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Gérard's blade pierced the Duke of Linie's body.

Without changing his expression, he withdraws the bloodied sword, turns his back, and faces the group of black-robed individuals in turmoil. 

It was as if he was protecting Ortansia.

"Lucian, keep an eye on Ortansia."


As if giving a simple task, Gerard said and swiftly cut down the black-robed individuals without even noticing Lucian's usual respectful bow.

Ortansia's eyes widened in disbelief at the sight.

Gerard never let the Duke of Linie's companions near Ortansia.

It was clearer than daylight that he didn't  genuinely support Duke Linie


Even in this situation, her heart swelled with warmth.

Indeed, Gerard was still Gerard.

The time Ortansia spent with him wasn't in vain.

He... remained the beloved stepbrother that Ortansia cherished

'Brother, I'm relieved…'

As Ortansia found solace, Lucian softly whispered,

"... Thanks to the young lady, it seems Gerard-sama has been able to choose the righteous path."

... Is that truly the case?

Ortansia couldn't help but feel that she might have needlessly stirred up Gerard's surroundings, but for now, she's just thankful that Gerard didn't harm Prince Victor.

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With a brilliant move, Gerard had slashed down the black-robed men in no time.

When he turned around, he was stained with blood like any other time... but still, Ortansia was eager to run up to him right now.


She tried to dash forward following her feelings, but Lucian suddenly pulled Ortansia's arm from behind.


Without answering Ortansia's question, Lucian looked straight at Gerard.

"Indeed, Gerard-sama. It's commendable that you've chosen this path without being misled by the whispers of the demon. That's why…"

Lucian pulled Ortansia's arm even more forcefully.

Ortansia lost her balance instinctively and fell, supported from behind by Lucian.

Just as she was about to ask what was going on...


As soon as she saw something swing down in front of her, she felt a thud in her chest.

Something dull and gleaming was lodged in Ortansia's chest.

As soon as she grasped the situation, searing pain engulfed Ortansia.


The taste of blood spread in her mouth, and her vision turned red.

"I'm truly delighted to be able to deliver the finest tragedy to you like this," Lucian mutters.

Lucien's voice was fading away.

In her fading vision, Ortansia tried to locate Gerard's figure, but all she saw was a blurry red silhouette, and she couldn't discern what expression he was wearing.

'Wait, Brother…'

Feeling as if he might be rushing toward her, Ortansia mustered her last strength and reached out her hand.

But her hand did not touch anyone, and Ortansia's consciousness was consumed by the darkness.

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