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PART 1 - 


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Souta Saita was lying on a hospital bed in the Tabakoda Hospital. He was plagued by intense abdominal pain, nausea from the medication, and an unrelenting high fever. The reality was utterly terrible.

"It's Stage IV malignant lymphoma."

"At 27, he has cancer. Poor thing."

"Sob... Sniff... teacher, please don't forget about us...

Occasionally, words like these from someone would resurface, making him feel sad, pitiful, and angry.

"What did I do? What did I do exactly?"

"What's so pitiful? What's unforgettable? How dare they mock me. I haven't done anything, have I?

"I couldn't do anything."

Unpleasant memories resurfaced one after another, like a chain reaction.

"You know, you're not cut out to be a researcher. You don't have the talent, do you? And it's not like I intentionally interfered with this thing we're talking about, either. Sure, it's true that you diligently conducted experiments, which enriched my paper. But apart from that, I still dislike you."

"Welcome back, Souta Saita. You should have become a teacher after all. Interestingly enough, my father's friend, who happens to be the principal at a private high school, mentioned that they are in need of teachers."

"I don't know what the professor missed, but you have talent. You even obtained a teaching license. Well, give it a try and do your best."

"But you know, Dad, I did everything I could after being told that. This is the result. I can never become a respectable person like you.

"Because if I die at this age, it's like I haven't done anything at all.

"Why do I have to go through all this...!

"If I'm going to die at this age, then it's like I've done nothing," he lamented.

"Why do I have to suffer like this?!" he cried in frustration.

His heated emotions caused a tingling sensation in his head, and the severe pain and near madness-inducing fever that ravaged his body momentarily disappeared from his consciousness.

"His heart rate is decreasing," the nurse said as the monitoring device beeped.

However, Souta was quickly brought back to reality by the nurse's voice.

The sharp pain in his stomach, the medication-induced nausea, and the high fever that refused to subside. Reality was worse than his memories.

The doctor and nurse who had suddenly flown in from the station were now standing by his bedside.

"Doctor, the patient--"

His consciousness began to fade.

–Oh, it felt good. It was a relief. But what was the point of feeling relieved? Even if he felt better, he wouldn't be happy about it.

Even as he was being ridiculed, unable to do anything, he didn't want to die…

He was born under a curse, and he was supposed to die in salvation.

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Souta Saita woke up in the middle of a red mustard field.


"What is this?"

A warm breeze brushed against Souta Saita's cheek as he lay surrounded by flowers. The moist sensation felt surprisingly soft and comfortable.

His body also felt light, and he realized for the first time in a while that he was hungry.

He breathed in deeply the night breeze, savoring its taste. Delicious.

At least it was clear that he was healthy.

"Hey, human."

When Souta Saita turned around in response to being called, he saw skinny men with long ears looking down at him from the dirt path between the fields, each one holding a bow.

"What are those guys...?"

 You're human right? This is an elf village. Where did you come from?"

Souta Saita was relieved that he could communicate with the elves in Japanese, and answered in a casual tone. "I just realized I was here. Can you tell me where this is?"

Suddenly, a sharp sound rang out as an arrow passed by Souta Saita's ear. A gust of wind blew through, and the arrow that had stuck into the ground raised a cloud of dirt in the field with a loud noise.

"Shit, I'll die if it hits me. I'd be minced."

"Just answer the questions."

"Yes, yes...!"

The bitter taste of dust filling his mouth made Souta Saita feel scared. He was just a teacher and had never been involved in anything involving life and death before.

Seeing how frightened Souta Saita was, the elves changed their attitude.

"Hey... he looks like an amateur."

"We should kill him, he's a human after all."

"Let's kill him for the trouble he'll cause."

This was bad. Souta Saita felt like he was being underestimated. Killing him would be the quickest way to deal with him.

Souta Saita realized that he was in trouble. If the other side was rash enough to try to kill him, then there was a chance that he might do something rash too. Souta Saita thought that even if he failed, he would be killed anyway, so he decided to take a chance with the slim possibility that he had.

"Wait! Don't kill me! I'll give you something really good, so just listen to me, okay? Good, right?"

Well, he didn't even know what that "good thing" was, but this kind of vague talk was the best way to stop a fool's move.

The elves stopped their movements, probably because they were underestimating Souta Saita. "What the hell? Begging for your life?" one of them said. "Well, we can kill you anytime," another said.

Souta Saita felt angry at their idiotic tone. "Why the hell am I being made fun of and almost killed in an unknown land? Don't underestimate me... I won't forgive you!"

In the next moment, Souta Saita's head hurt, and a strange sequence of characters appeared in his mind.

"Message: 'Poison Release' has been activated. Administering Fentanyl to target brain vessels."

"Message: Target will experience hallucinogenic effects."

"Message: 'Poison Release' has malfunctioned. No experience points will be granted."

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