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'Th-this is... an invitation to dance!?'

Ortansia had only intended to enjoy the atmosphere of the masquerade ball so as not to miss out on the latest trends. She had no plans to dance with anyone. So when she was suddenly and silently invited to dance, she became nervous.

'What should I do?'

While she was flustered, a nearby noblewoman whispered in her ear.

"Pretty young lady. At a masquerade ball, everything is a dream for one night. If you've been invited by a gentleman, it's good manners to accept with pleasure."

'Oh, really!?'

She couldn't decide whether this was true or not, but it might be impolite to refuse after coming all the way to a masquerade ball.

'...It's okay. The other party can't possibly know that I'm the daughter of the Duke of Verite.'

Now Ortansia is in perfect disguise. If she dances just once and disappears at random, there will be no problem.


Ortansia fearfully took the hand of the young man in front of her.

As soon as she did, she saw that his mouth under his mask was arched in a happy smile.

But the young man said nothing more and took Ortansia's hand and led her out into the middle of the hall.

'If he doesn't speak up, then I guess he doesn't want his partner to know who he is as much as I do.'

Then that's convenient. Let's dance and split up quickly, without prying into each other's business.

Thinking of this made her feel a little lighter, and Ortansia ruminates Annabelle's lesson in her head, trying not to make any mistakes.

'He's probably about the same age as me. But he's someone I've never met'

While taking slow steps to the gentle music, Ortansia glanced at the young man in front of her.

His chestnut-coloured hair was not familiar to her, and she could not see his true face under the slightly larger mask.

It would be impolite to stare too closely at him and try to discover his true identity.

Reconsidering this, Ortansia tried to concentrate on the dance.

The tune changed and the tempo became a little faster.

Ortansia struggled to move her feet so that her legs wouldn't get tangled, but...

'Wow... this guy is good!'

The young man in front of her led Ortansia without hesitation. Even Ortansia, who did not have much experience, immediately realised that the young man in front of her was quite good at dancing.

'As good as my brother who danced with me previously'

When Ortansia was surprised, he lifted the corner of his mouth as if to say that he had done it.

The gesture looked somewhat childish, and Ortansia giggled.

'Mysterious man...'

Even though she knew it was not a good idea to probe his identity, she couldn't help but wonder who he was.

In the end, he didn't make any worrying blunders and Ortansia was able to finish the dance without incident thanks to him.


"Thank you very much"

Thanking him, Ortansia bowed and turned to leave him.

But just as she was about to turn on her heel, he grabbed her hand from behind.


Suddenly, he pulled on Ortansia's hand and tried to take her somewhere.

"Um, um, I…"

Ortansia tried to reject him in a hurry, but just then he whispered quietly in her ear.

"It's okay. We just need to talk a little."

As soon as she heard his voice, Ortancia's memory was stimulated.

'Where have I heard this voice before...?'

He pointed to the balcony leading from the hall to the puzzled Ortansia, 

Apparently, he wanted to talk to her there.

Hesitation, curiosity, and the desire to know the truth were intertwined... while Hortensia was lingering, she had already reached the front of the balcony. 

The young man opened the door to the balcony and beckoned on Ortansia.

'I wonder if he means that I should come of my own volition at the end'

She didn't know who the young man in front of her was. But she didn't sense any hostility. Rather, he seemed to want to tell Ortansia something. 

Ortansia took a small breath and stepped onto the balcony. The young man closed the door behind him and turned to face Ortansia straight on.

Ortansia was silent, too, and stared back at his face, which was hidden by a mask.


He took a small breath, ran his hand over his face and removed the mask that covered his bare face and chestnut-coloured wig and showed it to her.

Ortansia gulped at the sight of his true face appearing from beneath it.

'Oh no, it can't be true…'

How could she not have recognised the voice when she heard it?

In her first life, Ortansia should have heard his voice many times growing up, but...!

"Prince Victor..!"

Standing there was the person who was indirectly responsible for Ortansia's execution - Prince Victor.

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