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"That's right, Onii-sama."

Suddenly, Ortansia heard a voice that was her own - but certainly not from her, and she shivered.

Slowly shifting her gaze, she saw... the fake Ortansia, who had been abandoned just moments ago.

She slowly touched Gerard's arm and whispered in a sweet voice.

"You abandoned me once, you killed me. Even if time rewinds, that fact cannot be erased, can it?"

Ortansia wanted to scream, "Stop!" but her voice froze in her throat.


"You abandoned me after saying 'I've never considered you my sister.' My body met death shortly after that, but I'm sure my heart died at that very moment."

The fake Ortansia slowly looked back at the real Ortansia.

The fake Ortansia slowly turned to face the real Ortansia, wearing a smug smile that exuded superiority. Read

'No, it was tough for me too, I'm certain. But, Onii-sama from back then and the one before me now are different!'

Mockingly, as if taunting Ortansia, the fake Ortansia addressed Gerald, "In the end, you're just the same as you were back then. Nothing has changed. You're like a heartless, cold puppet without human emotions. ...Shouldn't we put an end to this family charade?"

…A family charade.

These cold words, denying everything Ortansia had been desperately trying to hold onto, constricted her chest.

'Games? I've never thought of it as a game. For me, my brother and my father are my real family. They must feel the same way, don't they?'

"Hehe, I know. You still... don't think of me as your sister, do you?" The fake Ortansia's words felt like they were tearing at her heart.

She wanted an immediate denial. She wanted to hear from Gerald's mouth that things were different now, that he still considered her family, his sister. But Gerald remained silent, neither denying nor affirming the fake Ortansia's words.

"Don't worry, I feel the same way. So, dear brother... shall we destroy everything?" The fake Ortansia reached out towards the sword in Gerald's hand. Read

At that very moment, she saw the dull silver blade darken.

'What... what is that?'

Seeing this, a shiver ran down Ortansia's spine.

She sensed that something incredibly terrifying was about to begin. It was an instinctual realization.

"Now, come quickly, to a world with just the two of us..." The fake Ortansia slowly leaned toward Gerald.

Watching this scene, Ortansia felt as if her heart would burst.

'Stop... Gerald, look over here...!'

With their noses almost touching, the fake Ortansia whispered something to Gerald.

Gerard kept staring at the fake Ortansia without a change in his expression.


Filled with regret and sorrow, Ortansia summoned every ounce of strength in her body and desperately cried out, "Brother! I'm right here!"

As soon as she did, she felt as if the spell had been lifted.

Gérard's gaze turned towards her.

The fake Ortânsia, who didn't like it, tugged on Gérard's arm, but Gérard casually pushed her away.


"Don't touch me so casually."

The cold words from Gerald left the false Ortansia wide-eyed in surprise.

"What are you saying, brother... I am the Ortansia you should be saving!"

"Silence. You are not 'Ortansia' to me."

As if protecting the real Ortansia, Gerald pointed his sword at the false Ortansia. She flinched momentarily, appearing frightened, but quickly wore a challenging smile.

"Hehe, hahaha... You really haven't changed, have you? Just like back then, you want to eliminate me as soon as I become an inconvenience, right?!"

The fake Ortansia was fuming, half-crazed.

Gerard stared at her with cold eyes, However, every time Ortansia heard the fake Ortansia's cries, her heart couldn't help but stir.

'Could it be that the one in front of me…'

"To abandon me twice! I... I just wanted to be loved by you!"

The fake Ortansia wept, her tears likely mirroring those Ortansia had shed in the past. She might be an illusion created by Lucian to deceive Gerald. But...

'She's just like me.'

Her cries were a reflection of Ortansia's own feelings. Condemned to death on false charges, abandoned even by her only family, Gerald, and left to lament her fate… it was all Ortansia's own experience.

The moment Ortansia realized this, she took a step toward the fake Ortansia.

"Wait.". Read

Gerald hurriedly tried to stop Ortansia. But Ortansia turned back to him, nodding to reassure him.

"It's alright, Onii-sama. She's probably... me."

That's why she needed to save her.

The sorrow of falling without anyone to save her was something Ortansia understood better than anyone else. She stood before the fake Ortansia, gently embracing her, and softly said, "...It's okay now."


She hoped that someone would say those words to her when she needed it. She wanted to be held gently. She believed that the girl in front of her was just like herself, and she said, "It was tough, wasn't it? It was a sad experience, wasn't it? But don't worry anymore. I'm very happy now."

As she spoke slowly, she could feel the other person's tension gradually ease. "So, let's be together? You, Brother, and me... Let's go home."

Yes, she wanted to go home. Since she had been summoned to the court as a candidate for the princess, Ortansia had always longed to return to the Duke's mansion, despite how uncomfortable it had once felt. At that time, she hadn't been able to return home. Ortansia had lost her life without setting foot in the Duke's mansion again. So, she wanted to bring her back, the Ortansia who had never found her happiness, together with her.


No longer did she sense a malevolent presence from the Ortansia before her.

She quietly nodded and gently faded away.

However, Ortansia understood.

She was certain that the Grudge of Ortansia, who had been mercilessly killed and left without redemption, had returned within her


"...Yes, it's alright. Let's go home together."

She placed her hand on her chest and spoke these words.

But to do that, she had to find a way to deal with the demon, Lucian.

Author's Note

Finally, the climax...!

It's a tough situation, but don't worry, we are going to push forward to a happy destination!.


Now we understand why Ortansia bore no resentment towards Gerard or anyone immediately she was reborn, it turned out her resentment left her. 😄

We are coming to the end of volume one. Just a few chapters left .😊

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