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"Master Ilvis! Why are you here?"

Even though I was preoccupied with my sister and fiancé, there was no way no one would notice Ilvis' arrival.

Moreover, the servants were too usual for him to have sneaked up on them. They were still doing their work in the background with a nonchalant look on their faces, but weren't they too well adapted to the situation?

"I'll be visiting frequently from now on, so I told them not to pay attention to me. Welcoming me every time can be quite a hassle, you know."

"So, you stopped the formality so casually?"

Ilvis smiled without a hint of remorse.

The servants in our house were used to being manipulated by our parents, so they were capable of quickly adapting to any situation. It's an unpleasant way to adapt, but I didn't want them to display it here.

"Haha, I didn't expect there would be other guests. I surprised you, didn't I?"

Ilvis kindly smiled at me and then immediately put on an artificial smile, offering a glib apology to the stunned couple.

That alone was enough to make them both gasp. Well, my sister had the look of a maiden in love even with such a forced smile.

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"Is it really you, Your Grace? You've come today as well!"

"Y-Your Grace!? Why is someone like you here? Ah, no, nice to meet you. I'm William, the third son of the Duke of Worcester."

My fiancé, shocked with a faltering voice, hastily and sloppily returned the greeting. Despite being from a marquis family, there was a considerable difference in status between a third son and Ilvis, who inherited the duke title.

I knew that my fiancé had never had a proper conversation with high-ranking nobles in society, but even so, his appearance was pitiful. Yesterday, I couldn't help but compare Ilvis and my fiancé, but now I realized that even considering such a comparison was disrespectful.

"Your Grace, are you really planning to go out with my sister today? I-I think it would be more enjoyable if you stayed with me after all!"

"A-Are you going out? Your Grace and Amalia?... No way."

Picking up on my sister's words as an opportunity, my fiancé looked at me and Ilvis alternately with suspicion.

My fiancé, despite being a coward, occasionally became surprisingly bold. Perhaps he didn't even know what he was doing at the moment.

To separate Ilvis from the two of them as soon as possible, I tugged on the sleeve of his well-fitted coat. I wanted to leave this house while our parents were still asleep.

"Olivia, you were just rejected yesterday. It looks desperate when you keep insisting."

"W-What are you saying!? I just feel sorry for Your Grace..."

Unable to bear my sister's words any longer, I interrupted her.

"There is no reason for you to take pity on me when you go out dressed like that."

"I have a better figure than you, you know! Even Your Grace prefers my dress!"

"I'm sorry, I also think... Well, if you like her, I won't say anything."

"See, even Your Grace says so!"

"Could it be that my words are not being conveyed...?"

Unfortunately, my sister did not understand the disparaging words hidden in my consideration. She could only interpret words literally and positively.

Ilvis, who must have encountered such a creature for the first time, had a cat-like face, as if he had caught a glimpse of the mysteries of the universe.

"Umm… With all due respect, may I inquire about the nature of your relationship with Amalia?"

My fiancé, who had remained silent until now, said in a tone which had a tinge of threat. My sister seemed to be concerned about it too and was staring intently at Ilvis.

"Well..." Ilvis replied, acting as if it were such a punishment to be exposed to such impudent gazes.

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