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"This is splendid. Who would have thought you'd absorb that? Truly remarkable, my lady," Lucian said, applauding exaggeratedly, wearing a meaning-laden smile.

He spoke slowly, savoring each word. "Ah, what a beautiful sibling bond! The very same Gerard who once abandoned the lady and pushed her to the guillotine now seems to have a change of heart. I must say, I am genuinely impressed."


Lucien was clearly provoking Gérard. Ortansia hurriedly called out to Gerard.

"Please, Onii-sama, don't listen to him. Everything Lucian says is utter nonsense!"

"Oh my, wouldn't it be more fitting for you to express your grievances to Gerard? After all, he abandoned you, his only family, and you were left to despair and met your demise," Lucian continued.

"That's enough..." Ortansia responded.

Certainly, it would be untrue to say that she held no resentment whatsoever. However, at that time, Ortansia knew lnothing. She had no understanding of Gerard's upbringing or how he had grown. That lack of knowledge had kept them from bridging the gap between them. She wanted to believe it was a tragic accident due to their mutual ignorance.

What about you, Gérard-Sama? Even if the young lady forgave you, would you, the proud one, be able to forgive yourself? You have sent your beloved sister to her death because of your own selfishness.

"Lucian, stop it!"

The past Gerard and the present Gerard were different. He had changed, and Ortansia didn't want him to carry the burden of guilt now.

"No matter how much you try to paint it, you remain a cold, heartless individual. A creature with an icy heart, much like a puppet. Bound by dull constraints, you must feel so suffocated," Lucian persisted.

Lucian's provocation knew no end. Ortansia was deeply worried about Gerard. If he were to be swayed by Lucian's words... 

"Did you see the change in the sword earlier? It's a sign of the birth of a demonic sword. You understand, don't you? You're not meant to live among humans. You're, just like us, a demon," Lucian's words sent a shiver down Ortansia's spine.

Ortansia had often witnessed Gerard's inhuman side. However, he was her family. He should never become a vessel for a demon!

But before Ortansia could voice this, Gerard spoke first, "So what?"

He looked straight at Lucian with his usual expressionless face and said so without showing a shred of agitation.


"I don't care what you or anyone else says or thinks. I'm going to do what I want to do."

His voice was filled with strong determination. Hearing that voice, Ortansia's heart warmed.

'After all, he is my brother...!'

Ortansia thought.

The events that happened in her past life had not completely disappeared. But dwelling on the past wouldn't lead to any progress. Thanks to being able to start over, Ortansia and Gerard's destiny had changed drastically. So, there was no way she would let a demon control them here.

"Brother, let's go home together!"

When she called out to him, Gerard nodded his head in agreement.


His response was short, but Ortansia could clearly tell he agreed wholeheartedly.

His sword began to emit a strong light.

"Could it be... that's the Holy Sword!?" Lucian exclaimed upon seeing this.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lucian was astonished. "Ah, Gerard, you truly are magnificent! Please consider being the vessel for our…"

"Be gone!" Immediately, Gerard moved in front of Lucian and, with the radiant sword, slashed him down. Brilliant light overflowed, and Ortansia instinctively closed her eyes. When she opened them again...

"Wow!" Lucian's figure was no longer there.

'Amazing, the atmosphere is getting purified' Ortansia thought

Tyrol, who had been clinging to Ortansia the whole time, jumped to the ground as if startled.

The room, which looked like a decayed ruin, was gradually transforming into a majestic temple, much like the place where Ortansia was baptized.

"It's over,"


 Gerard announced, turning back toward Ortansia. Despite accomplishing the unthinkable feat of defeating the demon, his demeanor remained unchanged. Ortansia chuckled at his typical attitude.

"Thank goodness," Ortansia said, expressing relief.

She attempted to run toward him, but she couldn't move.

Huh?" A burning sensation near her chest prevented her from approaching Gerard. She couldn't help but lower her gaze, and she saw her chest stained crimson.

"That's right... Before coming here, I was stabbed by Lucian..." She remembered suddenly and collapsed on the spot, drained of her strength.

"No, not yet..." Desperately, she lifted her gaze, meeting Gerard's surprised eyes. He stared at her with an expression she'd never seen on him before.


"My lord..." She managed to utter in a voice barely audible. Gerard, in shock, shouted, "Ortansia!"

'Ah, this might be the first time I've heard Onii-sama sound so anxious…'

As her vision blurred, Gerard, who was holding Ortansia up, could be heard shouting something desperately.

she understood instinctively that her life's source was flowing out of her.

'Probably, I won't have much time left.'

Wanting to at least feel Gerard's warmth for the last time, Ortansia desperately reached out her hand. Immediately, she felt Gerard firmly grasping her hand.

' We promised to go home together…

Could our souls at least return together?'

With that thought passing through her mind, Ortansia's consciousness faded into darkness.

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