen to me for so long. I'll be here for a while, so please go back to the venue first."

"Yes, thank you."

If the two go back together, someone might ask unnecessary questions.


Ortansia bowed quietly while appreciating Victor's concern.

However, just as she was about to step out to return to the venue, she heard a voice from behind her that seemed to hold her back.

"Sia, do you go to masquerade balls often?"

"No, this is my first time attending."

Wondering why the question all of a sudden, Ortansia turned around and responded to Victor's question.

Victor then looked a little hesitant, but opened his mouth in a hushed voice.

"I'm glad to hear that. But I'll tell you just in case... the cult group that kidnapped you so long ago seemed to have recently resumed their clandestine activities again."


"Moreover, it seems that some of the nobility are also secretly involved with the cult group. There are also stories that these types of ballroom parties are becoming a breeding ground for their increasing numbers. You might have heard about this from your older brother, but be careful enough."

Ortansia felt her hands and feet grow cold.

But she couldn't afford to behave disgracefully in front of Prince Viktor.

"Thank you for letting me know." 

Saying thanks with trembling lips, Ortansia left the balcony this time.

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