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"Please reconsider, Lord Gérard! It's not right to lock the young lady in the Dungeon!"

Gérard clucked his tongue in his heart at the sound of the woman's voice screaming in front of him.

"My lady is already a fully-fledged lady who has made her debut in society! Just because she came home a little late doesn't mean she should be thrown into a dungeon!"


The woman in front of him - the maid with Ortansia - gasped in horror as she glared at him.

"Get rid of her from here. If she causes any more trouble, expel her from the mansion as well."

"Master Gerard!"

The maid still tried to resist, but when other servants whispered something to her, she reluctantly left Gerard's presence.

Judging by her reaction, she wasn't completely convinced. However, there were guards stationed in front of the staircase leading to the dungeon, ensuring that no one could approach.

No matter how much she objected to Ortansia's treatment, she was not even allowed to approach.

..Yes, no one could approach Ortansia.

Because Gerard had locked her up and confined her

The look of despair on Ortansia's face when she was in the carriage and locked up in jail resurfaced in his mind.

It's not that he didn't feel sorry for her.

But more than that... what welled up in Gerard's heart was a dark sense of joy.

If he kept her locked up like that, no one would be able to approach Ortansia.

Not even Duke Linie, who had secretly approached her without Gerard's knowledge... nor Prince Victor.

As he thought that, relieved, he heard a chilling voice from behind.

"How cruel, dear brother." 

"It's terrible, brother!"

The voice made Gerard gasp slightly.

He then slowly turned around. There she was, Ortansia, whom he had locked in the dungeon. No... perhaps it should be called the 'illusion' of Ortansia.

The presence was lifeless, like a ghost.

The real Ortansia is the exact opposite, Although she had the same appearance as Gerard's foster sister, the impression she gave was completely opposite.

If the real Ortansia was daylight, then she was night.

"Locking me up in a prison... Are you planning to let me die again?"

She then gave a sneer that bore no resemblance to the real Ortansia.

She began to appear before Gerard at some point.

Yes, as if that nightmare had materialized.

Gerard at least understood that it was not the real Ortansia.

It was just a hallucination, not worth dealing with.

Even though he knew this, she always managed to make Gérard's heart palpitate. She always appeared whenever Gérard was alone.

Normally, he ignores her.

However, he might have been troubled in his heart about


Gerard unintentionally responded to his sister's illusion.

"...That would be the best for her."

Muttering those words, she laughed.

"Liar. You just don't really want anyone to take me, do you?"

Saying that, she wrapped her arms around him from behind.

He didn't feel the warmth of a warm person's body. But there was a strange feeling of discomfort on the spot she was touching.

'Because the last time, the prince almost took you away from me. Did you think that if it wasn't going to be yours, you might as well be dead?'

'...... what are you saying?'

'Have you forgotten? Or are you just pretending to ...... forget?'

 She giggled and gently stroked her own neck.

 If you look closely, you can see a faint line right across there.

 It was as if she had reconnected her severed neck.

 The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you're looking for.

'Poor brother. He was never loved by anyone, so he doesn't know how to love, does he? He could not approach her, and he could not stand the thought of her being taken away by someone else. If that is the case, you should just let him go. You should just disappear. But if I did, I would regret it so much that I would destroy the world.

 The woman in front of me giggles as she rambles on about unintelligible things.

 Gérard's brow furrows in horrified discomfort.

Get out of here right now!"

 He ordered in a strong tone of voice, but the vision of Ortansia did not disappear.

 In fact, she gently moved her face closer to Gérard's, as if toying with him.

'Hey, do you care about me? Do you love me?'

'...... it's none of your business.'

'Is it really as ...... 'family'?'

 The voice whispered in my ear makes my heart make a sickening sound for a moment.


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