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Dragging my exhausted body, I somehow managed to make it to my room. The maids prepared everything for me, and now I was lying in bed unable to move. The pounding headache prevented me from sleeping, and I just lay in the bed in a daze until the waves of pain passed. When you felt sick, you could only think of bad things.

(Why do I have to go through this?)

The words that had been told to me every time something happened when I was young kept circling in my head.

"Amalia. You will marry the third son of the Worcester Marquis and inherit the family."

The heir of the Rosebery Earl's family. A mere existence to bear children and continue the family line.

That was my role.

I couldn't endure the pressure from studying and my parents, so I rebelled by running away from home when I was young. But every time I did, I was punished, and the amount of studying and training only increased.

And if I didn't finish the task assigned to me that day, I would be punished again.

Unlike me, who was strictly disciplined, my sister grew up very freely. My parents didn't have any interest in a daughter who couldn't inherit the family, so they gave her whatever she wanted and abolished all her training if she resisted.

Even if my sister wanted something that belonged to me, my parents would blame me, saying, "You're the older sister, so be patient." At first, I resisted and got angry, but my parents would look at me coldly, so I stopped resisting, afraid of being abandoned.

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My parents were very kind only on the day when I was praised by my tutor or the day when my engagement was decided.

Since my fiancé didn't say anything, I quickly fell in love with him.

So I thought that getting married and inheriting the family was my only path.

Swallow, endure, suppress. It was better to not oppose anyone to be happy.

That's what I thought.

"But no one can replace you, Amalia."

Ilvis respected me as a matter of course.

He even acted as my lover and cooperated in breaking off the engagement without any benefit. I was so grateful to him.

—Thanks to that, I remembered that there was something wrong with this family.

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(I had resigned myself to being helped...)

When my mother made a mistake, I had to warn her.

When my sister used a flirtatious gaze at Ilvis, I had to stop her.

When I was unfairly criticized, I had to be angry.

(Originally, Ilvis and I were only in a relationship until my engagement was broken off. If things continued like this, even if I managed to escape this time, there would be another chance.)

I had been deceiving myself, thinking that I was happy in a fake place because it was easier to give up on fighting. But once I became aware of the discomfort, an emptiness and anger that I couldn't ignore began to linger in my heart.

Suddenly, all the things that had been done to me flashed before my eyes, and I thought, "Why do I have to endure this? I'll drag them all to hell with me!"

I didn't blame the servants or the citizens I had to protect. But why did I have to be the sacrifice?

I was tired of being stolen from, taken for granted, and forced to endure injustice.

"I no longer have a duty to serve this family, since they treated me like trash."

I won't forgive my sister, my parents, or my fiancé.

I'll make them pay for the time I've dedicated to them.

I was not a puppet of convenience to be manipulated as they pleased.

My head still hurt, but I felt good. Thanks to the clarity in my heart, I could finally sleep.

The deadline was three months.

I had to successfully get revenge and be free before the wedding date was set.

Judging from my sister's behavior, she was likely to do something tomorrow. I needed to be well-rested and prepared to face her.

Since I had never talked back to her, my sister would probably have a puzzled expression on her face.

Ah, it seemed like I would have a good dream.

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